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Red Baron
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rolfskalder Aug 8 @ 10:20pm 
Well, glad I checked out the Red Baron website to see it is active!
theCavalier [OTG] Aug 6 @ 7:46am 
As fantastic as having a technologically viable Red Baron, Otter, remember that plane painting and customization that every one can see, and editable recordings of the battles is the other half of the equation. Who can resist sitting around with a beer watching your plane do the amazing in your own comfort to the cheers of your best mate, eh?
Tyrion Lannister Aug 5 @ 2:37am 
"And, we are now getting some traction on bringing Red Baron back to market. We have several pieces of exciting news that I can't share yet! Sorry to be secretive, but it's too early, but I wanted to let you know we're still committed to Red Baron. Most importantly, Red Baron will be the highest quality flight game ever seen when we bring it out!" - DamonSlye (posted on July 14th, 2014 on the Red Baron forums)
rolfskalder Aug 4 @ 3:27am 
Nothing updated since October 2013? Is this really coming to Steam in less than four months?
guusvdvalk Jul 28 @ 11:43am 
The original is one of my alltime favorites. I downloaded it again from gog recently, and it still brought a huge smile to my face. But it definitely can use a modern update.
Love the old school flight sims with campaign and story. What is the status of Red Baron?
classycamaro Jul 15 @ 5:55pm 
The big 3, EAW, Aces and this one! Can't wait!!
Deathsnake Jul 13 @ 4:41am 
Life signal pls :(
Sackkiller Jul 12 @ 11:52am 
whats on? waiting, waiting...
rolfskalder Jul 1 @ 4:33am 
Hey, devs! How about an update on how things are going? Nothing has been posted for months.
Chryses Jun 25 @ 7:16pm 
So what is going on with this game? I was a Kickstarter backer way back when. I am really interested in a flight sim from this era. Maybe I'll go play Rise of Flight?
MazeMouse Jun 11 @ 2:18pm 
Is this game going to get a similar epic manual like the old Red Baron 2 had? (that thing was a small history booklet)
orochi Jun 2 @ 3:46pm 
Red Baron and Aces Over the Pacific are among the the best games of my early years of gaming.So plz bring it back
Vegas May 16 @ 1:51pm 
indeed, i am a fan of the old red baron and red baron 3d. it made me learn more about ww1 as well. i still give a tip of the hat to charles nungessor and ernest udet
Buho May 13 @ 4:07pm 
omg yes!
wozron May 12 @ 10:00pm 
Hey guys, you may want to check the 'visibility' of this game in steam. Even knowing about it, it doesn't show up in search functions etc.
Moterboter May 11 @ 9:23pm 
Been playing this series since I was a kid, played all the aces games as well, really looking forward to this I still play Red Baron 3d
Islamic Cow May 11 @ 2:36pm 
Will this support Mac?
Bpinator May 8 @ 5:21pm 
OMG I just cant wait for this to come out!
theCavalier [OTG] May 8 @ 2:51pm 
Hm. kathyp3: didn't I see that in a fake tea party pettition? Probably not, I must be mistaken.
theCavalier [OTG] May 8 @ 2:49pm 
Mr. Slye. I must protest the continuing presence of this single video! Let me explain. If, God forbid, I was Rob Ford, pipe in hand, and you were on the other side of the table talking about the goodness of crack just out of reach to which you refered over and over again, I might have a stroke. I'm sure you never realized that some RB1 and RB2 players were so completely addicted, or you would be putting progress videos out periodically, being the prince of a human being that you must be. After all, every really good game I entrusted to my 5 1/2 floppy back then had the coveted dynamix logo, and I knew they would not only work, but take up the next several months. Now that you know, however, perhaps you could shoot some short updates, because more and more I am thinking of ending it all with my 6'5" blow gun.
Yours in admiration and the heaviest satire
kathyp3 May 6 @ 11:19pm 
Is Red Baron dead? I've seen nothing from Mad Otter since a few days after the kickstarter failed (they were looking for $250,000 but only got $40,000 of that. Ouch). Mad Otter have had much chatter about their other games going on, and some which were started after Red Baron have already made it to market. I wish I was pulling down the kind of money I was making before a drunk driver hit me and paralyzed me. I would have funded the whole thing myself, I believe in it that strongly.

