Armored Tails - Khajiit Legionnaire Detachment (3.0)
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Deadlyze Jul 25 @ 2:43pm 
Awesome! Khajiits are my favorite race.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jun 24 @ 12:51pm 
Sorry. I didn't mean to sound so brusque. But after having mods on the Workshop for a while, it gets difficult to tell who's just teasing and who's being an idiot. And, trust me, there are a lot of idiots out there. I'm glad you're enjoying the mod and backstory!
Rice Burner Jun 24 @ 12:50pm 
lol im just teasing. the mods great, cat followers and all. plus each of them have a back story making it more immersive.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jun 24 @ 12:46pm 
@Rice Burner - Nope. And nowhere did I claim there were. The title is meant to be a nickname, just like "Cats in Crimson." I even have a section in the description called "What this Mod Adds" where I list, surprise, everything the mod adds. If you do not want to read the description where I make it clear as day what the mod adds, then it's on you.

Enjoy the mod, or I hope you find what you're looking for elsewhere!
Rice Burner Jun 24 @ 12:36pm 
wait a minute...there arent actually any armored tails.
sav1120 Jun 23 @ 3:34pm 
my name in rl is savannah!and all my skyrim charaters are khajiits
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jun 18 @ 7:41pm 
@jboles2015 - There is a huge stretch between making custom followers and custom meshes and textures. As much as I would love to have Khajiiti style armor (like the ones in ESO) in Skyrim, I lack the experience, skills, and software to do so.
jboles2015 Jun 18 @ 5:51pm 
it should look like it's from elswyr
jboles2015 Jun 18 @ 5:49pm 
how about an armor mod specifically for khajiit?
alfredjgarcia333 Jun 7 @ 3:26am 
looks awesome and i read it all and just love it i am a cat person and well by using it love the back story
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] May 6 @ 6:17pm 
@lhetzel - It was a project a friend and I worked on together.

That link leads to the artwork page of that one, which has links to the other two posters and a video showing how I made one of them.
lhetzel May 6 @ 5:22pm 
WHAT THE GRAC!!!! Where and how did you get that poster!?!?!?!.
tmesser23 Apr 1 @ 2:53pm 
and msg me if you make it
tmesser23 Apr 1 @ 2:53pm 
SHADOW THE KHAJIIT make him L 81 and deadric w and a PLZZZZ
FUS-RO-BROFIST! Mar 23 @ 10:33am 
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Mar 23 @ 10:20am 
This mod does add some (or, a lot) in-game. Some of the male Cats in Crimson have them in their inventories. There's also a large pile inside Castle Dour.

If you want a real one, I have a photobucket page full of some of my projects that you can check out here:

You can pick your favorite and print it out.
FUS-RO-BROFIST! Mar 23 @ 10:10am 
i wish i had that poster thow. #weaow
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Mar 22 @ 6:53pm 
They should all be inside the temple of Kynareth in Whiterun. They'll be wearing civilian clothes at first. Since there aren't any other Khajiit in Whiterun by default, they should be easy to spot. Make certain you are subscribed to my mod and that it is active in your mod list.
Bob the Sollybird Mar 22 @ 6:18pm 
Where are they located i can't seem to find them
FUS-RO-BROFIST! Mar 20 @ 6:16pm 
Im a stormy miyself but khajiit F***ING RULE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Lunar_mando Mar 9 @ 4:18pm 
great video : ) i really like the idea of this mod; favourited and rated
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Feb 26 @ 6:12pm 
No, nevermind. I was thinking of a different mod that has an explanation in there. That's my bad. I tried to delete that comment since Steam doesn't let us edit our comments. Apparently it didn't work.
dylank650 Feb 26 @ 6:06pm 
Oh sorry i skipped over a few parts in the disciption.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Feb 26 @ 5:45pm 
*sigh* Yes, that is quite obvious. If you had read the entire description you would have seen that. I cannot give them Khajiit voices as there is no follower or marriage dialogue for female Khajiit and there is no marriage dialogue for male Khajiit. There is also only one male Khajiit voice and one female Khajiit voice. It would be quite boring for all of them to have the same voice.
dylank650 Feb 26 @ 5:41pm 
The voices are not khajiit.
Jaws12413 Feb 9 @ 9:45am 
ok I can wait, I like the backstory
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Feb 8 @ 9:56pm 
That's up to you. It's your request. Sorry I haven't really had a chance to work on it. I've had a lot on my plate the past few days. I'll try to squeeze in some CK time in the next couple days. I'll let you know when I've made progress.
Jaws12413 Feb 8 @ 9:27pm 
Is the backstory good?
Jaws12413 Feb 8 @ 9:18am 
Here's the story about the two
Josh Ji'Zarl was a adventure who been to many place's but he tends to get into trouble at times but one incident changed his life were he killed a thalmor women Husban, but it was a accident but she and other thalmor say it was murder. So after some time the dark elf sends a assasin to kill Josh. that assasin is Lea, she went to kill josh but the divines had other plans and soon the two got married in secrecy
(anything eles?)
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Feb 8 @ 8:08am 
Only if you want.
Jaws12413 Feb 8 @ 8:01am 
true, ok.
should I add a backstory for them?
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Feb 8 @ 7:43am 
I'm not so sure about the weapon enchantments. I can give them lower-level weapons and then you can just create your own for them in-game. Might be for the best anyway so that they're not so over-powered for other people who might be interested in the mod.
Jaws12413 Feb 8 @ 7:30am 
They are Follower's, There names are Josh Ji'Zarl and Lea Ji'Zarl, Josh Ji'Zarl is a medium gray khajiit with brown hair with the three pony tails and Lea Ji'Zarl is a medium tan Khaiit with long black hair, Josh wears Steel armor without the helmet, he has a steel sword that has a 50% chance on a instant kill and a steel dagger of fire. Now Lea wears the dark brotherhood armor without the hood, She has a Daedric dagger of Sithis (that kills in a instant) and a Daedric Bow that can paralyz enimes. They can be found at Riverwood in the sleeping giant inn. They both have the ring of matrimony. Anything eles?
☭★ImmaBird☭★ Feb 7 @ 8:50pm 
if i wanna make a khajit wife i make her myself . :3
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Feb 7 @ 8:30pm 
Well, I need a few more details than that. Are they both followers, or merchants, or trainers? What do they look like? What are their names, gear, and other details? Where should they be located?
Jaws12413 Feb 7 @ 8:14pm 
Can you make two khajiits for me? A husban and wife?
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Feb 7 @ 7:43pm 
What is your request?
Jaws12413 Feb 7 @ 3:30pm 
Can I ask for e request?
☭★ImmaBird☭★ Jan 28 @ 7:18pm 
Twilight i just made a dark elf follower mod i can make a khajit one but i dont know how to publish
Twilight Princess Jan 18 @ 9:04am 
this come in stormcloak? ;)
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jan 13 @ 8:42pm 
Also, there are no sabre-toothed tiger forms of Khajiit. What you are thinking of are Senches and Senche-rahts. They are tiger-like, but they are supposedly not sabre-tooth. I cannot remember the exact phases ja-Kha'jay they are born by, but I know that Senche-rahts are 50 times the weight of an Altmer and twice as tall. Both Senches and Alfiq (the "house cat" variant of Khajiit) are unable to speak, however they can understand language and are as intelligent as a humanoid Khajiit such as an Ohmes.

