Lakeview Manor Town And Fort Felglade
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Llathrum Dec 4 @ 7:37am 
I would remove any MOD that has a direct ineraction with another MOD This MOD sounds like fun :)
Devilboy101 Dec 3 @ 4:11pm 
ok.. question.. i have a current mod to the manor that allows the building of walls around your estate and hire falkreath guards.. will this mod effect this one or do i have to start a new?
jaderive Nov 26 @ 12:20am 
Hi, to anyone reading this, something I noticed last couple of days as I had made lydia steward, the optioon to get rid of the alter down below was there, which struck me as strange, thinking ok the town shouldve tanken over that spot, since you cant see it from the back of your finished built home, I ran down thru the town and out thru furthest gate, and lo an behold there was the alter poking out from the mountainside half in n half out ish, lolol and the mage waS there n all balancing on a rock telling Me to back off lols ....
jaderive Nov 20 @ 5:29pm 
Hi Back again one of images reminded me, but you have a garden or pen area right in front of gate upon entry, I would like to suggest, still the pend / garden there, but just have it fenced into 2 seperate area with pathway going thru still from the gate, and still have pen and or gargen on each side , just saying other than and the graphic thi8ng mentioned earlier, it a great mod
jaderive Nov 17 @ 8:15pm 
Sry about the way I posted, but you only have a 1000k charectar length for post, and I just wanted to mention my thought and finiding on this terrific mod , favourited, thumbs up, and added to collection
jaderive Nov 17 @ 8:14pm 
Hi firstly I just have to say I love the Authors version of riften for lakeveiw manor, I was actually looking for a mod for 1-2 of the wings before i built them and discovered this town , You can quite a lot of time patience and effort has greatly gone into this, Love it
OK I'm going to mention some things I've found with this mod, firstly I had pre built some of the exterior of my home, no problems there and a stable , of which the towns stable went in on top, but looks way my comfy and weather protecting for my horse, Upon exploring the town and meeting the people, loved the inclusion of a khjaiit camp mixed khjiit n lizard, .
jaderive Nov 17 @ 8:13pm 
1 possibly graphic thing, a blasted elder dragon attacked my town 15 minutes of exploring , where I used bend will, went for a ride to get it away from the town, ( now here's the terrible part) the dragon flew thru land mountain , water, till all I had was a pale blue screen with sound still going in the background, re emerged out in the snowy mountainside area. pressed E to land, 2 minuted later that same dragon went back and attacked my town again killing several npc in the town =( ( used console "resurrect" ) brought them all to life, and ran around to as many I could find using console command to make them essential,
jaderive Nov 17 @ 8:13pm 
I know there's a mod to make all npc's essential, but some quest scripting needs for them to actually die to proceed, I really love this , Sorry about the long post, but just wanted to include all my findings and thoughts on this mods everything is all great and working , just that one graphics thing with dragon was the only downside for me ,
ChAoTic_MaYhEm Nov 16 @ 12:45pm 


you do realize there is a mod for that EXACT description of your comment? you just clearly made yourself an idiot on the comment section of this mod
kyezofdesire Sep 27 @ 5:16am 
I tried the one with people but they all tried to kill me... was day time time so if they was vamps have day ring or somethinn had to get the one no people now no clue how to fill town. if someone could help with that would be awesome :)
strec14 Sep 7 @ 8:43am 
my family and the animals were stuck on the bridge (bug) dont know if other people are having this issue
Navaara6 Aug 21 @ 3:54am 
However, I do have a problem. I can't seem to move my family here. I only have a husband
Navaara6 Aug 21 @ 2:03am 
Wow, dude calm down. You know how hard it us to create a mod this big?
Aug 13 @ 2:57am 
i think this mod would be better if it was just the fort and some bodygaurds it would be much better apart from that IT FUCKING SUCKS
EagleWolfe Aug 8 @ 12:44am 
Got rid of it after the ENTIRE town attacked me for NO REASON the first time I went into it to look around. NOT a good Mod !!!
