Weapon Script Pack
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LoadedAK47  [author] Nov 12 @ 5:16pm 
Glad you enjoy the mod and no problem.
GreyDawn25 Nov 11 @ 6:52pm 
Awesome mod, I especially appreciate the thorough instructions :)

Ok then
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 22 @ 10:06am 
l4d06 Oct 21 @ 5:09pm 
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 21 @ 4:58pm 
Yeah pretty random.
No, saw Green block's comments... I don't get it.
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 21 @ 4:22pm 
Did you find something?
l4d06 Oct 10 @ 5:07pm 
l4d06 Oct 10 @ 5:07pm 
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 10 @ 4:46pm 
Do you need help with something?
l4d06 Oct 10 @ 4:32pm 
stop talking now:/
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 10 @ 3:46pm 
You typed "...". As far as I'm concerned that can mean anything. So, I responded with "...".
l4d06 Oct 10 @ 3:03pm 
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 10 @ 9:23am 
l4d06 Oct 10 @ 6:14am 
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 9 @ 10:17pm 
You don't want it to work?
zombie land 64 Oct 9 @ 9:07pm 
its dose work :(
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 8 @ 7:16am 
lol, what exactly doesn't worl? Did you follow the guides in the discussion section? Are the scripts not activated? Are you noticing no difference? Your still not being specific.
l4d06 Oct 7 @ 3:22pm 
your mod.-.
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 7 @ 2:14pm 
What doesn't work? You computer? Your game? My Mod? You need to be more specific. Did you follow the guides in the discussion section?
l4d06 Oct 7 @ 1:24pm 
dont work:/
Yep, while he is doing that, people are making games using the source engine.... Valve Time is special time.
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 5 @ 9:28am 
Ah shit, oh no that games is going to come out in 20 years not 10. I guess he still learning how to count to 3. lol.
I know, lol. I obviously did not take offense to that as well. I was making fun of them. But we are both screwed anyway because gabe might be offended and will delay hl3 as we speak. So yeah.
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 3 @ 7:54pm 
Lol, I was joking. Honestly I don't really believe Valve is making games on a large scale anymore (HL3). They make their money on steam now... but yeah, i believed they did. I wonder though if the cvar was completely removed. The AMMO_TYPE_PISTOL_MAGNUM still has function. And its cvar, I think it was ammo_pistol_magnum_max (previously), was -2 (infinite ammo). If someone knew what that cvar was by chance I can test it... If you took offense to my response, I hope you didn't, sorry I meant it as a joke. You obviously don't work for Valve. Or do you! jk.
If I worked for valve, I would not even help, I be busy working on a game that has not even been talked about for like more then 3 years. To be honest, I think valve actually has a cvar but it got removed, like the ammo_pistol_magnum cvar.
LoadedAK47  [author] Oct 3 @ 5:48pm 
I know, I can't find any cvars. They have ammo_turret_tank_damage and cvars of the like. But no matter what I change the values to it doesn't do anything. I'm not sure how the wiki people determined it does 50 damage. The cvars don't have those values. No need to apologize. Unless you were the Valve employ who came up with this “great” idea.
For your Browning problem, there is only like a few commands for it. No cvars for damage. Only thing that I can say is it does 50 dmg. Valve should have added a cvar for it... Sorry
ExplosiveDolphin Sep 29 @ 3:13pm 
yes i do i would like to disccus it somewhere like in a chat its getting annoying posting on here
ExplosiveDolphin Sep 29 @ 3:13pm 
yes i do i would like to disccus it somewhere like in a chat its getting annoying posting on here
LoadedAK47  [author] Sep 29 @ 7:21am 
Sorry for the late response. Yeah I am. In fact I'm developing a major update for this mod. In which, I plan on releasing some time this week. Depends on how much time I have. By work, do you mean you need help with a mod or something?
ExplosiveDolphin Sep 28 @ 12:33pm 
omg wait your acutly still active on the posts :D
omg dude i would love to work with you
LoadedAK47  [author] Sep 28 @ 11:20am 
All this does is edit the stats. The skins you have to get yourself. To make it easier for people I added a txt file in the pack that has the download links so people don't have to search the internet for them.
ExplosiveDolphin Sep 28 @ 9:02am 
im sorry to ask but does this give you more weapons or edit the current statics of the weapons already in the game ????
l4d06 Sep 25 @ 9:45am 
Unboxed Manliness Sep 14 @ 1:24pm 
LoadedAK47  [author] Sep 9 @ 7:33pm 
No it wouldn't. That's why I changed the bullet properties so it wouldn't rip legs off and what not. The damage however, depends on the difficulty you're playing on. Each difficulty has a damage multiplier (multiplies the damage I put in the script). The base zombie (common infected) health is around 50. On easy an AK47 round from my script would kill it instantly, no matter where it hit. On hard it would take two. Of course we can argue that a person can survive more or less. The problem is, this game is no where near as complex to determine where vital organs and arteries are. Not trying to get technical sorry. In short, this what I concluded was the most realistic taking into account game mechanics and real life weapon statistics. I am not going to release a lower damage version of this mod. I have around 220 scripts now so yeah... If you truly want send me a PM of all the weapon scripts you actually use and I could lower the damage for said scripts just for you.
0re0$ Sep 9 @ 6:46pm 
So can ya make a mod that makes 'em do low damage?
0re0$ Sep 9 @ 6:45pm 
Auctually, just a single AK Bullet to the leg wouldn't break it off and kill whater it shot. Also I liek weak guns. In my opinion they should do only 10, 8, or something low.
That's what I was thinking...
LoadedAK47  [author] Sep 9 @ 4:31pm 
The weapons in the default game are vastly under powered. The damage of each weapon is inconsistent with the round it fires. Ammo count, recoil, distance, spread are also all inaccurate. So reducing it would only make it less real. Although probably more hard.
How is weaker going be realistic?
0re0$ Sep 9 @ 4:12pm 
Can you make a mod that makes the guns 60 percent weaker? So it'll be more realistic?
0re0$ Sep 9 @ 4:12pm 
Hm, that sucks.
Yeah I looked at it again, I was wrong. The pistols have to be like that anyway maybe because of copyright of it. Just really do p220 if you can. Mostly P's are like the same anyway. Just little changes on them.
LoadedAK47  [author] Sep 9 @ 4:05pm 
I base the ammo count on what ever the weapon is. Also I can not change the weapon stats of dual wielded pistols. The weapon stats are doubled when the pistols are dual wielded. So if I put the base stats at 8 bullets in will then become 16 when dual wielded. Same applies for everything else pretty much. All mighty Valve decision, nothing I can do about (wish I could).
PSquiddy, I wish but sadly there is no way to do that with valve's limited scripts. Only double default.
0re0$ Sep 9 @ 3:56pm 
The ammo for the Default pistol should be 8, but the Glock's (Dual wielding) should be 12, so 20 ammo for dual pistols.