As one last note I forgot before, the Mane is specifically born when both Jode and Jone (that's Masser and Secunda for those not versed in Khajiiti culture and Ta'agra'iss) are aligned perfectly.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jan 13 @ 8:17pm 
*continuing from below*

Whenever a Mane dies a new one is born and it is believed that each Mane is a reincarnation of those past. In old times, all the Khajiit would shed their Manes and he would wear them. Now, with a larger population, he only wears the manes of his personal guard, but many Khajiit still shave their locks and throw them away as tradition. The manes of his personal guard make him so heavy he cannot move on his own and must be carried with the help of Senches and other larger Khajiit variants.

I have no idea what he has to do with this.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jan 13 @ 8:17pm 
Yes, I realize that. I don't see how that changes anything. There are 7 Khajiits here. How is it impossible for 7 Khajiits to be born as the same form in the province of Cyrodiil and then join the Legion? 7! Just 7!

Also, I know well about the Mane. He was the leader of the Elsweyr Confederacy until it was split into the kingdoms of Anequinas and Pelletine by the Thalmor. Now he has far less control thanks to the separation and the growing power of the local clan mothers.
*continued above*
☭★ImmaBird☭★ Jan 13 @ 7:23pm 
also theres a kahjit that can be born ONCE A LIFETIME and is like teh dragonborn he has amny responsibilitys and to keep balance to the 2 nations elsweyr has he usesd to have to handle16
☭★ImmaBird☭★ Jan 13 @ 7:21pm 
Kl you do realised there are 20 kinds of khajit even one that ones that llook like sabre tooth tigers it seems unlikely for tyhe moon to choose thes khajits born in cyrodill the basic look of a every day one theres even a khajit that looks like a imperial the wisest kahajits are ones that arent housecats but look like one there really stealthy SO NO EXCUSEXS! :3
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jan 13 @ 6:41pm 
No, but there may be mods out there for it. But you said you weren't into follower mods, so I figured that would be more for your tastes.
D. Idaho Jan 13 @ 6:39pm 
You can command soldiers in Skyrim? I never really explored the side-main quest lines.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jan 13 @ 6:21pm 
Well, it's not a follower mod. It changes the Legionnaire NPC's you meet in the camps and during the fort assaults. It doesn't add any new followers. I could have done that, but I felt it might have overextended the mod.
D. Idaho Jan 13 @ 6:20pm 
Hmm, if I were into follower mods, I would check it out. At least I know where to look now. Thanks.
[KNoSC] DerAlleinTiger  [author] Jan 13 @ 6:15pm 
That's what my We Are Legion mod is about. It changes the base pool of Legionnaires to include all races and both genders. As for followers, I'm just not good at creating anything but Khajiit. That's all I play as so I must admit that I am a bit biased, and it makes it easier for me to create unique followers with backgrounds. I just can't make good characters with the other races. They're just too boring and... same-y.