If a dev team member reads this, could you give us the courtesy of telling us its status? is any work being done on it at present, or is it tabled for now, or perhaps into the forseable future? Please tell us something. The silence is driving us stark mad!
Deathsnake Apr 24 @ 12:08pm 
Wait for the Kickstarter Relaunch. When you start it?
Islamic Cow Apr 21 @ 7:58pm 
FluffyRomanPanda Apr 18 @ 8:04am 
Can't wait for this to be released!
artisticgoose.buck Apr 18 @ 3:56am 
Please tell me when this is out!!!! My lfe is incomplete and I must have this.........!!!
MorbiusTV Apr 17 @ 1:20pm 
The original was awesome and this looks promising.
skubyman Apr 13 @ 3:35pm 
Still recall the excitement of spotting a solitary black pixel on the horizon that I just knew had to be an enemy squadron. I've always wanted the game re-done to take advantage of the leaps in rendering and computing power. Thanks for sharing this consumers's dream Mad Otter!
SS MARINE Mar 27 @ 9:52am 
wow... i played the original like crazy when i was a kid. when i saw this in greenlight i nearly pissed my pants. hope this gets the remake it deserves.
alansaund Mar 24 @ 11:21am 
Looking forward to this game..........can't wait!
Wolfgar Sigvarthson Mar 22 @ 7:16am 
I have played most of these from the original line drawn arcade shooter, then Sierra on Line, then the 90s version and another following that..Red Baron II which has the Sierra and Dynamix label on the cd jacket. I still have so many of these games packed away in boxes.. and some 5.25 floppies. I have the AOP 3.5s..
fantas1sta Mar 21 @ 8:20am 
The original was one of the greatest games ever made, can't wait!
Doug_Roberts Mar 11 @ 5:25pm 
I'm really glad someone is bringing this game up to date for todays computers, now if we could just get, LucasArts, (Formerly LucasFilm Games), "Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe", and "Star Wars X-Wing and Tie Fighter game, and Microprose's, "Gunship 2000" I'd really be Happy.
Godzilla Blitz Mar 11 @ 8:47am 
Gosh, I played the original to death back in the 90's. One of my favorite gaming experiences. Really looking forward to this one. Keep up the good work!
is this a remake of the old dos red barron ??? the game for dos was good.. on my 486 Dx2 66 Mhz OO YEAH !! I hope its a remake of the original game .. If so ill buy it
startrekmike Mar 3 @ 6:55pm 
Honest question, how much of a sim is this really going to be? I mean, I am a big fan of Rise of flight due to it's accuracy both in terms of the aircraft but also of the time period, what does this offer in that regard?
Twelvefield Mar 3 @ 1:20pm 
Oculus Rift support, OK. I'll try the OR when the consumer version is released. Maybe it will work, maybe it won't as I hear there are issues for people with glasses.

But how about TrackIR support? No TrackIR = no sale.
Van Loon Feb 27 @ 3:18am 
Looking forward to this game.
Glubber Feb 23 @ 11:30pm 
May be a bit too arcadey, but we'll see. Right now I'm glued to Wings Over Flander's Fields, so if immersion is a goal for RB, it's got some serious competition.
theCarthaginian Feb 23 @ 6:01pm 
I will pay $20 just for the nostalga value.
This was my first flight sim. Plenty of good memories involved. I never knwew that the old Dynamix team was working on this one, or I'd have gon in on the Kickstarter- even after the disaster with the Ouya.

PLEASE get this one, Steam!
PGRAS Feb 22 @ 8:14pm 
HE4TROCK Feb 20 @ 9:45am 
One of the first games to hook me on PC gaming. Make it just as good of an experience, with updated graphics obviously and I'm sold!
Fluesmækkeren Feb 9 @ 5:38am 
As an oldschool gamer from back with C64, Amiga and so on ... I can't wait to play a flying sim again, with a campaign that dynamically changes based upon pilots failure or succes in the skies .. just as the old RB did on my trusty old Amiga ... how far is progrees to initial apha/beta test, if at all ?? ... because im gonna send the kids and wifey on vacation when this gem arrives :D
rolfskalder Feb 7 @ 4:16am 
I wasted many a late hour playing Red Baron! What I like about Red Baron over the other sims is that it made you feel you weren't just fighting discrete air battles but were involved in a campaign which developed your pilot's career.
sharky0922 Feb 5 @ 5:35am 
how the hell is that in strategy category? you idiots.
Narkowa) Feb 2 @ 10:38am 
[ШП] ÐiятyÐзαgls Jan 26 @ 3:49pm 
Night Jan 24 @ 6:14pm 
The original Red Baron (which I own) helped me appreciate WWI air combat!
d.haysmer Jan 20 @ 8:40am 
Old school goodness! I used to love WWI flight combat sims on my C64.
Zandor Jan 19 @ 4:54pm 
Looks GREAT!!!!