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H|H Rafael  [author] Oct 6 @ 11:25am 

Post this bug on the forum please, bugs reported here are not assigned to be fixed.
MasterKitty5 Oct 5 @ 2:37pm 
there is a glitch with the forcefield emiters sometimes it pulls me through it instead of pushing me away this mostly happens on one side only when i crouch jump to it ive also seen a fast zombie jump through it and a poison zombie walk through it
Capitan Mikon Sep 17 @ 7:26am 
Map from picture is one map? or more maps? can i download that map?
H|H Rafael  [author] Sep 15 @ 5:19am 
@xAOx Co1byJack HM

Fair enough, just make sure you don't pre-judge without proof anymore.


If you would actually have done it properly you wouldn't have experienced that problem in the first place. Reading the instructions we provide and executing it properly is a must if you want to get it to work without problems.
xXSqueeeXx Sep 15 @ 12:07am 
@HjH Rafael everytime i deleted the stupid thing you guys made it keept redownloading itself, IF you READ EVERYTHING i said you would have known that, so just like you said people these days can't read anymore you included, know it all.
xAOx Co1byJack HM Sep 14 @ 1:21pm 
@H|H Rafael I am very sorry for wasting your time. I am aware that next time I should check first before confronting you and thank you for making this mod. Even though I got rid of this mod doesn't mean I wont come back to it. I admire your work, therefore I am sorry for any frustration that you recieved from my erlier stupidity.
H|H Rafael  [author] Sep 14 @ 1:04pm 

Seriously, the error you just posted TELLS YOU WHAT TO DO! Damn can't people read anymore these days?

@xAOx Co1byJack HM

I'd suggest you to first make sure you've got proof before you actually post such a thing.


It updates automatically whenever you restart your GMOD.
xXSqueeeXx Sep 14 @ 12:56pm 
@Gmod4phun thank you it now works.
xAOx Co1byJack HM Sep 14 @ 11:48am 
@AlexALX_[rus-ua] I am sorry, please disregard the message I sent. I had a virus that is now gone
ProLegendGamer Sep 14 @ 11:18am 
how do you update?
AlexALX_[rus-ua]  [author] Sep 14 @ 11:11am 
@xAOx Co1byJack HM our addon can't create such problems, check you software/hardware.
xAOx Co1byJack HM Sep 14 @ 8:57am 
Dear author,

I am not pleased with this mod. I downloaded the files and now they will not remove from my hardrive. I am going to do a virus sweep on my computer and if it works and is just a virus I am sorry for wasting your time. But, if it turns out that your addon is a virus, I will report you to Facepunch™.

Sincerely, Co1byJack
Gmod4phun SvK | SG-ᐰ | Sep 14 @ 12:42am 
And if does not work, remove both old and new gma
Gmod4phun SvK | SG-ᐰ | Sep 14 @ 12:40am 
Remove the old stargate_carter_addon_pack.gma and it will work
xXSqueeeXx Sep 13 @ 11:51pm 
It's started to give me this error everytime i try to do anything with the stargate stuff, but everytime i remove it like it asks this addon just puts it back and continues to make its self unusable. unsubscribing and resubscribing doesn't help.

Error #13
Old workshop files found.
Please remove following files inside folder:
"c:\program files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\garrysmod\garrysmod\addons\"

H|H Rafael  [author] Sep 8 @ 3:14pm 

Since they're a part for most of the custom VGUI from our Addon and can't be accessed using workshop. Check the github repository ( in case you're unsure of what's actually in the archive.
Fatmeatball Sep 6 @ 3:17pm 
Yyyyyeaaah nice try. Scince when are the FONTZ SERH EMPERTAHNT?
H|H Rafael  [author] Sep 3 @ 5:38pm 
@Vigna 97

You might have conflicting addons, please read our troubleshooting steps to try and fix it.


Without proper information we can not provide assistance as you did NOT state your problem. Post your problem including all the details in the forum.


Wiremod is not included in cap and has a limited relation to CAP where we do not have anything to do with the authors or what they decide to do with their addon. The error appeared as the wiremod addon on the workshop got removed. Therefor download the github version to have wiremod properly installed and play with CAP.


Do a complete reinstall of your gmod and try again.


You're probably still doing it wrong if it doesn't work. Follow the fonts installation instructions on the letter and then it will work.

@DJ charmander

Read the installation instructions as you're probably doing something wrong.
DJ charizard Aug 29 @ 9:43am 
im doing everything right but it just doesn't work
-{DG}- mesnapu Aug 22 @ 5:31pm 
You have to find the zipped file 'Fonts', right click it, extract it to the GMOD Addons folder, and after you extract it there there should be a new unzipped folder 'cap_fonts' in the addons folder and if so
, then you are good to go!
(OGS)Rory9789 Aug 22 @ 3:22pm 
hey, i love cap but i am having a problem with the fonts at the moment, everytime i try and spawn something from cap it tells me i need to download the fonts, i have gone through it a few times now and im sure its right but they still wont work, any idea of how to fix it?
NightmareGamer219 Aug 19 @ 8:01am 
Sorry for crappy english, i'm german.
NightmareGamer219 Aug 19 @ 8:00am 
I downloaded the fonts but it still says I need them. Think it's because I deleted the Gmod files of the downloaded version after installing the paid version. Steam recreated the files after reinstalling the paid version, but now dragging files like custom fonts into C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\Garry's Mod\garrysmod\addons doesn't work anymore.

