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CastleMiner Z
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Hornmeister Apr 16 @ 7:31pm 
Fuck the guys who made this game. Make something original of your own.
Arcadia Apr 14 @ 6:39am 
Really? This is just basically a really poorly copied game of Minecraft. I bought this on xbox and I regret it like hell. Think of something new that isn't a copy. -.- Don't buy it, if you want a good game play Minecraft which you can get mods like weapons etc. just by downloading Technic Launcher.
IMA ROBOT Apr 13 @ 8:44am 
This game is Minecraft with Guns and VERY crappy graphics.
KRZYCHU Apr 9 @ 12:08pm 
[LŤG]CheesyDance Apr 7 @ 2:39pm 
They need to have a GRAPHICS OPTION FOR HD and textures and sounds. DRIVES ME UP THE WALL! I will by it once they add that in
λΔThe Wisë øL ManΔλ Apr 6 @ 11:36pm 
They See this game rollin they hatin THEY CANT STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE GAME AND ITS QUALITIES!!!!!!!!!!! *background yelling* JEEEEZ!
modrew71 Apr 3 @ 1:28am 
Why the flying f*ck is this peace of garbage available on steam?!
This looks like minecraft with mods, a monkeys must be running the greenlight
Minecraft clone?
Get this shit off the steam store
[FuG-II] Supersonic207 Mar 23 @ 7:51am 
Had a good chunk of time with this on the Xbox till I dumped it. Maybe i'll hit it up again sometime.
-=T.R.G=- Ravash7 Mar 18 @ 5:01pm 
OMG IT'S ON STEAM NOW! I hav ethis game on Xbox, and I LOOOVE IT!
Tōbecume þīn rīċe Mar 17 @ 12:38pm 
wow. i played this game on the Xbox
Mr.KillingSpree Mar 16 @ 9:10am 
Im happy its finnaly on steam.
Insert_original_name_here Mar 15 @ 9:38pm 
Minecraft has something that this game doesn't have: MODS!!!!!!!!
DigitalDNA Games  [author] Mar 15 @ 9:18pm 
Haters gonna hate....
λΔThe Wisë øL ManΔλ Mar 15 @ 9:09pm 
tell me about it digital i stopped even making a conversation with anywone
DigitalDNA Games  [author] Mar 15 @ 7:03pm 
Yawn... This is getting old, the game has been released for over a month, why are we still even talking about this?
Insert_original_name_here Mar 15 @ 5:17pm 
My reaction to this game being released on Steam.
λΔThe Wisë øL ManΔλ Mar 9 @ 2:21pm 
looks like everywones being a pain
Insert_original_name_here Mar 8 @ 2:22pm 
Oh my God, so many idiots saying that this game is fun. A sane person would make something oringinal and use polygons instead of voxels.
MiguelTF Mar 8 @ 8:48am 
Sayver Mar 4 @ 10:54am 
Je l'ai déjà sur Xbox 360 et il est très bon!
xLynnFielDx Mar 3 @ 11:17am 
É um minecraft de Macho FLW VLW
Strange Tamer Mar 2 @ 11:02am 
God damn why was this greenlit this game was so bad on xbox and they wanted more money so they made a shitty port and multiplied the xbox price by 10 just for more money gg m eights
Paulie Feb 27 @ 5:05pm 
Boardroom meeting.
Boardroom hoster: We need a game that can sell many copies, whaddya' got?
Moron 1: GUNS!
Moron 2: Minecraft ripoff?
Sane guy: something new?
*Sane guy thrown out window*
SlamJamSam Feb 25 @ 6:52pm 
Why the fuck was this greenlit I couldn't even take it seriously on the xbox. Minecraft copy cat with extra bullshit
idol Feb 23 @ 2:21pm 
iVoltScopez V2 Feb 22 @ 6:49am 
Oooh, a Minecraft esque title with guns and more players? Sounds like fun!! Minecraft can only bring so much fun with a limited amount of players and derpy weapons.
