This game has been Greenlit by the Community!

The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

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veritybarnes Dec 2 @ 12:59pm 
john smith yes u need to download it propley on the computer though cuz it is still greenlight
veritybarnes Dec 2 @ 12:58pm 
guys i amvery sorry, of course i have no clue cuz it has been here for probaly 2 years or more :0
John Smith Dec 2 @ 12:41pm 
I would like to test the game via HTC Vive. Is it possible?
TheMCBadass Nov 30 @ 5:33pm 
I just hope they keep planetarium mode

TheMCBadass Nov 30 @ 5:32pm 
When it is released on steam, i hope it doesnt become like any other space game. Or
Lothar Nov 13 @ 5:41pm 
I'm getting this as soon as I find out that this comes out for steam. Game looks beautiful
ManolO Nov 5 @ 6:41pm 
I STILL waiting for steam, Best app ever
XEnV_(Jonch) Nov 5 @ 5:25am 
Best simulation program ever.
{VelvetCake} Oct 22 @ 3:04am 
aparently he is going to add a whole bunch of stuff to the game because currently its more of a "fly around and explore program" it doesnt quite qualify as a game, so when he reaches the donation goal he will probably change this into a proper space survival game with base building, mining etc.
Jack Oct 21 @ 9:58am 
Hi, I love this game, and I hope it can developer faster and gets more money, but what is holding me back from donating is that there is no incentive for me to donate because it is free, however I am totally up for donation if you have some kinda of plan for people who donates will get some kinda of goods, like steam code for people who have donated, or maybe little things like name recognition etc...
mar-tian Oct 18 @ 2:46pm 
I love this program, the best space simulation I've ever seen.
Cupoja Oct 18 @ 7:32am 
Using free version from official site.
And can't wait to byu this on Steam!
Greatest Space game ever.
Soundtrack and visual is AMAZING!
paula_gutierrez56 Oct 6 @ 5:43pm 
I love space
davima5950® Sep 18 @ 9:04pm 
So many space games or programs, this year! A good year to be alive!
Shadow_ Sep 16 @ 8:54am 
DO NOT compare SE with NMS!It's a completely different thing,and there is just a free version released
{VelvetCake} Sep 13 @ 8:56am 
idk, but I hope it's soon, I want a game to rub in peoples faces who bought no man's sky
WilsonTDM Sep 13 @ 3:51am 
When is the game Release Date?
Ruby Riftwind Sep 9 @ 3:56pm 
This program is amazing. I've been using it for only a month and there is jsut so much detail in here. I'm goign to make sure I donate to it.
skabbs Sep 5 @ 6:38pm 
Very Nice !
Awesome Job SpaceEngineer, Can't wait for the Steam version !!
garythewhale Sep 5 @ 2:26pm 
this game looks awsome really awsome
Ramirez Sep 3 @ 8:55am 
It says release date 26.12.2013 becuse tahst when the game came out, not on steam but on
{VelvetCake} Aug 31 @ 12:06am 
why does it say release date is almost 3 years ago?
Ren Aug 30 @ 11:25am 
RunForrest No Man's sky it's casual game without physics and has nothing to do with reality.
Please don't compare the SE and the NMS, it's completely different projects.
Another No Mans Lie? No ty
LeMieux Aug 26 @ 5:28pm 
and why does it say release date 26.12.2013
LeMieux Aug 26 @ 5:10pm 
i can acctually run space engine but not no mans sky and also no mans sky if way more money+ no mans sky is getting too much hate
AURELLIVEHD Aug 21 @ 7:19am 
amazing hype
Explorer Aug 20 @ 11:14pm 
Это просто потрясающая работа! Это тот самый настоящий космос, который я мечтал увидеть. Без ужатого скайбокса на фоне и неправдоподобной физики. Как всё это мог создать один человек - у меня в голове не укладывается. Огромное уважение разработчику и успехов по сбору средств на реализацию игровой механики)
The Fluffiest Cat Aug 20 @ 12:43pm 
No man's sky is Space Engine v2.0
{VelvetCake} Aug 20 @ 7:28am 
this is no man's sky v2.0
Jack Aug 19 @ 9:36am 
I want to donate, but I want it to be on my steam library when it releases, I understand this is current greenlite so it cannot be purchased yet.

But can you make a policy on your website that says for people who have donated before it releases on steam will get a steam key when it releases, if you can do this, I will donate to you
ototpejal Aug 17 @ 11:10pm 
I have a feeling my 980Ti will break when playing this
Mike Aug 17 @ 5:58am 
We need a Dragon Ball mod where we blow up galaxies while fighting.
Zarbizaure Aug 13 @ 4:14pm 
seriously. there is nothing more amazing than this.
Death_ GuN Aug 8 @ 1:39am 
то ради чего стоит жить)
Clintcom Aug 6 @ 1:07pm 
0.980 on thier site.
Clintcom Aug 6 @ 1:05pm 
New updates Nice. It feels so real, Mix this with Kerbal space program and it would be epic.
IceOriental123 Aug 2 @ 2:19am 
When this becomes a full-fledged game, it will blow every other space game out of the water.
Meoquanee Aug 1 @ 6:50pm 
New update is on the website :D
Valdaisky Jul 30 @ 7:17pm 
Dimplez Jul 30 @ 10:15am 
i've played this. It would be so much better if it were on steam.
Cpt.j2oss Jul 28 @ 5:47pm 
This program is the most amazing Planetarium software I've ever seen - SpaceEngineer and Co have done an absolutely fantastic job here, so if you're at all curious about space exploration don't hesitate to download the beta; just do it, right now! The Steam release is going to be Epic ;)
chjt Jul 22 @ 5:24am 
chinese language plz
Yoh-GnR Jul 17 @ 3:12pm 
uyfruy8iyy Jul 17 @ 12:42pm 
still waiting...... this game would do much much better if you put it on kickstarter and such!!!
Veritas Logica Jul 11 @ 8:43pm 
amazing software
Vq.| Doctor Apollo Jul 11 @ 2:20pm 
I absolutely love this program, looking forward to seeing it on Steam!
Meoquanee Jul 10 @ 5:46pm 
those future goals though.....just missing survival features and it's an all-in-one game.
Rusty Jul 10 @ 9:07am 
its been years
Rusty Jul 8 @ 12:25pm 
cant wait will it be free? if it isn't its ok i have space engine