[C19-C.A.]Master Chief Aug 18 @ 12:56am 
@markaous,its because wire was deleted from workshop.
markaous Aug 17 @ 12:25pm 
Hi everything's been running perfectly for about three months then all of a sudden error 7 stops anything from spawning, ive had to redownload and install everything but it still isnt working, if you can help if there has beena new update pease leave the download link in your comment thank you in advance markaous x
evilden8 Aug 15 @ 11:18am 
it's not work!! help =(
Vigna 97 Mk6 Aug 4 @ 10:49am 
when i try to open an wormhole with the stargate when i finish dialing the wormole dont start i check on the console and it say after the 4° pass :
time failed! [stargate_714_83][@lua/enities/stargate_base/modules/lib.lua (line77) what i have to do?
The puddle jumper won't fly, i have the drive pods open.
H|H Rafael  [author] Jul 30 @ 8:09am 

Read the download instructions.
holographic2 Jul 29 @ 5:08pm 
i cant get it to work
H|H Rafael  [author] Jul 27 @ 3:07pm 

Spacebuild is like CAP just download and install, there's nothing more to it than that. Recreating an energy system like Life Support would be too time consuming and pretty much a waste of time as LS with SB works fine in combination with CAP.
zw98 Jul 26 @ 10:51am 
I was curious, I have been having so much trouble trying to get spacebuild and stuff just to have the gates be powered and not magically powered. i still haven't gotten it to work. Will it be possible for you guys to get just that element into the pack? I would be grateful!
H|H Rafael  [author] Jul 25 @ 6:16am 

You can disable the gatespawners under the CAP settings.
RedWolfTheGamer Jul 24 @ 5:16am 
Hey can you somehow disable them being auto placed on maps?
---===)Hipster Walrus(===--- Jul 23 @ 10:38am 
I am terribly sorry for the misunderstanding, but what IS the map on the 5th picture? I really want that map! :D
AlexALX_[rus-ua]  [author] Jul 17 @ 7:21am 
@---===)Hipster Walrus(===--- more correctly is "because i'm alone answer here, and i have job and many other cases."
Alright, Alex said, "because I there answer one, and it is full in me work and matters.". Thats what it translated to.
AlexALX_[rus-ua]  [author] Jul 16 @ 7:15am 
@Takuat-Z95 потому что я один там отвечаю, а у меня работы и дел полно.
Takuat-Z95 Jul 16 @ 6:23am 
If there's no support on steam then why no one is answering on Russian support of CAP?
What was the map in the fifth picture!?
AlexALX_[rus-ua]  [author] Jul 15 @ 11:15am 
@Takuat-Z95 check gmod folder - maybe you are putting in wrong gmod copy/path? Anyway WE DO NOT SUPPORT ON STEAM.
Takuat-Z95 Jul 14 @ 11:56am 
Help! I downloaded cap_fonts file and placed it in the addons folder but it didn't worked. Then I placed the Fonts folder into resource folder but it didn't work too. What should I do?
Lone Wolf Jun 27 @ 3:56am 
EVERYONE! If you have problems READ THE DESCREPTION FIRST! "We do NOT provide support via steam, if you've got any problems please report them on the forum under the support board located here:"
What map was on the fifth picture? The space one?
Klupp12386 Jun 14 @ 12:45pm 
plus i never understand these things even if someone tells me, i literally have to physically see what to do even then i only know like 2 percent of the time, so i give up on life
Klupp12386 Jun 13 @ 8:39pm 
dont you sometimes wish things were easier in life... LIKE THIS!!!!
H|H Rafael  [author] Jun 13 @ 6:07am 

Read the instructions please...


Follow our troubleshooting steps and see if that changes anything.
♥Hrulia_Rus♥ Jun 12 @ 7:41pm 

[Stargate Carter Addon Pack] lua/autorun/pac_base/pac_init.lua:7: attempt to call method 'stb_NoCollide' (a nil value)
1. v - lua/autorun/pac_base/pac_init.lua:7
2. unknown - lua/includes/modules/hook.lua:84
3. SetCollisionGroup - [C]:-1
4. unknown - lua/entities/event_horizon
♥Hrulia_Rus♥ Jun 12 @ 7:41pm 
TEST [lua/autorun/pac_base/pac_init.lua][lua/autorun/pac_base/pac_init.lua]
FOUND IN ADDON [222862048]
TEST [lua/includes/modules/a_star_pathfinding.lua][lua/includes/modules/hook.lua]
TEST [lua/includes/modules/ai_schedule_slv.lua][lua/includes/modules/hook.lua]
TEST [lua/includes/modules/ai_task_slv.lua][lua/includes/modules/hook.lua]
TEST [lua/includes/modules/nodegraph.lua][lua/includes/modules/hook.lua]
TEST [lua/includes/modules/psf_schedule.lua][lua/includes/modules/hook.lua]
TEST [lua/includes/modules/psf_task.lua][lua/includes/modules/hook.lua]
TEST [lua/entities/event_horizon/cl_init.lua][lua/entities/event_horizon/init.lua]
TEST [lua/entities/event_horizon/init.lua][lua/entities/event_horizon/init.lua]
FOUND IN ADDON [175394472]
TEST [lua/entities/event_horizon/shared.lua][lua/entities/event_horizon/init.lua]

Whenever i enter a star gate this appers thewn everything is nocllided, Please Help!
Deathking Jun 12 @ 12:38am 
Hello I am having a problem installing the pack every time ive tried it keeps saying ERROR and that the files are old?? I am on a Mac book so is there something different I am to do or what?