iNeed - Food Water and Sleep
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jersey_devil1971 Dec 24 @ 8:56am 
how do i uninstall the mod
mlcyr Dec 23 @ 10:29am 
Do I need SkyUI?
MASSIVE PRAWNS Dec 7 @ 1:42pm 
Would be great but I can't fill waterskins so unless I become an alcoholic it doesn't work
Hermaeus Mora Dec 3 @ 2:58pm 
Enable the food icons
|-ICE-| Sheogorath[SCM] Nov 26 @ 2:37pm 
Sadly this mod will not work for me, I followed the instuctions at the end of the desc and it only worked for one menu opening but than i still couldnt open any sub menus ("Food", "Options") so I gave in. :( I will try Frostfall now :) hopefully someone fixes this.
Friday the Thirteenth Nov 26 @ 11:21am 
For some reason, my automation makes me eat cheese I've gathered to make soup before it eats the 5 venison chops and 2 mammoth steaks I made to actually, you know, eat. Spoilage is turned off. Also, do you have a cooking overhaul you can recommend? (and maybe add a cooking pot to craftables if you haven't already tried it?)
jeffreybaum2000 Nov 24 @ 3:18pm 
The icons wont appear. I have SKSE & SkyUI so it should work. I assaigned a key to toggle it but it still wouldnt show up. Plese fix or tell me how to fix this. Im ok for now just automatically eating and drinking but it really takes away the fun of it if you cant monitor it.
gubabawa Nov 23 @ 1:26pm 
Great mod
ai22dan Nov 22 @ 7:22pm 
do you need DLCS
JHChristmas2000 Nov 20 @ 9:36pm 
This, combined with Frostfall survival mod=Best survival game ever
Penultimo Nov 9 @ 7:35am 
and enable /disable the fetures?
Penultimo Nov 9 @ 7:35am 
how can you craft the barrels?
Zoinho1 Nov 6 @ 3:42pm 
Amazing but, for the widgets show i need both skyui and skse?
Other thing, become drunk from drinking alcohol is a cool idea but only a blur effect is not enough. The doom from any drunk, loss of balance, i think the technical term is the ragdoll animation.
whatukno Nov 6 @ 2:29pm 
This is a fun mod, but for a little while. Afer a bit, it kinda gets annoying. Skyrim is only 14.8 square miles. Manhatten Island is 22.7 square miles. Don't get me wrong, this is a great mod. I reccomend it for realism. But damn, you're making my Dovakiin a pig.
Mickey Nov 4 @ 3:39pm 
What are the compatibilities? Will i have to uninstall "Pure Waters"?

Are there any known bugs?
Journeying819 Nov 2 @ 11:31pm 
The mod isn't showing up in my Data Files, and whether I open the game in Steam or through SKSE the mod configuration menu doesn't have an iNeed tab.

I followed the instructions for un/resubscribing and it didn't work :(
Vermia Oct 25 @ 12:35pm 
As of now, there is a little tweak you could make to make this a little bit better. I love this mod, but this just feels weird.

When you surrender to the guards and choose to go to jail, and then sleep in the "bed" there, when you get out of jail you'll be in need of everything again. That's fine for food and water, because maybe the guards didn't give you a lot of it while you were imprisoned, but the fatigue... Fatigue for doing what? Standing in the cell all day? I don't know.

This is still a great mod for immersion, I just wanted to point this out so that - hopefully - it will be fixed in the future.
ReapersNightmare Oct 21 @ 10:30pm 
MCM is mod config menu amnd the thing that tells you your needs are wherever u set in in the potots with the barrel in the pic its bottem right but u also need to instal SKSE for this mod to work same as SkyUI or it whont work and crashed :) i lernt that out the hard way
_HappyFlyingFrog_ Oct 21 @ 3:05pm 
sorry, really new to modding, what is the MCM and where do I find it? and where is the food menu shown in the photos?
ReapersNightmare Oct 20 @ 11:28pm 
itsb saying its enbuled but when i click the mod settings or ether A crash or B goes black
drewgio Oct 20 @ 10:05pm 
Broken Widgets as well are we getting a fix or have the developers get eaten by tigers?
Epixx2 Oct 18 @ 5:33pm 
There is a glitch where i select the Ineed tab in MCM and nothing shows up. please help.
SargeJr Oct 18 @ 2:43am 
The MCM still doesn't work after couples of tries of fixing the MCM. It STILL doesn't work!!! HELP PLEASE!!! GIVE MORE INFORMATION OF HOW TO FIX!!!
Major_Petrov Oct 16 @ 4:10am 
the symbol for sleep in the title looks like the Islamic cresent
wisdomknowledgeandskill Oct 15 @ 6:02am 
Just letting you know, I think you are my top favorite mod author. :D :D
UK(TZO)Saint Oct 12 @ 2:11am 
Tried all of the recommended options to get the MCM to work, even went as far as to uninstall my nexus version of SkyUI and got the steam version to see if there would be a difference, tried modifying load orders. no luck. Pity, looked so damn good :\
Timmy's Dad Oct 11 @ 9:08am 
The icons arent on my screen so i was wondering if i needed to install anything or if i passed by somethnig. If anyone can tell me what i need to do i would appreciate.
Riley Oct 10 @ 6:06pm 
Sorry if this is a dumb question but how do you set the drink hotkey? And how do you assemble the water barrel? I can't figure it out. (I don't have Wet and Cold or SKSE, just this mod, and so far the only way I've been able to figure out how to get water is to have people refill my waterskins for me).
Vinnie Mack Oct 7 @ 9:13pm 
wish i could give it another thumbs up.
Vinnie Mack Oct 7 @ 9:11pm 
I can now live my life as a hot female thief assassin. Anyone playing immersive must get this mod. Only one thing missing: showering/bathing. Then only adding defecation and urination would make it more real. But none of us want that much realism.
Astaldo711 Sep 28 @ 9:41am 
Really great mod. I have some of your others and they're all great. Makes the game that much more immersive. It reminds me of the old days playing games like Ultima 4 when food was such a priority. I spent half the game gathering food. I also haft AFT - Advanced Follower Tweaks and I can have several followers. I have two now - Erador and Lydia and I also have to make sure they have food and drink as well. Good job! Subscribed, favorited, thumbs up!
erwaldox Sep 23 @ 12:13pm 
Nice mod indeed
IcyBeast Sep 19 @ 3:35pm 
i cant see any widgets no matter what i do! can you help me?
Vozu Sep 18 @ 11:23am 
Having a great time using this mod but why are there spoilage rates on human hearts and human flesh? I mean, those are fairly rare alchemical ingredients and waking up day after cleaning location that contained some of them, only to get notification about them being spoiled completely is... unpleasant surprise.

