This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

Xeno Galaxies
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(C4)Romme434 17 hours ago 
lol yesssss
[QSB] Dagg Sep 14 @ 1:28pm 
calebenloe Sep 14 @ 12:10am 
Sorry for the loss, I could not even begin to imagine ; and the kids I weep for in my own heart as well.
[Bastards] Supraman Sep 13 @ 6:20pm 
im so sorry for your loss mate much love and support from australia.
STONEMASON Sep 13 @ 5:31am 
Sorry for your loss
Bets Troop Sep 8 @ 6:58am 
very good game
Xenophen Sep 7 @ 7:24am 
Oh wow..Razmot, I'm very sorry. Take as much time as you need. If you need anything from me (I make music, can do some modeling, etc..let me know..) I can't imagine that pain..
Razmot  [author] Sep 6 @ 9:34am 
The Kickstarter was cancelled instead of letting it fail, to make another Kickstarter maybe. The game is not cancelled.

I will get back on full time game dev soon. I just lost my wife and I'm mourning and overwhelmed with paperwork and settling thing with the bank and stuff.

I cant sell the game on steam yet, my wife was my partner in the company I need to fix the company status actions and stuff, so I ll make one or two more free demo / alpha.
Xenophen Sep 5 @ 6:45pm this still going??
ComGaunt Sep 4 @ 8:52am 
I don't think the game was cancelled, the creator had a death in the family and apparently is taking a break, although he did state he wanted to work on the game to get his mind off the bad event that just happened if that is even possible.
TIKAL_CHM Sep 4 @ 7:05am 
Where in the main website it says it was cancelled?
BOB2787ESQ Sep 3 @ 11:45am 
site says cancelled by creator
Bobo Sep 1 @ 10:22am 
look out eve online.....
Gavon Aug 30 @ 3:38pm 
"Because noone else made a Red Faction / Space Engineers / Starship Troopers hybrid and that simply isn't a world we wanted to live in", is my guess at the motivation behind the game.

Without any kind of progression or story I fear I'll quickly grow bored by it, however.
Hopefully something will be implemented that lets me enjoy it for a bit longer than "whelp, I reached the top of the tech-tree, nothing more to do now".
Bestroflman Aug 30 @ 3:12pm 
Looks promising, interesting, and it has potential as well, I'll try to keep my eye on this...
**PROS**killbot5555678 Aug 29 @ 7:56pm 
happy i voted for this game many weeks ago good to it greenlight will buy upon release
PixelsCubed Aug 27 @ 2:10pm 
I'm very interested in seeing the future of this game, looks promising!
qsuzi Aug 26 @ 11:19am 
Looks promising, all the best in getting this one started.
Awesomeo133 Aug 25 @ 4:15pm 
Best Blessings for your wife's passing.

also, this is a neat game you have here, lets hope it lives up to expectations :)
TIKAL_CHM Aug 22 @ 4:56am 
Triste nouvelle que tu nous apprendsla, Mes condoleances a toi et a ta famille Razmot. Prends ton temps quand au development du jeu il ny a rien qui presse. Tu auras toujours des supporter inconditionnel incluant moi.
micromil Aug 21 @ 5:06am 
Sad news. Do what you need to do. Look after your children, they need you more than anything/anyone now. It is a great idea for a game, and will be great in the future when you are ready.
Worm Aug 20 @ 4:47pm 
That's devistating news Raz. Please take all the time you need and come back to this because you need to make a living not because lots of people are expecting it. You don't really owe us anything and i for one wouldn't begrude you for cancelling the project.

That being said I will wait for years if necessary because i believe in you brother and i think you deserve this sucess, now more than ever. Go with love my friend and be well.
Xerxes Aug 20 @ 4:28pm 
Deepest condolances to you and your family, we can wait, take as long as you need. Be with those who need you now and take some time for yourself. As Jenilya said we will be here when you return. Best wishes.
Jenilya Aug 20 @ 12:39am 
Forget the game Razmot.
Take care of your family, take as long as you need. The game and the fans are not going anywhere, everyone will be here when you get back. Ok?
My heart goes out to you, best wishes dear.
Razmot  [author] Aug 19 @ 12:25pm 
Thank you my friends. This means a lot to me.

