Doktor's vocalizer
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Quote (D-9341) Dec 19 @ 12:33am 
So, help?
Poseidon ᴾᴮ ᴿ Dec 17 @ 11:59am 
exec: couldn't exec vocalizer.cfg
R o L L i N g ♥ G i R L Dec 14 @ 3:00am 
R o L L i N g ♥ G i R L Dec 13 @ 5:42am 
click ~ and then paste exec vocalizer.cfg
WatersideMLG3 Dec 11 @ 9:14am 
ok i fixed it
WatersideMLG3 Dec 11 @ 8:58am 
WatersideMLG3 Dec 11 @ 8:34am 
yeah it doesnt work i followed the instuctions
woorim Dec 9 @ 11:43am 
Some of these lines work only in saferoom
MacKnight Nov 21 @ 7:38am 
⑨Jinx EDI⑨ Nov 15 @ 12:11am 
some of the lines on every character dont work
Xendrus The Fabulous Nov 12 @ 6:15pm 
Doesn't work, added the line in launch options, no bindings in autoexec, even used the console to bind keys to menus, f10 does nothing, no menus come up when pressing any of the keys, even on cheat enabled servers. No other programs using the F keys. Meh.
Superb Villian Veigar Nov 10 @ 3:38pm 
I've done all the instructions from the description, Stouty, and TATERTOT but this still won't work! What do i have to do?!
тαтєятσт Nov 1 @ 3:46pm 
Some vocalizer lines will not work at all, Zoey especially.

"Lasagna" and "Game over" sometimes won't work. (but usually do)
The ones that will not work at all are:

"Passing Gas"
"Creepy old"
"Creepy old 2"
"Pile of crap"
"You're welcome"
"Falling" (which does work for all l4d2 survivors.)
"Hating everything"
"Good Francis"
"Sexy Brunette"
тαтєятσт Nov 1 @ 3:44pm 
How to install after subscribed:

1. Open Steam
2. Click "Library"
3. On the side, right click Left 4 Dead, and click "Properties" at the bottom.
4. Click "Set Launch Options"
5. Enter: exec vocalizer.cfg
6. Click OK and close Launch Options.
7. Start the game. (It might not work if the game is already running, so quit, and restart.)

"How do you fix/customize the wheels?"

1. Press `
2. Type:

bind z "+MouseMenu1"
bind x "+MouseMenu2"
bind c "+MouseMenu3"
bind v "+MouseMenu4"
bind b "+MouseMenu5"
bind n "+MouseMenu6"
bind m "+MouseMenu9"
bind j "+MouseMenu7"
bind k "+MouseMenu8"
bind g "+MouseMenu10"

"how do i fix voting/screenshots?"

1. Press `
2. Type:

bind "F1" "vote yes"
bind "F2" "vote no"
bind "F12" "jpeg"
Ap-sap+Spy = Master Hacker Oct 28 @ 1:43am 
thanks, really great vocalizer ;)
Mr. Pee Pee Toucher Oct 23 @ 3:13pm 
i cant get it to work i sub. i put +exec vocalizer.cfg in launch options reset all by bind to default and unbind all f1-12 and still doesnt work. Can anyone help me out?
Cookie☆ Oct 21 @ 10:01am 
Just wanted to say that F1 and F2 are used for voting and F5 is for taking screenshots. So if you download this mod you wont be able to vote.
John Savage Oct 15 @ 7:06pm 
What a DICK!
John Savage Oct 15 @ 6:43pm 
Twister Oct 12 @ 8:50am 
не работает
Stouty Sep 21 @ 5:04pm 
Its been mentioned before but if you have subscribed and it itsn't working for you do this:
go to properties and on set launch options put in "-console" to get the console to pop up when you start

