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The Repopulation
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beepbooptechnology!!!! Jul 18 @ 2:30pm 
so its fallout, rust and planetside all rolled into one?
Loki Jul 16 @ 12:43pm 
Seems interesting.
Kinger Jul 11 @ 8:12pm 
Been waiting for something like this!!
Sovieteer Jul 5 @ 8:45am 
please no Pay to win or anything just fun, interesting, endless gaming :D
Intestinal Lover Jul 4 @ 11:07am 
This game <3
ФлупиФлуп Jul 1 @ 1:56am русскоязычное сообщество
Icetaq Jun 24 @ 8:33am 
Cant Wait
Itharus Jun 22 @ 11:05pm 
Still on target for late 2014?
Erik the Bloody Jun 21 @ 9:26am 
must play this game cannot wait
I wanna play NOW
The Repopulation  [author] Jun 8 @ 10:43am 
@[PBG]shadow, there will not be a single player option or private servers. Thanks for the support.
JayXan Jun 8 @ 1:59am 
Lot of promises but with a rap sheet like this why did you need to go through greenlight to get onto steam? Very questionable if this will have the funding to deliver all of its promises.
[PBG] Shadow #anzul Jun 1 @ 10:32pm 
This game looks awesome great job, i was wondering if there was going to be a single player option where you can play offline and if not will there be an option to create / play on a private server so you can just play with friends and not get raided and killed by spawn campers and that sort of people on the big / main servers. thanks and again great job.
Princess May 31 @ 3:15pm 
Militant: I don't see why you would comment on the metaphoric comparison to arcade games. Your comment is a biased blanket statement (or one of simple ignorance); plenty of merchants are still making profit on arcade games.
Princess May 31 @ 3:15pm 
I find it silly to complain about $14.99 per month for an mmo. 1st: People are paying that amount, therefore charging less, or nothing is simply a poor business decision. 2nd: The general $14.99 per month has been around for more than 10 years. HELLO McFLY! While everything else in your life is raising in price you may consider being thankful that your mmo access' are not. 3rd: F2P mmo's in general are pulling the wool over your eyes. They're gonna get you anyway by making the limitations so unbearable that you WILL buy full access or a whole bunch of this or that to fix your gaming expereince.Or you might just quit.

Advice: Think of P2P as a sort of filter; those who don't want to pay are likely those with self-entitled nacissistic personality disorders with false senses of grandeur. I'd prefer not to play with them anyway, so good riddens!
simonebergande May 22 @ 5:50am 
ich find e es eigentlich ganz ok
|PLA| Militant May 20 @ 1:41pm 
Seriously though, $15 a month is a rip off these days, bandwith and servers don't cost that much. There are other costs of course, continous de-bugging and content generation, customer support, anti cheat/bot overseers. I'm sure majority of popular MMOs would do just fine charging 5-8 a month... problem is, all P2P are obssessed with making WOW kinda money.. and it just isnt going to happen.
Itharus May 19 @ 3:24pm 
You don't really know how much these games cost, Alexander. Also remember the point is to make a profit - not just meet costs. A lot of people put a lot of time and effort into these games and they have salaries that need to be paid, benefits that need to be given out, pensions - and then you have all the upkeep of the technology itself. You've also (typically) got investors to please and attract, and money you need to reinvest on growth, and let's not forget money spent doing market research to stay on top of your game (no pun intended), and so on. Business is expensive.

Also, you sort of negate your whole argument against P2P model when you say you'd just like it to be $7.99 instead of the typical $14.99. It's only not worth it to you and those in your camp. For a lot of people, $0.50 a day for unlimited access to an MMO is a steal. Keep in mind that one life on an arcade game in a pizza parlor is freaking $0.25. MMO's are cheap even at $14.99/month.
Alexander DeLarge May 12 @ 4:01am 
Silver Surfer, what's wrong with F2P? P2P is an archaic model from 1997 that somehow stuck to MMOs until about three years ago. Servers do not cost that much to host. Content creation doesn't cost that much.

