Pokemon Moves for Skyrim
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XenoMorph Oct 17 @ 1:36am 
(Add Volt tackle Or Hpynois)
Wolf of Thunder Oct 13 @ 4:43pm 
Please add Attract!
fytogili Oct 9 @ 8:44am 
well fuck my life it doesnt work.. the cocksucking shop keeper bitch with the beard and shit is creepy and i cant talk to her except the NEED SOMETHING bullshit.. the other guy who thinks this is street fighter called clerk doent work either rather than that stupid NEED SOMETHING bullshit.... why is it doing that... and that dumb dungeonn is fucking locked???? really? yeah thanx a lot
i talk to him and all he says is "need something?"
Alex Mayhem Sep 22 @ 8:24pm 
This needs phsycic
juniper5334 Sep 8 @ 6:07pm 
@chaldomatt its near the whiterun stables check your map its on it
juniper5334 Sep 8 @ 3:55pm 
finaly my dream of becoming a pokemon master is within my grasp
ChaldoMatt Aug 28 @ 4:50pm 
how do i get to the shop
That Moogle Aug 26 @ 5:26pm 
I went into the shop and the clerk wont enter dialogue (he's standing in a fighting pose but not actually in combat. pacify didnt work)
(spyers) mljola9 Aug 23 @ 9:59pm 
so is there a way to get it?
Lelouch vi Britannia Aug 23 @ 6:52am 
Psychic,Hypnosis, shadow ball, protect, agility,swordsdance, double team, mega punch (replacing normal fists), bounce, synthesis, recover, volt tackle
LeaderOfTheIlluminati Aug 21 @ 6:59pm 
sonnytwhitehouse Aug 21 @ 10:23am 
flame wheel
leo_mercerwilson Aug 9 @ 3:29am 
how to i use it
Coolguy2025 Aug 8 @ 7:34pm 
Maybe Inferno,Dig,Scratch,Moonblast And Toxic
tprlaurie Aug 6 @ 4:10pm 
growl string shot sand attack screech harden defense curl?
Spartan55874 Aug 5 @ 3:30pm 
dragon pulse, fire blast, hydro pump, thunder, dig, fly, ice fire and thunder punches, seismic toss, strength (move or throw boulders would be fun ^_^), body slam, rollout
Ironwolf4580 Aug 4 @ 5:05pm 
HM Fly so we can,well,fly
All i ask for, oblivion wing.
Rambo Jul 30 @ 11:08am 
how about Mean Look and Lick c:
lemon Jul 26 @ 3:07pm 
Lets Just Put in Mega Punch, Focus Punch, & Blast Burn. =3
sumomo Jul 24 @ 6:38pm 
lets have volt takle
godsglorygirl Jul 20 @ 7:00pm 
Can't talk to him
Sweetheart Four Jul 20 @ 4:55pm 
Dragonborn Jul 20 @ 11:14am 
Hmm, there's a door at the back of the dungeon that requires a key. Where is this key?
android4eva82 Jul 6 @ 5:15pm 
what about substitute?
gargleandblubber Jul 3 @ 3:07pm 
where is the pokemart
Wolf [AUG] [Command_Block] Jul 3 @ 1:26pm 
When i go in the pokemart and try to shop the guy just says what do you want, and nothing comes up???
NicsterTheB Jun 30 @ 2:50pm 
what pokemart ?

Vermin Supreme Jun 30 @ 10:29am 
You should add dragon rage, twister, Dragon Pulse, etc (Add dragon moves).
jerryds Jun 29 @ 5:11am 
DJSuperGenius  [author] Jun 27 @ 4:35pm 
I have another mod full of several pokemon you can check out!
jerryds Jun 27 @ 10:16am 
The Crate Wizard Jun 10 @ 7:48pm 
Also perish sing :b
The Crate Wizard Jun 10 @ 7:48pm 
Can we not forget judgement?
add tickle XD just bacuse
tommyten May 22 @ 12:13pm 
TheAlpha May 20 @ 3:09pm 
It wont let me go into dialogue with the Clerk
Deika the Samurott May 18 @ 11:22am 
read the discussion
Xaxarux May 18 @ 8:05am 
can't buy anything from clerk
LlamaLord May 13 @ 12:46pm 
Add Aura Sphere. Imagine it as a blue orb that you create in your hands then shoot at your enemies. 190 damage and it explodes in a blue-ish fashion.
the biggo bomb May 11 @ 4:33pm 
Bobbman May 2 @ 1:12am 
please add aura sphere it would be so good
newt235 Apr 28 @ 7:20pm 
clerk broken
RustedCutlass717 Apr 26 @ 9:47pm 
Charge Beam, Solar Beam, Ice Beam, and Psy Beam need to be on here........
Zeknanh47:hitman Apr 26 @ 8:28am 
hydro pump and leaf storm
Okamura Clan Apr 16 @ 2:22am 
onced this comes from a spawnable pokemon like creature, then i'll be impressed!! lol, right now its taking fire and saying, ''look, I'm Charazard!!!'' LOL
Jackle Mar 30 @ 7:57am 
its no where on my map
flamingrubys Mar 29 @ 8:27am 
guys go to the dungeon in the pokemart complete it and ull get most of the tms
flamingrubys Mar 29 @ 8:04am 
or good day