This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

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NonBritGit Aug 1 @ 4:07am 
I'm completely blown away after downloading and installing. Incredible.
Q.R.A. ManolO Jul 30 @ 8:53pm 
i really want this on steam
benjierex Jul 28 @ 8:44am 
will it still be F2P once they move to steam?
Bag of crabs Jul 24 @ 7:02am 
Best space simulation ever created. Hope the developers get big, because they definitely deserve it.
SLCH000 Jul 23 @ 11:45am 
Demo-senpai, tnx.
MentelGen Jul 19 @ 1:21pm 
Летал по вселенной еще до ее публикации в Green Light, а тут оказалось, что она уже получила зеленый свет. Указали на мультиплеер и кооперативную игру, а зачем? Игра интересна и без мультиплеера. Увидел раздел описания, что в игру добавят бои. А НАХУЯ БЛЯТЬ СДЕСЬ БОИ?! ИГРА И БЕЗ ЭТИХ СРАНЫХ БОЕВ ОХУЕННА. Из за этого и бомбит, что всем без исключения лучше будет просто наблюдать за вселенной, а не сражатся, как в невышедшем No Man's Sky, EVE Online и т.д
MTGPoker Jul 16 @ 6:45am 
Lol... the devs are asking for way too much money
petrovi4 Jul 12 @ 9:59am 
Лучший симулятор космоса во всем мире.Если бы я успел на гринлайт то лайкнул бы.
johnshadow23 Jun 27 @ 9:22pm 
SE is the best try to go in the driection of realistic si-fi please! (like you allready are.)
fweeep Jun 23 @ 4:19pm 
Why is there so little buzz about this software? This is ground breaking and absolutely beautiful. I'm addicted to exploring the SE universe.
Zorax Jun 17 @ 8:58pm 
Это прекрасная игра, очень захватывает! Лично я поддержу автора рублем! И всем советую это сделать!
Пипка макаки Jun 12 @ 8:55am 
был бы у меня хер размером с Млечный путь,я бы вдул этой штуке,но даже так бы ее не удовлетворил.
DloaDD Jun 8 @ 9:13am 
So ?
Herr Gamer Jun 4 @ 4:19am 
@morfeasnikos Possibly until ~80 000$ have been donated to the game on their website, since that's the point at which the developer will start making an actual "game" out of it.
morfeasnikos Jun 2 @ 11:46pm 
Great job!!!!. Is it a date until the steam release?
Kyle Nutmeg Jun 2 @ 8:50pm 
A very beautiful game. It's easy to lose hours in the universe hopping between stars and soaring through alien atmospheres.
Zing Jun 2 @ 6:13pm 
many Chinese people love this game .Could you please provide Simplified Chinese with Space Engine!
Captain Autism on Wheelz Jun 1 @ 7:24am 
So this engine is like a proper engine I can use to make a game? Like you stated in your FAQ. Damn I imagine freaking massive space to ground combat :D.
Space Engine is darn impressive so far.
Chronicle May 31 @ 7:56pm 
i can see a nice RTS built around this engine, gotta be huge though, maybe limit an RTS around a smaller area of space.
Atlas May 26 @ 10:13am 
awesome game!
Сайлент May 16 @ 10:40am 
Шикарная вещь
Elaine May 12 @ 8:44pm 
Looks great
I love this game i fell in love with space and this scratched my itch for space exploration.
Get N or Get Out May 12 @ 12:07pm 
I love it.
Starshines May 11 @ 8:50am 
9.7.4 patch is amazing!!!
Pelu - [ARG] May 7 @ 3:31pm 
AMAZING SIMULATOR! please steam team launch this game so more people can discover it
Vinicius May 1 @ 10:17pm 
it's so beautiful
satan Apr 25 @ 4:41pm 
I clicked on the link and it lead to a 404
Пеня Apr 24 @ 5:28am 
This is amazing!
TOPgunn95 Apr 20 @ 12:34pm 
Please greenlight... It is amazing!
Karpuz Apr 18 @ 3:19am 
Best space simulation ever built
Qwerty- Apr 14 @ 10:49am 
Prophetster Apr 10 @ 4:23pm 
Right now it is not yet really a "game", but I could explore space for hours! The graphics are amazing and it often feels like as if it was real. Even the soundtracks fit perfectly well to the calm atmosphere. This game makes you forget time! - When it is done, I will pay a lot of money to get it!
ur real dad Apr 10 @ 1:56am 
Literally cried when I first launched this game <3
Dyton3d Apr 7 @ 5:46am 
Жду достижения этапа 80000$.
PlanesFlyer Apr 6 @ 11:42pm 
Make it payware (but not very expensive like 5€) to earn some money.
Valdaisky Apr 1 @ 11:51am 
Есть кто живой ?
robert.blane Apr 1 @ 5:55am 
When this game is released it will grind Star Citizen into stardust.
CosciugX Mar 27 @ 3:32am 
Since the first time i launched this game i was amazed. This game is exactly like some dreams i had visiting other galaxys or other planets or even searching for alien life. If this game would be 100 Euro i would still buy it. I just love it and can't wait for future updates or even the official release of the game. I also like how the stuff we already know about the univers is implemented into the game.
Grobbs Mar 24 @ 11:08pm 
this game changed the way i think about life.amazing. space is big. i will pay you any amount of money, put it on steam already. please. download to see what all the hype is about.
Solomon_x_100 Mar 22 @ 10:09pm 
Hiruko-Gakari, это обычный планетарий - хоть и красивый!!!! геймплея там пока что никакого
Naspear Mar 21 @ 12:00pm 
Lord Harkon Mar 19 @ 11:41am 
EPIC GAME ADD IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kirby Mar 17 @ 3:25pm 
ADD THIS ON STEAM ALREADY! I want to pay soooooo much for this! Beautiful music, nice engine, well made simulation. ADD THIS ON STEAM ALREADY! <3
SINE Mar 15 @ 5:29am 
BladeeTran Mar 15 @ 5:10am 
DODO Mar 15 @ 4:36am 
please put this on steam for early access!
Spoi Mar 6 @ 6:36pm 
I have it as a non-Steam game until it's released...

that is if it IS released.