Armor of Molag Bal
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Don-Patch Jul 25 @ 10:18pm 
you clearly didnt read where it said READ!! if the dragon keeps flying away Open the console with the ² key on your keyboard. when this is open type: Help Molag, when you typed this there will be a list of items and npcs, to find the item code use the page up and page down keys on your keyboard. When the item is found type : player.additem code-of-item "1".
Rikss Jul 16 @ 4:28pm 
Fuck i don't kill dragon its hors map
Rikss Jul 16 @ 4:26pm 
I see a dragon i don't go pls help
Jed Sawyer Jul 15 @ 5:01pm 
why does that fu*kin dragon keep flying away after i kill it, I WANT ITS SOUL... but seriously fix your fu*cking mods before uploading them and please fix this mod
RynoMan.300 Jul 5 @ 10:16pm 
ill download it agin when you fix it
ALUKARD Jul 1 @ 1:51am 
and as through the bridge go ?
SomeOrdinaryGamers Jun 26 @ 11:54pm 
Whats the molag bal gem code?
Sly Civilian Jun 26 @ 6:58am 
you can do what I did he flys off but I fasttraveled to the orc camp he had flown off to and he landed so i could kill him then loot the molog baal gems (merida gem looking gems) off him
RAGE'O'MIGHTY Jun 25 @ 5:09am 
it wont let me travel to the place with the guard
Danger Wasp Jun 24 @ 6:24am 
he put in the description how tostop the guard from flying away
charlie41198 Jun 22 @ 6:02am 
THE STUPID GUARD KEEPS FLYING AWAY!Please could you fix this
abcmun Jun 22 @ 4:10am 
It made my Alduin look like the Guard of Molag Bal
mr.missingLEGO Jun 18 @ 8:52pm 
Does it change for female?
Wooley Jun 17 @ 8:22pm 
you can get to the guardian of molag bal with vanilla, you have to get the mod called Unlimited Tamriel (english) by Da Bozz. It allows you to get rid of all the borders in skyrim so you can fast travel to the location for the armor; Hope this helps
Vince the Bat Jun 11 @ 5:19pm 
could you move the range alittle bit CLOSER TO SHORE
V Blade Jun 8 @ 9:16am 
it doesnt work i try to fast travel to it but i stay where I am but if a walk over there it says you can not go there
♫Crescent Blade♪ Jun 4 @ 8:10am 
How do you get that inventory thing?
stroggchief Jun 1 @ 2:52pm 
apparently i cant upgrade the armor. looks awesome, but since i will get destroyed using it, its gonna be on a mannequin
noli2006 May 31 @ 1:39pm 
it doesn't work.when i trvel their it goes back to the place where i was whe i wasnt travelling.
DarkBrotherhood-363 May 31 @ 12:17pm 
perfect for my vampire class. subscribing!
EgI| Catalyzt May 29 @ 12:49am 
Notice to anybody who wants an answer to there questions - No you do not need dragonrend. You need the dlc to get to the island. If you don't have the dlc then type in concole help molag , use page up until you see the start of the list and enter the idcodes and 1 after them to give yourself the armor
wP. DreadnaughtVCN May 26 @ 7:13am 
Is alduin back to normal?
Dem0nic_Z0mbie[MSG] May 20 @ 2:42pm 
do you need the dlcs or nawwww
Solid Tsuchinoko May 17 @ 8:23pm 
So this is the reason why my alduin looks like this. For the longest time I thought it was my game bugging out and not giving him real wings.
Tōbecume þīn rīċe May 12 @ 8:34am 
you should make the eyes on the helmet light up blue.
DeathSong May 10 @ 12:41pm 
the freaking dragon flew away and never came back
[KMek]Lizzard May 4 @ 6:39pm 
The dragon model is awful. It screws up the wings and the molag bal style of skull doesn't fit its aesthetic. Unsubscribed immediately. Island is poorly made and buggy as well.
Two_Cruel187 May 1 @ 9:12pm 
biunachi isr ight listen to him the best way to get the armor i f your able to make it to the island, is press your computor key that looks like this ` and then click on the dragon and type in kill bam instant armor
Shadow May 1 @ 11:58am 
The armour is very cool looking! It would be very cool if you make the shoulders more looking like the shoulders of the daedric armour or like the shoulders of this armour:
This would be awesome :D
zed22 Apr 30 @ 6:39am 
cybersurfer44 Apr 26 @ 12:06pm 
Also with these glitches I do not know how this mod got 5 stars!
cybersurfer44 Apr 26 @ 12:03pm 
First of all I can not go to the island because it has invisible walls around it.Second of all and more importantly the guardian is a retextered version of Alduin so which means the looks of Alduin are altered.Can you fix this.
wingeddreams Apr 23 @ 4:34pm 
how do i get to the island???
renate08121951 Apr 19 @ 6:34am 
ich komm da nicht hin er zeigt an das ich nicht weiter darf und wenn ich dort spawn will macht der das nicht
biunachi Apr 17 @ 2:01pm 
just press ` then click on the dragon then type kill press enter and the press ` again and the dragon will die.
boazel10 Apr 14 @ 7:26am 
so how do i get to the island? i can't get there by foot and fast traveling doesn't work...
Can't get to the island that its on.It just says 'cant go there'. I agree evil Lawliet
Undead Pikachu Apr 11 @ 5:18pm 
cant get to the island that its on. it just says 'cant go there'
Trauma Apr 10 @ 3:21pm 
The armor looks awesome, but it alters Alduin's looks into the same as the Guardian. This broke it for me.
danny_b_23 Apr 9 @ 9:27am 
does anyone know if i have to have the dawngaurd dlc to use this mod? it says i cant go there when i try to walk out to the island, i even tried climbing the mountain and i cant fast travel there
Undead Jed Apr 4 @ 2:37am 
This mod is shit. I can't get the guardian to land anywhere, and when I nearly kill him, he flees. So then I try to go over to get the armor, and it says 'can't go over here'. So your basically telling us that we need "dragonrend" to actually get the armor? That would have been better if you put that in the description.
DragonFire Apr 1 @ 10:44am 
FYI alduin in the main quest looks like the "Gaurdian"
DragonFire Mar 29 @ 7:13pm 
how do you get to the island over the bridge where the guard is?
DragonFire Mar 29 @ 7:13pm 
why do you have maridia's beacon in the picture?
snow snipes Mar 28 @ 12:34pm 
i cant even go there! WHAT THE HELL!
Jack Package Mar 27 @ 10:00am 
its weird, when the guard of molag ball gets to low health, he flies away, and i never find him again
joburton Mar 25 @ 9:34pm 
nucleardragon i don't want to be mean ether but... it kinda does look like a lightning atronach. but yeah it should be like a... it should look like something molag bal would use himself. like the mace of molag bal, or something.
NuclearDragon Mar 24 @ 3:09pm 
i dont want to be mean but that weapon looks like a turd
Dylan123345 Mar 19 @ 2:19am 
holy shit this armor looks op, thx man :D
liamz10 Mar 16 @ 3:11pm 
the dragon flied away and now i cant find him!!!