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Time Rifters
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THEnetherwarlock Sep 13 @ 11:41am 
This game looks totaly awsome!
stealthro Aug 14 @ 7:41pm 
i downloaded the demo today nice one never even knew it was out there not out

Proton Studio  [author] Aug 9 @ 10:49pm 
@popcorn1592 All you should have to do is download the Windows file (which is a zip), unzip and then click on the .exe. If you need further help email us at It is definitely cool in the Rift, we are just starting to work on the DK2 integration :)
popcorn1592 Aug 9 @ 5:47pm 
What do I do to get it with windows, I'm confused, it takes me to a 7Zip-File manager, what Do I do after? (Side note) Looks amazing, Too bad I don't have an oculus rift to play it with, that would be amazing ;-;
Double_axle Jul 31 @ 7:08pm 
Also this game reminds me of mirror's edge with the colors and the style SOOOOOOO much.
Double_axle Jul 31 @ 7:06pm 
There should be a standard multiplayer mode as well like TDM, CTF, CP (capture points).
xCROWNx Cletus Jul 28 @ 1:44pm 
This is still the best Oculus Rift game there is
In Flux (PC Co-Op Admin) Jul 15 @ 11:19pm 
In Flux (PC Co-Op Admin) Jul 15 @ 11:18pm 
A multiplayer fps would we A LOT more fun, like in this video:
In Flux (PC Co-Op Admin) Jul 15 @ 11:18pm 
I'll be honest: This looks interesting, but from the trailers you just shoot moving blocks until time runs out, and then you help shoot them again until you shoot them in the time allotted.
A great idea, work with yourself, but this is not an exciting thing to work with myself towards.
That said, when it comes out, I'll give it a go :)
tried the demo and WE NEED TO MAKE THIS A FULL GAME
Balls Attack Jun 24 @ 10:56am 
has it cum out yet
FasukanNumberWahid Jun 21 @ 5:00pm 
Moar Weapon
Gibus Graf Fetti Jun 13 @ 11:40am 

Seriously though, this game is on the level of Portal of how mind-bending the new mechanics are. For Portal: portals. For this: Braid+Mirror's Edge+TF2.

I would pay about 10 bucks for it. The full version, I mean.
Proton Studio  [author] Jun 12 @ 9:18pm 
@Balthor glad you like it. We originally designed the weapons & upgrades for a long gameplay style where the player would continuously upgrade through all 3 episodes which is why they were more expensive and harder to get. We have now changed to a short gameplay style where weapons and upgrades reset at the end of each episode so upgrades will be less expensive allowing the player the ability to buy more.
Balthor Jun 12 @ 8:15pm 
This game is really cool, especially with Nvidia 3d conversion. Only problem I have with it is that the wapon upgrades are too expensive, especially for the first few levels. Plus the flak cannon fires too slow, and it would be easier to just get the faster pistol upgrade. The flak cannon would be better if it just fired faster.
Budrocks1 Jun 8 @ 4:16pm 
I can not wait for this to come out!
Proton Studio  [author] Jun 2 @ 12:46pm 
@[420]AnalWeed[SWEG] Cool glad it worked for you :)
Kool Aid Nig Nogs Jun 2 @ 9:42am 
Now it finally works, wtf? Sorry.
Proton Studio  [author] Jun 1 @ 9:14pm 
@[420]AnalWeeds[SWEG] I just tested the Mac download links and they were working for me so not sure why they aren't working for you. What happens when you try to download the demo?
Kool Aid Nig Nogs Jun 1 @ 8:29pm 
For some reason I can't download it, Im using a Mac.
[WF™]Critty7 May 16 @ 6:37pm 
Why is there no online Co-Op?
jk.simonson1 May 8 @ 8:02am 
Proton Studio  [author] May 7 @ 8:57pm 
@jk.simonson1 Nope, it works with and without the rift :)
jk.simonson1 May 7 @ 7:35pm 
does this game need oclus rift to play?
r7901 May 6 @ 9:21am 
Proton Studio  [author] Apr 30 @ 8:53pm 
@r7901 go to the Description tab, then go to the Demo section (located under the Time Rifters section), and select the link for either the Windows, Mac or Linux version.
r7901 Apr 30 @ 6:54pm 
how do i download this !!!
Proton Studio  [author] Apr 30 @ 2:15pm 
@ankanx glad that you are liking the game so much :) There is no way to pre-buy the game and no Beta / Alpha group. Our goal is to have the game ready to release shortly after we receive our DK2.
ankanx Apr 29 @ 11:38am 
Im getting impatient ;P
Have now done a few reruns on the Oculus Rift and need more, is there a Beta / Alpha test community that gets some new updated versions and goodies or a way to pre-buy it for some additional accsess?
Proton Studio  [author] Apr 23 @ 10:44am 
@jotun the full game will have an invert option
jotun? Apr 23 @ 9:51am 
Saw a video, it looked cool.