Fafnir <3 Jul 18 @ 1:40am 
NPC attacks me, even if i do nothing >.<
Mikonow Jul 11 @ 8:11am 
I didn't want to do that, but I killed the two wolf on the archimage room...
When I reloaded the game, they were no longer there. ;___________; I don't know what to do.
(And I have two levels of grass (there floating), I don"t know how to erase them...)
→ i just have SkyUi mod, SKSE, Inconvenient Horses, and the bandoliers and bardes stuff... just this mod.
Wolf(TechFreak) Jul 3 @ 4:41pm 
The ground around the town has become quite glitchy as well as around the house, and some of the gates are stuck open and wont close... This is a really good mod and i love having the home be defended (i have the extra encounters mod) because random people would show up and start attacking my family.
jeffreybaum2000 Jun 30 @ 1:03pm 
pls finish it :)
SapphireDragonDX Jun 24 @ 12:23am 
Wait, I just discovered another issue! When you leave your manor, the game crashes. When you select the door to leave, the screen will fade like normal, but then freezes before it completely fades to back. Please fix this issue!
SapphireDragonDX Jun 23 @ 10:56pm 
I'm really liking this mod quite a bit. The only issues I have with it are as follows:

1) The framerate drops quite a bit when around the area of the town, the docks, and your own manor. I'm sure this is not a problem with my PC, as it has a pretty beefy graphics card and such.

2) At the docks, there is a section of the lake it's on where a huge chunk of the water's surface is missing. While I can still swim in it, the graphic of the surface of the water is gone.

Hope these little issues get fixed. It is still a nice mod!
cbhicks1 Jun 21 @ 9:13pm 
is this mod still being worked on just asking coz the people have no script
Antresolka Jun 16 @ 1:19pm 
This mod is great, its more than I expected. But, i have a little problem with town...why there is a FLYING grass? :D Its really annoying. And it will be cool, if there will be more mages and something like training center, where my character can learn some things - not only with fight, maybe some magic things, or pickpocketing? Oh, and with lumber - can u make a npc where i can buy wood for house? If there is one - sorry, i just cant find this guy.
And again - its a GREAT mod, congratulation. No lags, no problems - only with this annoying grass :D
Ans sorry for my english, I know its terrible :)
adam.fradley Apr 21 @ 8:57am 
do you have to start a new story
Grindor Apr 1 @ 3:19pm 
Nice joke pal, this mod completely trashed my game. It won't even run any more.
Henricus Mar 29 @ 3:37pm 
Dude please fix the constant framerate drop when you look at the town I go from 60 fps to 14 just when looking at the general derection of the village oh yea and the fucking giants My PC is a pure beast so I dont see a reason why this mod keeps either crashing my game or drop my framerate.
Im runing just this mod so I dont see why is this happening
mynds.i Mar 29 @ 11:49am 
I LOVE this mod. It adds so much beauty and allows the Dragonborn to be productive, as well (because the Dragonborn, among all things, is a farmer). Is there a certain load order? It feels choppy as I walk through my beautiful new town (& the Dragonborn just isn't very patient!)
BlackJack1945 Mar 23 @ 12:23pm 
DO i really need that nexus mod?
BlackJack1945 Mar 23 @ 12:12pm 
is downloading from nexus really important?
I mean it tells you to pay and all
wyrward Mar 5 @ 8:18pm 
You did a great job, and anyone who does them is a champ. I been looking for a village mod. I have one that was up the road but removed it to see how this one looked. The village has a lot of detail and almost to much I got lost in the village and lose the road that run along the lake So if you could move a few things and restore the road it would make it more like a fortified town. The only blocked path is the one to pineview. There is a nice garden blocking what looks like a gate out lakemanor wagon has no place to go :D
madus90 Mar 5 @ 2:38pm 
Nice mod!, would it be possible to make a function that would give the player an option to choose what type of armor the guards will use? and if it works, what restrictions would then occur? would there be a way to make them wear other ppls armor mods or does it have to be the games own armorsets?
