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Proven Lands
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Faithful Suppport Nov 12 @ 2:29am 
i will buy this game!!!! cant wait let there be an alpha and let me try the alpha!!!!!
couchmonaut  [author] Oct 23 @ 12:33am 
Hi Bloodraven, we just canceled the the Kickstarter. Meantime we got an alternative funding and continue to develope Proven Lands.
BLOODRAVEN603 Oct 19 @ 12:36pm 
i went to kickstarter snd it said this was canceled
BLOODRAVEN603 Oct 19 @ 12:28pm 
i cant wait to buy this game looks so good
BLOODRAVEN603 Oct 19 @ 11:54am 
this looks so cool
aposTL Oct 18 @ 6:07am 
couchmonaut  [author] Oct 11 @ 12:42am 
So finally we can announce that Provenlands received some funding :) btxsqdr set up a forum [] and provided more details over ther [] .
mattako (SF7) Oct 1 @ 9:54am 
I need this game! whan's it out?
francish san Sep 25 @ 9:25am 
It will be a hit!
skadoman Sep 25 @ 6:48am 
this looks pretty good!
Inucan Sep 5 @ 6:45am 
nice hope that this gets releaset i will instantly buy it
Murasume Aug 29 @ 10:39am 
Good to hear from ya guys are still alive~
many days and nights I pondered~
I hope that the news will be soon~
I shall await with bated breath~
Good luck happy Deving~
couchmonaut  [author] Aug 29 @ 4:16am 
Hi peeps! Sorry for the long silence, but canceling the kickstarter campaign meant many imponderables to us. Nonetheless we are still working on the game and will soon provide you with some more detailed news. Thanks a ton for your constant interest and supportive comments.
s_u_m_s_a_r Aug 27 @ 4:29am 
Looks great!
=PanzerWerk= Aug 27 @ 3:43am 
keep up the good work
Keyser Söze Aug 22 @ 12:19am 
Ballocks Aug 2 @ 8:22am 
AstroFerret Jul 30 @ 9:38pm 
Aside from the annoying breathing and disgusting eating/drinking sounds, the game looks like it will be amazing, even though a lot of people will end up playing it muted.... Will there be an option to turn off the more annoying sounds?
Odd Boy Jul 19 @ 8:15am 
Mutts-NL Jul 17 @ 7:53am 
Hello ..... Is there anything happening?
Still no Humble store, or any update since April
red shoehart Jul 16 @ 4:13pm 
is this game still happening?
琥珀黄 Jul 10 @ 2:18am 
To have Chinese version?
Sovieteer Jul 5 @ 8:26am 
mattako (SF7) Jul 5 @ 3:15am 
Is this game still happening?
ĊDasten Jun 22 @ 2:12am 
MRAMNESIA8 Jun 11 @ 12:47pm 
suihanki666 Jun 11 @ 12:20pm 
No updates for a while - what's the current strategy guys? Love this concept and backed you on Kickstarter (sad that was cancelled but glad you have other options).
AstroFerret May 24 @ 2:38am 
Looks great so far. The demo is fun. Only complaint I have is the annoying "Eating" sounds. Won't keep me fro mplaying the game though since I play a lot of games without sound.
=TOG= astrospud May 23 @ 5:25pm 
While I'm not a fan of survival games, I really like this. Beautiful artwork, great themes and what looks like a solid moods mechanic make for a game I WILL buy. Good Luck!
Yuri Hanß May 19 @ 11:40am 
Wetfinger May 17 @ 12:44pm 
There\s Robots and Space Suites for pets
iliketocreate May 14 @ 6:32am 
will there be building and can you design your own structures?
Tefonline May 8 @ 4:41am 
Hi ! When the pre-alpha version is it available ? Thx :)
Mad Guy Apr 24 @ 11:47pm 
NIce I Will try TOo
wrathVchild Apr 18 @ 12:04pm 
Where and when can I get the pre-alpha demo? I saw it was up at one point but now its not?
CrashBotArmada Apr 17 @ 7:21pm 
Abslutly love the art style!
WarcasterRyan Apr 15 @ 9:18pm 
Must alpha/beta test. *Drool*
Pinkie Pie Apr 15 @ 4:57am 
Looks awesome :D
ReachingAwesome Apr 13 @ 6:22pm 
getting this as soon as it comes out!
NinjaKiller980 Apr 13 @ 4:08pm 
looks awesome!!!
general scrimshaw Apr 13 @ 3:38am 
look cool
Rambarian Apr 9 @ 6:43pm 
looks great
Dawe Apr 9 @ 4:31am 
It looks awesome.
Smurphy Apr 8 @ 7:51pm 
It seems pretty cool!
Reddsquirrel Apr 5 @ 3:39am 
Looking good fellows. I'm looking forward to this one for next year!
Blackloch° Apr 4 @ 2:26pm 
Oh just noticed this game... It looks very, very nice! Hope to play it soon <3
dont_use_jelly Apr 3 @ 6:23pm 
Like that isometric view.
Lucifer Apr 3 @ 4:45am 
Sun Bro Apr 2 @ 5:17pm 
i want it-
ZeFlameZ Apr 2 @ 2:26pm 
great this game is coming out on steam!!! <3