Kozak Feb 18 @ 8:11pm 
i want a key please
i wish i be safe Feb 17 @ 12:24pm 
make free and i will be happy and some people will happy look make it free and boom people will come more
Jaybensan218 Feb 17 @ 9:04am 
If you all dont like it dont buy it, it is has simple as that, better yet dont come to this page! a lot of us do like this game and im sure there are games you guys play that other dont like, if you are going to complain about how "this is a rip-off" or "it sucks!!" then leave..... unless you have actually played the game for a few hours (i have seen some who just bought the game just to complain about it and doesnt even play it for more then 0.6 hours) please dont scream at the CMZ community
EvilFrost Feb 17 @ 12:46am 
Я токого экшена не видел. Майнкрафт и дей зет это сила
[GVG]Wickednewb Feb 16 @ 6:49am 
Just a reminder to everyone this game was released in 2011 before DayZ and on the Xbox as well before minecraft came out on xbox so people could play a minecraft type game. If you're gonna bitch about this game do so somewhere else. This game is actually really fun and I enjoyed it very much. Give this game a chance people.
Hipster Walrus Feb 15 @ 6:01pm 
My god, another cheesy Minecraft rip-off, I would blow my brains out if it would stop all these rip-offs from being created, don't rip-off Mojang, get original ideas, be original, maybe a School Simulator, be a bully, stop bullying, do work, draw, and draw random shit on your school work xD, and maybe even get detention, fake being sick, escape from detention, be bullied, punch a bully in the face, make random excuses for being late for class, go home, sleep, go back, and maybe even a randomized day each day, like one day you find a 6th grader being picked on by 3 8th graders, you have the ability to stop them from tormenting the kid, then somebody wants to be the class clown, and he/she triple waxes the floor where the teacher stands, for a "trippy" effect, get it? He'll trip? Gah fuck it...
Insert_original_name_here Feb 15 @ 4:02pm 
@Weirdguy13 The hell's wrong with you?
jmdavid75 Feb 15 @ 8:54am 
whats wrong whith playing minecraft

carisatian Feb 14 @ 1:41am 
+TheCreeper13QC no me too
TheCreeper13QC Feb 13 @ 3:44pm 
am i the only one who like this game?
Hidetora Feb 13 @ 6:56am 
Weirdguy13 Feb 13 @ 6:11am 
this is way better than Minecraft!
stupid Minecraft fanboys
Smochee Feb 9 @ 12:11pm 
why did i vote for this
Insert_original_name_here Feb 8 @ 12:50pm 
I don't know how the hell this game got Greenlit, then released on the store.
{SF} ALLCAPSKING Feb 7 @ 1:12pm 
How come all of the terrible games I keep seeing where people want refunds always have a Z in the end?
_Wayf Feb 7 @ 1:11pm 
"Hey, I can't think of any new ideas for a game. Why don't we just take Minecraft and mash it wish Day Z without any of our own original ideas?"

Paulie Feb 7 @ 12:04pm 
looks like a horribly blatant ripoff of minecraft that just said "Fuckit lets put zombies and guns in there because we're unimaginative and we just want money"
kirbk11 Feb 7 @ 12:32am 
Man this game sucks
Slenderbot Feb 6 @ 2:21pm 
VALVE NEEDS TO REFUND EVERYONE AND TAKE THIS GAME ELSE WHERE!The creaters are jokes and this game is trash
Drspaceman667 Feb 6 @ 11:29am 
A_Tasty_Timbit Feb 6 @ 9:32am 
(part4) I could go on and on about how this game is just so god-awful, but I would end up wrighting a Damn best seller. In total. If you want minecraft with guns. Go buy minecraft and get a gun mod out of the millions of mods made for the damn game. Or if you want a good "Minecraft/DayZ" mix. Get rust (which by the way is still in Alpha and is still better than a full released game). Not this sad pile of exuse.