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Shunka Shuutou Jul 23 @ 11:15am 
vαмpixię Jul 17 @ 2:10am 
Love the artwork :)
erakhancathalion Jul 6 @ 1:35am 
Love the game. Got it on Desura.
Locke Jun 29 @ 9:59am 
I hope this is greenlit soon, it's an awesome game
Initial_Eyes Jun 18 @ 10:05pm 
Loving the art style!
TheBlueBelt Jun 15 @ 3:23pm 
GMan Jun 7 @ 4:16am 
Thaleeeeeees Jun 3 @ 5:35pm 
Barkalar  [author] May 30 @ 8:06am 
@GMan No, thank you for purchasing. I hope you enjoy it. ;)
GMan May 30 @ 1:52am 
Barkalar  [author] May 29 @ 4:30pm 
@GMan Hello, I haven't seen you in a while. If you are playing the game through Desura's client and the save is not working for some reason, download the game's installer exe. Click the link below, scroll down, and you should have an option to download the installer exe. Let me know if that helped you. ;)
GMan May 29 @ 2:09pm 
Its anoyying
GMan May 29 @ 2:09pm 
@Barklar the saves are messed up when i go back to play the game it wont load the save then i have to start a new game
Dead May 27 @ 3:55am 
@Barklar as you should, its a simple and concise truth.
v4victory501 May 25 @ 4:57pm 
Voted ! looking forward to it.
Vermilion May 24 @ 8:23am 
EternalRest May 24 @ 7:59am 
Artur Abreu (BR) May 23 @ 11:06am 
PooFlinger May 23 @ 3:15am 
ionutudor2012 May 22 @ 9:34am 
Loiloiloi May 21 @ 6:36pm 
voted :)
pepo May 21 @ 5:52am 
Barkalar  [author] May 20 @ 10:02pm 
@Dead That's what I say every time I read a comment saying I "copied" some other game. Lol!
Big Pink Bunny May 20 @ 6:10am 
Tapewormz May 19 @ 10:55pm 
Looks pretty.
gotowns May 19 @ 8:33am 
一旁冷笑 May 19 @ 2:50am 
THE_MAN May 18 @ 10:39pm 
Pug May 18 @ 4:50pm 
Interesting. It reminds me a lot of Fez. I voted for it.
C²C^Guyver |NZB| May 18 @ 3:44pm 
danalyze May 18 @ 12:17pm 
Voted and bought it through Groupees's CLASH OF THE WORLD: USA Bundle.Best wishes!
Barkalar  [author] May 18 @ 8:11am 
Thank you for the votes and feedback, everybody.
pepo May 18 @ 5:14am 
Dead May 18 @ 4:21am 
If the main character was human there would be no similiarty to fez other than the characters can jump and Navigate a 2D plain.
Paindemonium May 18 @ 3:34am 
Its looks like FEZ in 2D -_-
Dead May 18 @ 1:28am 
This game is a wonderful indie title.
바부팅이 May 18 @ 12:37am 
Clash of the World: USA
HiddenMan May 17 @ 6:02pm 
Faenix1 May 17 @ 5:33pm 
Don't quote me on that though it's just what I heard
Faenix1 May 17 @ 5:33pm 
From what I know, desura doesnt give out steam keys anymore so it'll be via groupees
Black May 17 @ 3:53pm 
Barkalar  [author] May 17 @ 3:49pm 
@Elfangorax Yes, I will try to make Steam keys accessible to everyone that has purchased the game. I can not say that is a guarantee until I fully understand the process of making them accessible on Steam, but I will definitely do it if it's possible.
defconuy May 17 @ 10:39am 
Elfangorax May 17 @ 8:51am 
Hi there. I was wondering how Steam keys for this game from the Groupees bundle will be distributed if the game gets Greenlit? Will the Steam key be completely distinct from the Desura key, or will it only be accessible from the user's Desura collection?
cuma.elp May 17 @ 8:49am 
icnivadodranoel May 17 @ 4:24am 
harald.kertner May 16 @ 3:12pm 
Voted and bought!
Raigeki May 16 @ 12:12pm 
muratti May 16 @ 2:32am 
I{m}pulse May 16 @ 12:07am