I'd be open to a more reasonable subscription, $7.99 flat rate would be quite nice but I don't have a problem with the F2P model if done right. The way you're describing your vision is quite elitist as if F2P users are peasants and you're some sort of patron.
GoReB@t666 May 6 @ 5:49pm 
hey volkoth how much longer?? I'm eagerly awaiting this game too.
Vikings May 6 @ 5:18pm 
I agree, a P2P model would be better.
Silver Surfer May 6 @ 4:56am 
Please add sub model on top of F2P similar to RIFT.

Then you can add an option to the cash shop where subs can buy buy cash-shop-items with in-game currency instead. You can make those instances of purchased items soulbound for all I care so we can't sell or trade them and only use them.

Giving subs a special title will then also let us see each other in-game very easily so we don't have to play with the F2P players if we don't want to and even create sub-only guilds.

For that I'd pay €12/month very happily.
Captain Mentlegen May 3 @ 10:23pm 
Itharus Apr 28 @ 11:23pm 
There needs to be more steam presence on part of the devs, IMO.
Sergeant Tbag Apr 27 @ 6:54am 
Miyamoto Musashi Apr 24 @ 5:22am 
My body is ready!
Volkoth Apr 22 @ 2:51pm 
make this a P2P model, the funding will help and it will keep the casual crowd out that tends to ruin games
Volkoth Apr 22 @ 2:50pm 
I am going to play THE HELL out of this game!!!!! Been following it for years and it's almost here
delhay Apr 22 @ 10:29am 
i love it
Plova Apr 20 @ 3:07am 
This looks AMAZING
NickoShoot Apr 15 @ 11:37pm 
Me lo compraría si se traduce al castellano. I should buy it if it would be in spanish.
El Andrius Apr 14 @ 4:32am 
Me lo compraría si se traduce al castellano. I should buy it if it would be in spanish.
[(UsmcFounder)]U.S. Marine Apr 9 @ 12:57pm 
You should totally make the F2P not P2W or P2P. Many people want this game including me. This would be a very popular game with the way you have it.
water_closet Apr 7 @ 8:11am 
valve! i want this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
skitter Apr 6 @ 5:28am 
крутая вещь будет
Antag Apr 4 @ 1:04pm 
Im so wanting this
crazy_cop Apr 1 @ 6:19am 
ну не плохо я жду ее
steven0515 Mar 31 @ 6:11pm 
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▓▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░░░░█
RCcola Mar 30 @ 2:51pm 
Get early acces here LIMITED TIME ->
Sabatour Mar 27 @ 11:43pm 
Mortal Online fucked Calpiso and made something that looks great but never the less i should get my hopes up too high
Demoruin Mar 27 @ 4:57pm 
Its like Skyrim, Halo, and Star Wars combined in one, awesome!
Eldov Mar 23 @ 3:49am 
very interesting pls push the game to the limit
GemiZ Mar 16 @ 4:03am 
A bitch of a mistake Mar 14 @ 9:07pm 
interesting i cant wait to try it out
Monkey D. Luffy Mar 14 @ 6:09pm 
Well im shocked. i voted for this game to be greenlight quite a long time ago and completely forgot about ever voting for it, but know it looks like its becoming a legit game that could very well become great or even amazing. Congrats on the greenlight and the Kickstarter campaign.
vondoom87 Mar 14 @ 2:10pm 
-Jump into combat in a vehicle, mech, or manned turret
I swear that if they make it so you can craft mech parts and piece together your own mech (I.E Heavy Gear/Armored Core) I'm sold.
Biglonewolf115 Mar 11 @ 4:36pm 
I want this game now. :O
Taren Mar 9 @ 9:04pm 
please do the Russian language in the game.
And convenient for Russian gamers payment system.
Wingless Mar 9 @ 1:24am 
Finally. A Game that has the balls to follow a slightly harder path. Tired of all the dumbed down MMOs and their kiddy mentality? I am. Thankyou for bringing this to us. We've been without something like this for too long. This ex- SWG & UO player just cried with joy. Death to the intellectually simple. Long live The Repopulation.