Sassy Feb 21 @ 8:56am 
Everytime I try to load this up I get an instant CTD as soon as I approch it. :( I really like the idea, especially after killing my 9th Giant while he was stomping around trying to kill my kids! <sighs> It looks so safe... guess it's back to Proudspire... at least they are safe there! It looked nice though :) I can give ya that feedback... you know... from what little I saw for a brief instant! Any ideas? Thoughts? Fixes? Condolences? LOL Ah wells! :D Ciao!
CreatorM Feb 19 @ 9:52am 
I really like the city. Could use some more people and shop owners at the market. Ilove the Lakeview Manor on the hill, so making the village more lively would be great!
Ginji Feb 15 @ 2:38pm 
I would not reccomend using this if you like being able to.. Y'know.... GET AROUND?!!? too big for me, and I don't like it.
fatspr1nkle Feb 8 @ 12:23pm 
also at the front entrance, i always open the gate to the farm fence, you should really open that up...ITS SO ANNOYING!!!!
fatspr1nkle Feb 8 @ 11:42am 
wow great mod! you really should be able to become jarl thats a great idea. It will add a great feel to the game and it will also boost this to the top mods chart being the only mod with that ability...but one problem, i cant seem to find any quest :/
Ziplok7 Feb 4 @ 3:29pm 
The only thing I would want changed about this mod is for there to be more walls by the manor, overlooking the pool with the mudcrabs in it. I like this mod and I want to see it do well so if I have any more suggestions/tips I will be sure to post them on here. Also, i figured out that the unused house from my last comment was part of a different mod, sorry. : )
Ziplok7 Feb 2 @ 12:11pm 
-there is an unused house clipping into the southern most wall just outside the manor entrence.
-posibly make it its own city/town like one of the hold capitals to reduce lag.
-the dock almost goes all the way across the lake, posibly move it back so that the view of the lake is obstructed/ruined.
-otherwise, a fantastic mod, definetly one of the best mods Ive ever seen! 5 stars
kresener Jan 18 @ 3:35pm 
can you add kids?
Roccorocks5 Jan 18 @ 10:12am 
do you have to build the rest of the town also
Xim Jan 17 @ 9:36am 
Very well made and nicely done, But might I suggest (since Lakeview Manor is at the highest point) making a way for you to become the Jarl of Felglade and somehow implementing a throne into the house. I am honestly just looking for a mod that will let me control my own city like a Jarl. But very nice work sir!
micwopjoe Jan 2 @ 4:03pm 
sbsmith... your wife is living with me.... lol
sbsmith00 Dec 12, 2013 @ 1:47pm 
ever sense i subscribed to this mod my wife will no longer move into my house shes says she will but never comes
sbsmith00 Dec 11, 2013 @ 4:14pm 
you should make it where you can become jarl and people adress u as such
sbsmith00 Dec 9, 2013 @ 6:06pm 
when is the rest of the installments coming....i love this mod...good work
vinmogas76 Dec 9, 2013 @ 11:21am 
? i subscribed to this mod using a fresh new game lvl 1 when i became of lvl to get the letter from the jarl and build my house i did so and as i ran out of lumber i when to buy some but..... no one will sell me any. The npc's at the lumbermill in this mod's town, Faulkreth nor the mill to the west owned by the vampire have any dialog giving me the option to purchase lumber just curious as to what i can do to fix this. I have deleted the saves from this fresh start game and started a new game again fresh with this mod clicked off so as not to load and the same issue.
johnsonchrismj89 Nov 30, 2013 @ 4:23pm 
im not able to download that file from the nexus i keep getting error messages and it wont allow me to sign into the mods section
Gunbunny Nov 29, 2013 @ 12:06pm 
Gunbunny Nov 29, 2013 @ 12:05pm 
as soon as i traveleed to lakeview manor to go ot the town , about 20 dead dragons appeared on top of me :/ can u also fix the problem where guards follow me around asking me questions like "hi,what do you need?"
Cajun Knight Nov 15, 2013 @ 8:29pm 
Uhg, When I have it installed it freezes after a minute of being near the town, When I uninstall it the game crashes to desktop when I get near the area it used to be.