The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

A Tragedy in Black - Enchanting Remastered
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mikey8432 Jul 28 @ 10:37pm 
( add perks through console )
mikey8432 Jul 28 @ 10:36pm 
concidering there's a unlimited enchcantment mod this 1 is'nt that op if you ask me plus you need to use 31 perks to get the most out off it... so unless you cheat & add the perks of you're main skills you plan on using this mod is'nt op at all xD
Ninja de Feu Dec 22, 2014 @ 3:15pm 
can you translate this fantastic mod in french,please ? It isn't because I'm bad in English. It's just because after my PC crash...
Thank in advance
mdchek Oct 20, 2014 @ 10:41am 
I absolutely love this Mod!
30 enchantments per Armor SET (jewelry incl o/c) is just what a "Lifer-dog" (1500+ hours :p) like me needs. WOOOT!! Thanks mate!
Dr. Death Aug 21, 2014 @ 11:30am 
I think you should allow ony 2 enchantments per soul gem, so you need to put more soul gems in based on how many enchantments you are going to put on the item. It would make it less OP.
dono549 Aug 17, 2014 @ 12:13pm 
I only bring it up, because I utilize mods that add monsters with several thousand Health- but I can still one-shot them with a maxed out enchanting and destruction tree.
dono549 Aug 17, 2014 @ 12:10pm 
I am having a conflict between this and another of your mods, 'A hypothetical trechary'. The empowered perks in the destruction tree already over-power enchantments when utilizing the vanilla version (for weapons; the added damage boosts compound if you choose more than one enchantment. As far as I can tell, that mod doesn't affect armor enchantments) adding an even stronger enchanting tree seems too OP. (Again, for weapons only- the boost to skill and phsi-enchantments is much needed.) Is there any way you can work out that 'kink', so to speak?
gamingshiz13 Jul 4, 2014 @ 10:05pm 
Hoooooly crap. So this mod seems a tad bit OP with the 5 enchantments on one item ...
~Ĝ҉ Ǻ҉ Ӎ҉ Ế҉ Ʀ~ May 21, 2014 @ 6:05pm 
I like how you can put perks and what now but it randomly stoped working once i addded points to the perks my enchanting is getting weaker as i put more on the first skill no with 8 out of 10 at lv 100 full normal compleatly done i cant only add like 24 attack to items o.o anyidea wassup?
Viktor Stenger May 11, 2014 @ 2:07pm 
I dont know if this is your mod or wut eva but as soon as I did one more mission while I was level 30 there was such a increase in dificulty. e.g Bandits attacked me and I would be able to one shot them instead they accualy one shot me and I bearly scraped them with my sharp weapon)
One Hell of a Butler Mar 29, 2014 @ 4:07pm 
compatible with necro bow?
ZalrokChaos Mar 8, 2014 @ 2:07pm 
This and your other mods that change the skill tress should be in a collection.
jjb-54 Feb 23, 2014 @ 1:04pm 
Thanks again for making such great mods .. Much Appreciated!!
Gakweigner Jan 9, 2014 @ 1:17pm 
It'd be cool if you could make "cursed items" like in Oblivion that would damage the wearer
TheGreyLight  [author] Dec 25, 2013 @ 4:11am 
I havent tested it, but probbably. Put this one before it :)
Alpha Dec 24, 2013 @ 7:57pm 
Is it possible to use an "infinite enchantments" mod with this?
The Last Resort Dec 4, 2013 @ 6:43pm 
that fixed it, thanks
TheGreyLight  [author] Dec 2, 2013 @ 11:31pm 
Try putting it at the bottom of the LO
The Last Resort Nov 30, 2013 @ 4:34pm 
the extra effect perk didnt change
TheGreyLight  [author] Oct 27, 2013 @ 3:04pm 
Glad you guys like it :)
AJ Oct 27, 2013 @ 11:34am 
Woohoo!!!! thank you.
Leeloo81 Oct 26, 2013 @ 10:42am 
OMG I could hug you. Seriously. This is beyond awesome!
TheGreyLight  [author] Oct 26, 2013 @ 5:08am 
Thats exactly what I strive to achieve.
DBswag Oct 26, 2013 @ 2:26am 
This mod looks bad to the ass.
TheGreyLight  [author] Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:26pm 
You can still use this mod. It will replace the sky_re enchanting tree if you place it lower than it in the load order (and you can still use other things from SkyRe). But I can't 'combine' the two, you need to pick one or the other.
flyons_gary Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:19pm 
wait, is that for ALL your mods?

