Apex Werewolf
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Miccony Aug 25 @ 5:22am 
this is so cool
SpactulaSam Aug 22 @ 10:37am 
This mod makes the werewolf look more bad ass
EXdevil Aug 17 @ 3:21am 
nice mod BUT needs one thing, the werewolf on the loadingscreen isnt changed, it's the defaulth one, can you change that?
♥Alma Wade♥ Aug 14 @ 6:43am 
very nice mod
Blasfèm Aug 11 @ 4:19pm 
Compatible with moolight tales ?
Temple313 Aug 6 @ 6:40pm 
great work on the eyes freaky but cool
epichalestorm Aug 5 @ 4:56pm 
I'm wondering if you would wanta so a female version, nothing pervy, and still very much terrifying, but a bit more slender and elegant?
epichalestorm Aug 3 @ 11:17pm 
majestic and elegant yet terrifying and hairy. Wins my seal of approval
Angry Porto Aug 3 @ 9:25am 
Great mod, makes me feel unique and more beastly. *thumbs up*
Insanity Pug Aug 2 @ 6:53pm 
I guess I probably should have thought before posting that comment. Sorry.
Satyr  [author] Aug 2 @ 1:25am 
@ Insanity Pug They don't turn into human either, nor walk upright on their hind leg, nor have oposable thumbs, hell i pretty sure you don't need silver to kill them....
Insanity Pug Aug 1 @ 10:25pm 
Great mod, but actual wolves don't have dewclaws on their hind legs. Or beards.
Temple313 Jul 27 @ 2:03pm 
sweet mod you should make more
aurorable1 Jul 25 @ 6:59pm 
Great mod!
WolfieE3 Jul 25 @ 5:52pm 
Really good work dude but needs more hair it looks like a shaved rat but other than that keep up the work dude this mod is Fucking Awesome :D
[NK] Gigan3001 Jul 25 @ 2:13pm 
Does this only replace the player's werewolf or all the werewolves?
[NK] Gigan3001 Jul 25 @ 1:22pm 
Does this the player werewolf and npc werewolves?
The opposite of a smurf. :( Jul 25 @ 4:29am 
i wuv this werewolf c:
[TT][2S] Lucy Jul 22 @ 9:02am 
DragãoTK3 Jul 20 @ 6:49pm 
make a white version pleeeease and a without four version pleeeeeaseeee
antonetti1522 Jul 18 @ 8:33pm 
Is there a way to make this compatable with the ring of hircine?
Ethan Weigand Jul 16 @ 9:53am 
Does it replace NPCs?
Not working

y2l Jul 11 @ 6:50pm 
Add a version without fur
j.kloke Jul 10 @ 8:50am 
it looks really cool
Ben Jul 6 @ 12:43pm 
add more fur to it
Bluemoondragonninja Jul 5 @ 8:34pm 
That is the most scariest, most badass, and awesome werewolf Ive ever seen no werewolf can match this one thats why its got its name.
Sonic The WereHog Jul 5 @ 3:25pm 
do u get a ring with the mod?
Dr.Killtime Jul 3 @ 1:00am 
When I turned in to a werewolf i was transperent
mighty johna cy Jul 2 @ 5:08pm 
does a werewolf have swag? or is it something else? eh fuck it,swag
M3rtak11 Jul 2 @ 4:45am 
needs more dirt. the model is too clean looking
BlackSidra Jul 1 @ 9:28am 
.............. BEAUTIFUL!!!
3teng Jun 24 @ 5:59am 
wow Satyr, u really made very good mods detail. Keep it up.
msandine Jun 22 @ 2:50pm 
You make some awesome mods!
^4|EvolvE| ^5CHANC3 Jun 16 @ 5:58pm 
the mod isnt working and i keep reloading the game and the mod wht do i do
Ǥuardiaƞ Jun 16 @ 5:09pm 
Best mod ever man.
KINGOFNEWBS May 31 @ 9:57am 
this guy is mod god!
[Agoge] VladTheImpaler May 28 @ 9:03am 
I think is just perfect please dont add/remove anything, loved werewolfs since my first werewolf movie. This is just a most amazing work thank you.
Also like chris said, anyway you can make it so you are the only one that looks so good?
chris15h1993 May 13 @ 3:27pm 
just wondering is there a way you could make it so that you are the only apex rather than every werewolf in the game if not thats cool and if you come out with a version thats like that hit me up
Mr. Blue Sky May 3 @ 9:39am 
This combined with natural werewolf spawning makes skyrim a terrifying place to be.
Sir Chair May 3 @ 1:52am 
Add some more hair to these models and this mod will be the ultimate perfection of Werewovles!!! :D
Hawk-Blood Apr 25 @ 1:50pm 
This is pretty damn cool but I feel like it could use more hair on it, there a chance you could use this model but just add more hair to it?
={W.P.G.M}= spencinator1 Apr 17 @ 5:38pm 
its hard to see at night but i still like it
LordOfLemons Apr 15 @ 10:29am 
Wow this is awesome thank you Satyr
angeloma000 Apr 14 @ 5:48pm 
Is this compatible wiith moonlight tales?
gazn1 Apr 14 @ 3:46pm 
great mod, just one problem when turning back it does that white fade thing to warn you your turning back but soon as it does it for a split second your back in human form. there anyway you could extend it like the original werewolf form so we have warning we are turning back.
The opposite of a smurf. :( Apr 14 @ 12:46pm 
God damn awesome, Good job!
Tycer Apr 11 @ 8:49pm 
bosscraft325 Apr 11 @ 10:57am 
3 words Bigger, Stronger, Scarier!
M3rtak11 Apr 2 @ 5:39pm 
sorry my thumb keeps sliding