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GemCraft Chapter 2: Chasing Shadows
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JAMLENOM BACON Aug 12 @ 1:28pm 
OMG YUS i love this game i cant wait to play it. i found this becuase i was wondering if gemcraft was on steam while i was playing H4 on internet version and i found it YAYA!!
Zeus12888 Aug 9 @ 11:59am 
I'm so glad you got green-lit! I've been a fan since the first gemcraft, and I'm going to happily pick this up the day it comes out!
risestorm Aug 4 @ 2:23pm 
would be great to have all gemcrafts as a package on steam ;)
Ayla Jul 21 @ 11:16am 
Meh.. read somewhere that Gemcraft was on greenlight.. and then it was this version, which is nothing like the other gemcraft games. Not polished, not nice looking, not worth playing :( I am sad!! But grats on getting it greenlit anyways..
tstki Jul 14 @ 12:19pm 
It's been a while guys, when are you releasing this - we need more info.
lvl126inRunescape Jul 14 @ 12:07pm 
I've been playing this game on armor games, and I'm almost lvl 2000 with high lvl talismans. My question is will there be a way to transfer my saved data over to steam? So I don't have to spend hundreds of hours grinding back up?
Katherine Jul 6 @ 11:34pm 
Would prefer to play it and buy the full verson on Kongregate, like the rest of the gemcraft. Been waiting a while now ><
Karsyfer Jul 1 @ 5:40am 
A dream that come true °ç°
Phoenix Jun 24 @ 10:35pm 
Sebzon Jun 22 @ 4:30pm 
antony_lee Jun 21 @ 9:29pm 
so slow
AlyQiat Jun 9 @ 11:13pm 
yay gemcraft! :D
granny4332 Jun 5 @ 3:28am 
Играл в браузерную версию - шикарная казуалка была. Не могу дождаться нормального приложения.
TadekKanalarz May 31 @ 12:36pm 
What about Linux version?
insanity May 26 @ 11:31pm 
i hope they improve the visuals to it has the gamplay now get the graphics
Admiral Potato May 1 @ 3:53am 
October? Dammit that's too long =(
AwesomeJDog Apr 25 @ 5:55pm 
As much as I love Gemcraft, I really hope they improve on the visuals.
Leonhardt84 Apr 22 @ 8:10pm 
gemcraft zero was better in my honest opinion
Krollen Apr 22 @ 6:02pm 
un des meilleurs td de tout les temps
syiofkargath666 Apr 21 @ 9:07pm 
Love this TD and can't wait for it to be on steam and optimized.
AlMighty Apr 15 @ 12:43pm 
the original game is from 2008 zraiken, while the alpha of minecraft only came on 2009.
WoG._.cnm Apr 15 @ 7:11am 
ClownBiceps Apr 13 @ 3:06pm 
SKΣ Apr 13 @ 10:12am 
GirfGirf Apr 12 @ 11:12pm 
ia this free?
Rondarius Apr 12 @ 4:23pm 
Robert_DG Apr 12 @ 3:11pm 
bought the armor verson of this it feels just like a waiting stone untill steam realese.
zraiken Apr 12 @ 11:51am 
i dont understand the whole blankCraft name thing ever since minecraft. are you really that uncreative that you cant think of a good name?
Spee Apr 10 @ 7:30pm 
I played the original on Armor Games! I want this.
[K]evlima Apr 9 @ 6:35pm 
very lol
Shadowsolon Apr 8 @ 3:23pm 
it is good if you like that type of game
[x] RomaKokain Apr 8 @ 10:17am 
that's good!
Overrwatcher Apr 7 @ 9:48pm 
What does the Steam release have that the Armor Games Version doesn't? At AG it's free, with a $5 freemium purchase, this is $10, so obviously there's a bonus.
Lord Durin Apr 7 @ 1:12pm 
looks good, cant wait till it comes out on steam
lemus Apr 7 @ 4:23am 
iroxinping Apr 6 @ 11:24pm 
Playing on Armourgames. Game is awesome. I will definatly buy this game on steam if buying it here means unlocks and lots of extras. I can't wait to buy it on steam because I don't want to pay for it there and have it not count here :(
strigvir Apr 6 @ 11:04pm 
So, steam release will have spirit forge.
번역 안해줘도 좋으니까 나오면 지른다
nightguard_x Apr 6 @ 12:09pm 
I've been playing the Armor Games release so far, and frankly, this game is fantastic. I don't know what kind of additions we can expect from the Steam version, but I will gladly pay $10 for an offline version of GC2. Great work, Game in a Bottle, and looking forward to this release!
tututu0833 Apr 6 @ 3:10am 
이건진심 스팀에 나와야지
piblow Apr 5 @ 12:46pm 
Greenlight the series!
Skrafin Apr 4 @ 8:54pm 
Love it
afi2022 Apr 4 @ 6:20am 
this game IS NOT on half a dozen websites, those are different versions this is the newest one
NrK.Aballinacup Apr 3 @ 8:28pm 
People have to stop crying about the free flash game on website. Gemcraft Labyrinth got a premium where you have to guess what. Pay.
CastIronBoomstick Apr 3 @ 10:45am 
This game is up for free on about half a dozen websites. Why the fuck did you guys greenlight this?
KocmoC_2P !? Apr 3 @ 6:47am 
Cyberfox Apr 3 @ 5:48am 
Cant wait to play!!!! :-)
Skaldr Apr 3 @ 3:55am 
dahon Apr 3 @ 12:16am