The development is currently on hold because of an horrible personal tragedy, my wife Nathalie just passed away, she was 36 and we have two kids aged 4 and 6. I am mourning and arranging things, but soon I will get back on Xeno Galaxies to get a good pre-release on steam, being Greenlit already is an occasion I won't pass.
KO Aug 17 @ 1:58pm 
Tried demo #1 and #2. Absolutely impressed with the seamless space to planet surface flight ability in Demo #2. Being able to fly into canyons and above sea levels was stunning for such an early demo. The terrain generation was fantastic. It did not seem to require as many resources graphic card or cpu wise, yet looked very good. Especially when looking off into the horizon at lense flares and other planets orbiting. The hyperjump and turboboost worked flawless. Really liked also the mining and terraforming device the way it transformed the landscape was very smooth. Look forward to some crafting and building with this one. Keep up the GREAT work!
ρнуѕαηdi Aug 15 @ 12:10am 
Very, very proffesional and good work for a pre-alpha already! would buy already!
Bets Troop Aug 8 @ 7:30am 
So Raz whats going to be the biggest update i think it would be NPC and Space people that you can trade with
Bets Troop Aug 5 @ 9:08am 
Good if you want a good feature just ask me i got alot of stuff that will help you get the game sky rocking
Razmot  [author] Aug 4 @ 12:09pm 
No dates yet - Early access sale will start when I will be satisfied with the amount of features and content.
Bets Troop Aug 3 @ 12:07am 
Raz been with you for a long time so this game must be good
So how many day's tell the early acces?
Razmot  [author] Aug 2 @ 8:48pm 
Yeah that's pretty cool ! The game was stuck at 81 - 82 % and then it was greenlit by surprise!
Thanks guys, it's your votes that made it possible ! Now let's make a good early access with fun things to do :)
micromil Aug 2 @ 7:20pm 
Congratulations on Greenlight Status.
Worm Aug 2 @ 12:42pm 
YES! Finally, we have been greenlit. Congratulations Raz and thank you very much for all your efforts. Looking forward to adding this gem to my collection. Will be buying 2 copies as soon as it's available on early access. Rock on brother.
Bets Troop Aug 2 @ 5:03am 
Great god job first game play then art thanks again raz open world / space is the best thing add one more gener if people want that u need to eat food and need medic's
STVR Aug 1 @ 2:12pm 
Hey, new vid is looking much better! Congrats!
**PROS**killbot5555678 Jul 30 @ 11:51pm 
**PROS**killbot5555678 Jul 30 @ 11:51pm 
great looking game hope to see it in store soon
Hans Leifgerner Jul 29 @ 5:43pm 
Space Trader is a genre?
Worm Jul 24 @ 12:29pm 
Checked out both demo's and though the ship editor seems to be broken in #2 it worked well enough in #1 to get a good impression of the scale your going for. All I can say is holy crap man! I did not expect anything near the the size that you have here. The grid is 256x and each square appears to be 4x voxels and with each voxel being approx 1 m(no idea if this is correct as it seems to be slightly less than that) you've got a large enough space to build a 1:1 scale Enterprise 1701D.

That is super cool. I haven't been this excited for a game that wasn't made by Bethesda Game Studios since 2000. Can't wait to see what it looks like in just 1 year after EA release.

Another batch is Greenlighting tomorrow. I sincerley hope we make it in this time. Fingers crossed bud, that this is it.
Bets Troop Jul 23 @ 6:20pm 
Raz whats the hype?
romkalive Jul 23 @ 7:03am 
Клон робокрафта , но я бы купил
Bets Troop Jul 23 @ 6:18am 
Your close Raz your close
Judah Smith Jul 23 @ 6:01am 
I backed your Kickstarter for $25CAD and I'll be backing your Steam effort. It's a great idea looking for some great players to spot it.
iBoba Fett Jul 23 @ 5:43am 
Ah now I know where I've seen that pistol from. It was in XenoMiner. Like I said, I really like that late 90's graphics vibe I get from this game! Not sure if that makes sense, just very nostalgic.
Razmot  [author] Jul 23 @ 5:41am 
The kickstarter ended, I cancelled it in the last hour. Now the focus is on making the game alpha with lot of fun content and selling it as early access. If I ever make another kickstarter it will be for enhancing the game (like multiplayer or underwater content)
Razmot  [author] Jul 23 @ 5:14am 
The pistol comes from here ( got it on a sale ) I will keep it and code all the other weapons. But I need to add a sonic screwdriver ;)
iBoba Fett Jul 23 @ 3:33am 
I gotta say, I love the graphics. It reminds me of the original Unreal and Unreal 2 a bit. Especially that pistol! Hope you don't change that!
Vivianite Jul 23 @ 1:21am