Especially since you often can't use them on the spot and would want to save them for later.
Duke Branden Sep 15 @ 10:23am 
It seems to crash for me. I have Skyrim, all DLCs, SKSE, SkyUI, iNeeds, Alternate start, and a smithing overhaul one. When I start a new game, the iNeeds menu in MCM works, but when I click on the "Food" submenu it prevents me from accessing it at all. Have to delete and remake a new game.
FU5ZYSPARROW Sep 15 @ 7:27am 
i think that the effects of being sleepy hungry etc is a little too big is there any way you can change it
jacob.mccary Sep 12 @ 10:20pm 
I wanna play needing food and water only... ._.
-_Aegis_- Sep 11 @ 1:21pm 
the description says optional but is that mod requires SKSE or SkyUi stuff? and this mod looks so awesome
CLAVDIVS CAESAR Sep 8 @ 4:46pm 
This mod is exactly what I was looking for. I like having to actually eat, sleep and drink with IMCN's, well, complexity. :D

With my current vampire playthrough, though, I thought I'd bounce an idea off you: a mode for vampires other than full immunity. Once they reach stage 4 vampirism, have them build up hunger as normal, as have feeding count as eating. Also, keep the need for rest, but maybe have them get more benefit from resting during the day. What do you think?

Even without that, I've been having fun, though. I just turned the hunger and thirst rates down to zero (which doesn't seem to completely eliminate those needs, but oh well).
Voidslayer1268 Sep 8 @ 10:27am 
Great mod just make sure that before unintsalling you're well fed/rested/qenched
Cossack-HD Sep 6 @ 4:08am 
I subscribed to this. The mod didn't download and didn't appear in files manager. Installed it from Nexus, it worked, but now game crashes when I come closer to Whiterun. I've SKSE, SkyUI, extra music and extra ambient sounds mods installed, as well as lighter dragon loot. The rest is graphics/ragdoll and DLCs. Any idea what may cause the bug?
Wonderboy Sep 5 @ 4:36pm 
The no salt requirment wont work and if I try to restart Skyrim it turns itself off help me
isoku  [author] Sep 3 @ 9:59am 
Follow the instructions I posted below.
fedini872 Sep 3 @ 3:19am 
cannot run ineed properly... I aready unscribed and re-subscribed twice (both ineed AND skyUI), I have SkyUi and SKSE correctly installed and working fine (game ran from skse), still the mcm do not appear... AND when ineed "correctly" initialize, my carrying weight changes from 360 to 700+ ?????? what the heck? wanted to try this mod so bad, I'm sure it's awesome, I'm so sad I couldn't use it.
Gaben Clause Aug 31 @ 4:21pm 
The Elder Scrolls V: DayZ
Valtros Aug 30 @ 10:23pm 
I wish I could rate "up" this mod again... Steam will only let me vote once.
How do you construct water barrels?
@davidrawlings464 MCM stands for Mod Configuration Menu, it's basically a more advanced mod settings menu. It is part of a different mod, SkyUI, which can be downloaded for free at the skyrim nexus. (google skyrim nexus, enter the site then search SkyUI)
isoku  [author] Aug 30 @ 4:00pm 
You'll have to go into your steamapps\common\skyrim\data folder and remove ineed.bsa and ineed.esp, go into the game, make a save, then resubscribe.
Gaben Clause Aug 30 @ 12:43pm 
Leper Messiah Aug 13 @ 11:40am
Got a problem, initially the mod worked fantastic and I loved it, created a new character and have got to lvl 58. I recently started the Dark Brotherhood and I noticed after sleeping at the sanctuary a disparity between my "Active effects" fatigue level and my actual stamina and magicka. Eating or drinking solved the disparity. I recently killed Cicero and no matter what I did I couldn't get my Magicka or Stamina where they should be, even though I was rested I was getting the full debuff effects (but still nothing on my "Active effects". I unsubscribed from the mod and removed deleted all files from the launcher, I'm STILL getting the debuff!! So I basically only have 50% of my Magicka and Stamina. Is there anything I'm doing wrong? I don't understand why my magicka and stamina are being effected by a mod that I no longer have! Please help! I LOVE this mod and want to get it back; ME TO!