Downloaded the demo, started it up.

No option to invert mouse. Quit :(
ankanx Apr 23 @ 8:04am 
Blew through the game using Oculus Rift, Fist Demo i actually stoped and thought "amazing" and you guys left me hungry for more.....
TriCx Apr 23 @ 1:37am 
vasagorst Apr 22 @ 1:39pm 
maybee it would be even better with real damage to the player
fuegomanchego Apr 18 @ 6:02pm 
and a level up thing the more xp you get then you level up get skill pints and perks and even unlock more character
fuegomanchego Apr 18 @ 5:23pm 
also a level editor
fuegomanchego Apr 18 @ 4:09pm 
you should also add multiplayer
fuegomanchego Apr 18 @ 4:04pm 
IT DESERVES TO BE PAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fuegomanchego Apr 18 @ 4:01pm 
i have some suggestions
NO 1 you should have more weapons like swords and also crossbows bazooka and a sniper and a Gatling gun
NO 2 you should add more upgrades like fire so once you shoot something it will slowly take damage
NO 3 you should be able to upgrade something 3 times with each upgrade like with the acid bullets 2nd time could be blue and third rime could be purple
NO 4 there should be elemental weapons that do more damage to certain blocks like water blocks and acid blocks
NO 4 some weapons you should have to buy like the crossbow could be 5000 coins
NO 5 you should have other stuff than just arenas there should be other levels then the arena
your game is already amazing though
Zagi Apr 13 @ 7:00am 
Awesome Stuff for later updates:
1:Level Editor
2:More Weapons
3:More Upgrades for weapons
Ps:this game is Awesome!
PixelPacker Apr 12 @ 10:04pm 
this game i downloaded it and OMG its amazing the gameplay the graphics the EVRYTHING ITS AMAZING IM GOING TO BUY THIS
Lucid Lynx [IM] Apr 3 @ 2:33pm 
Can someone make a trainer that gives you gold? I've completed all the areas, but I need some gold to finish off the weapon upgrades.
Fred Apr 2 @ 12:50am 
Totally love the demo of this game in the Rift! Cannot wait for it to be released!!
__AGeNT_Pinky__ Mar 23 @ 2:56pm 
lol my bad. still it was an amazing game
Proton Studio  [author] Mar 21 @ 4:00pm 
@__AGeNT_Pinky__ the game has already been greenlit so the page no longer has a vote button, but if you like you can still follow us to get updates on the games development and release.
__AGeNT_Pinky__ Mar 21 @ 2:42pm 
that was so much fun but i dont know how to vote for it
MoleRili Mar 16 @ 7:42am 
That's awsome!! I can't stop playing!!
GameDevs Mar 12 @ 8:36pm 
Mr. Proton sir, is there any way I could ask you some stuff about your amazing concept??
Antimaterial HUN Mar 11 @ 6:50am