i am wonderign if the summoning could mamage...
flyons_gary Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:15pm 
TheGreyLight  [author] Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:12pm 
Nope. Sorry :(
flyons_gary Oct 11, 2013 @ 10:08pm 
Is it possible to combine this with sky_re?
TheGreyLight  [author] Oct 9, 2013 @ 4:39pm 
Yeah i know :( Thanks man glad you like it :)
boii Oct 9, 2013 @ 8:25am 
You made a spelling mistake.. you wrote "Death blows to creature sand people" ... SAND PEOPLE... WHERE?! xD Not that big a deal, thanks for this mod, I'm defo gonna use it. :3
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 21, 2013 @ 9:12pm 
Its just the guild masters armour present in the vanilla game. Ill probbably get around to doing that eventually, its on my list :)
Turtwake Sep 21, 2013 @ 8:33pm 
What is that armor in the thumbnail? Ive been looking for a black set of the thieves guild set and cant find one anywhere. I noticed you had one with the Brotherhood handprint on it... but im more of a nightingale... Could you put a white/light grey nightingale symbol on it instead of the bloody handprint? thx! :D
Sneb Sep 15, 2013 @ 1:21pm 
Just what I am looking for!
Something that gives me power, but still offers a challenge in the long run
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 14, 2013 @ 9:57pm 
Yeah you are probbably right, but remeber that to get a lot of power using this mod you have to invest a lot of perk points into the tree. This means you are sacrificing your other skills to advance your enchanting, so that your other skills will be weaker than if you werent investing in enchanting. Overall, I think you will still be stronger, but not as overpowered as it might initially seem :)
Sneb Sep 14, 2013 @ 8:23pm 
Does anyone feel that this gives the player TOO MUCH power?
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 10, 2013 @ 4:18am 
You can get some issues like you described when you have perk points in the tree before hand. What I would suggest to you would be to wipe all the perks in your tree, either using the consol or Herma-Mora or some other method. And then re-add all the perks you had using the console. that should fix any issues. :)
MT Threat Sep 10, 2013 @ 3:45am 
I've had some issues when using this mod. Before I installed the mod I had already reach the top level of 100% increased power for new enchantments. When the mod was installed in reduce this to 60%, after that things got a little strange. Without adding any more perk points I was getting some very high numbers, for example 700+ weapon damage and 500% health regen. Adding perk points reduced these numbers significantly. However, using potions and Ahzidal's Armor increased the numbers as you would expect. I am currently level 80 and have 100 points in enchanting.
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 10, 2013 @ 12:56am 
@NethanielShade Sorry man, I just don't have the time to be going back and redoing past mods :/ Im afriad its this or SkyRe, you will have to choose.

Although, if you loaded this after SkyRe you would get this Enchanting Tree with all the other trees as SkyRe.
[LFG] NethanielShade Sep 9, 2013 @ 7:39pm 
You think instead of completely re-doing the tree, you could make it just add perks so they'll still add onto SkyRe?
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 9, 2013 @ 12:32am 
@Das Wustenfuchs You might be able to run both depending on what other mod you are talking about. I assume it would be one that replaces the 'Extra Effect' perk? If you put that mod after mine in the load order you might be able to have my tree but with that one perk.
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 9, 2013 @ 12:31am 
@NethanielShade Yeah thats true. Its either these or SkyRe im afraid.
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 9, 2013 @ 12:30am 
@thomaseven Thanks man! Probbably not, im not any good at modding quests, it the one thing I don't really know anything about :(
[FgC] Galthor Sep 8, 2013 @ 7:29am 
I almost got this one but I have another mod that lets me have 100 enchantments on 1 item so I'll have to pass unfortunately.
[LFG] NethanielShade Sep 5, 2013 @ 3:07pm 
Yeah I tried this one along with the destruction one and larceny... None of them work with SkyRe (If below SkyRe they completely replace Skyre, if above SkyRe the mods are not notacible in game and therefore useless) Which is sad, since I liked all three. Oh well.
Liltigercub22 Sep 5, 2013 @ 5:21am 
Love your work as well, you think of ever doing your own quest line possibly with most of your dragonborn weapons or armour?
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 4, 2013 @ 10:59pm 
@dragon_2ooo Thankyou!
TheGreyLight  [author] Sep 4, 2013 @ 10:59pm 
@NethanielShade No, sorry! :(
Bobb Sep 4, 2013 @ 4:19pm 
Very good mod.
[LFG] NethanielShade Sep 4, 2013 @ 2:21pm 
Will this be compatible with Skyrim Redone? If so, I'm definitely getting this!