then put into the console: exec vocalizer.cfg

you may need to enter that a couple of times until you get the confirmation message saying spam away in the console
trufo Sep 17 @ 5:56am 
I think you're the god of vocalising
Hans Gruber Sep 10 @ 11:51am 
Subscribed. Waste of time no download link or anything..
Hans Gruber Sep 10 @ 11:46am 
Where is my download?
Stefanonimo Sep 7 @ 3:37pm 
No "Virgil, what's up brother??" ... dislike
Claire Redfield Sep 5 @ 6:39am 
I like this one, but I can't get Zoey's "funny, sexy brunette" line to work. Is there a specific time you have to use it?
BLaCK_DUsTER Sep 2 @ 7:15am 
there is a bug when u call for virgil. Virgil dont stop asking u where u are thats annoying
BLaCK_DUsTER Sep 2 @ 7:14am 
some sounds dont work pls fix it
MOTAH FUKAR Aug 20 @ 10:42pm 
If this doesnt work type in console exec vocalizer (without cfg) then you will see text: vocalizer is enabled, spam away (or something like that)
Если не работает, то напечатайте в консоли exec vocalizer (без cfg) и увидите текст: vocalizer is enabled, spam away (ну или что то такое)
Badkarma Aug 17 @ 11:24am 
how do you bind your vote keys?
Sir Cthulhu Of R'yleh V Aug 17 @ 3:17am 
Coach needs :Man if i found a burger tank right about now i'd be a one man cheeseburger apocalpse. And ellis needs: KIDDIELAND!
MUSR SKRUBS (#MOR) Aug 16 @ 6:26pm 
Is there a way to change binds? I really want to know :P
Jingals Aug 12 @ 10:00pm 
Hey, I just subbed to this, works great, love it.

For those that are having trouble with the binds (the whole +exec vocalizer.cfg thing), try typing "exec vocalizer" in console, once your add-ons load up. You can see when your add-ons are done loading up when the Red "4" goes away to the left of the "Add-Ons" button. Worked for me.

IamTheSantaSpy! Aug 6 @ 7:54am 
This looks way to familiar to VXL vocalize. Im gonna try it anyway
idk how to do this ive been trying to do sourcemod commands i dident work
Well for this to work for me, I don't put in "+exec vocalizer.cfg", I have to put in "+exec vocalizer" instead, so if you're having problems with it then that could be your problem, if its not your problem, may the mighty Gabe Newell help thee
Wheee ! Jul 29 @ 6:17am 
How do I change bind key ? When I changed key, there is engine error.
KB Jul 26 @ 11:07pm 
Whats radial F11 do it dosent work for me??
KB Jul 26 @ 4:19pm 
can u make it so its using keys z,x,c,v,b,n,m etc??
>CooL< Jul 20 @ 5:45am 
Don't work
HoundsOfJusticeMatt Jul 10 @ 9:34am 
Can someone help me with my new sound mods when I try to run the game it comes empty after I put in +exec vocalizer.cfg on my Set Launch Options
TheAbusedx Jul 6 @ 1:32pm 
is there an easier way to use this?
Marxman224 [FRB] Jul 5 @ 5:55pm 
did you guys put in +exec vocalizer.cfg?
GDani Jun 28 @ 11:14am 
@Carnage im having the same problem, its not working and it unbinded the default chat commands
ՀkՀ*Bogdan♛ Jun 26 @ 1:44pm 
thanks for making that,is soo funny:)),a friend maed a video of me using that mod XD
but if you have some key bind on your " F " keys like me with console, will be overwritted by the addon.
like say 卡米爾 if you put in console exec vocalizer.cfg work fine all key binds, if you try to put on launch options will fail, i'm going to bind some key for ejecute "exec vocalizer.cfg"
Any way good job with the vocalizer
Carnage Jun 15 @ 12:05pm 
Doesn't seem to work. It just takes out all of the default vocals.
Dex Jun 15 @ 4:13am 
put exec vocalizer.cfg in console for it to work should say spam away
Hardwell Jun 14 @ 7:46am 
guys i have a macbook...i did everything and i keep pressing f10 and all other fs and it doesnt work...please help me out..thanks in advance