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The community has shown their interest in this game. Valve has reached out to this developer to start moving things toward release on Steam.

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RedGeneral 2 hours ago 
Whats the projected release date? A guesstimate shall be sufficient.
Tinabeans  [author] Nov 12 @ 12:25pm 
I'm still kicking around, @negatus! :D
negatus Oct 17 @ 3:49pm 
What happened to Tinabeans?
Namor Sep 27 @ 11:52pm 
very cool thank you.
Nyphur  [author] Sep 27 @ 3:09pm 
@feniks - Thanks for the heads up, I've answered that question now.

[b@Namor[/b] - There will be planetary leaders that you can put in charge of planets to gain bonuses to the planet. They act kind of like strategic hero units in that you assign them to a particular planet and they could be killed if the planet is bombed. We also have similar Ship Captains for ships. The game will be moddable, though we haven't finalised exactly how moddable it will be on release. We are planning to work closely with modders to add more moddable features after release, however.
Namor Sep 26 @ 11:48pm 
I was talking about "hero" units. that were not ships
Namor Sep 26 @ 11:39pm 
Looks cool. Can't wait.

Will there be metahuman units if not will we be able to mod the game to add those kinds of units. Yeah am into that sorry for the space purists.
feniks Sep 26 @ 1:17am 
@Nyphur, if you have time can you check the comment on the second kickstarter campaign?
It's regarding to the game on steam.
Nyphur  [author] Sep 7 @ 3:09pm 
@Tyler - Yep, the pre-order on the site is still up and it's fine to pre-order there. We'll be rolling out the Steam Early Access version in stages once it's ready, starting with our Beta Kickstarter backers and then the standard pre-orders once we know there are no problems.
tylerchapman33 Sep 7 @ 2:58pm 
thanks for the update cant wait guys is it still good to pre order on your site or XD
Nyphur  [author] Sep 7 @ 2:25pm 
@ergie - Thanks for the pre-order! We've made a ton of progress so far and are working on getting on Steam for Early Access, and we really appreciate your support!

Lacamas - We've never promised a release date for Predestination as game development isn't an exact science. The dates we post are estimates based on how far along development is and how long we think it should take to complete remaining core features. We're still aiming for steam early access release this month but there are some pretty important features we want to finish first, like a full planetary colonisation AI, the final diplomacy system, and a galaxy AI that colonises planets and builds fleets. A full release on or before Christmas seems likely, but as always we'll keep fans up to date via the blog and newsletter.
ergie Sep 3 @ 9:16am 
Well, I've just preordered. Damn I didn't know of predestination before. I hope this project can complete. The game looks awesome, gorgeous anda fair and better successor of our beloved MOO2!!! Best luck from Spain
Lacamas Aug 30 @ 4:58pm 
Well it is now 6 months since the promised release of the game to kickstarter backers. So is the game still on track for a christmas release?
tylerchapman33 Aug 7 @ 12:14am 
Awesome my moneys ready please bring this to steam early accsess maybe in september hint hint ;) anyways this seeems like it could be a mater of orion sucsessor !
Nyphur  [author] Jul 19 @ 12:21pm 
Lacamas, Nimrodt & dannylavery8 - There's a private closed beta going on right now with our Kickstarter/Paypal beta backers. We've released three playable beta stages to them so far and in the next few days we'll be releasing the latest version of that for playtesting.

For everyone else, we'll have an Early Access version on Steam or via direct download within the next few months. We want to release Early Access as soon as possible but obviously have to ensure that the game is sufficiently far along in development, so our current goal is to get the core gameplay feature-complete as quickly as possible, and the estimate on that is currently around 2 months.
Lacamas Jul 18 @ 12:40am 
So from the looks of the last Dev update will this game be ready for a christmas release to those of us who backed the game thru kickstarter. I have no prob with waiting to ensure the game works properly, but give us something other than promises.
Nimrodt Jul 11 @ 5:12pm 
When will this finaly be obtainable via Steam???
T.Dizzle Jun 24 @ 10:00pm 
Looks interesting
dannylavery8 Jun 8 @ 8:08am 
is there a demo out yet?
Nyphur  [author] Jun 5 @ 11:26pm 
@Lacamas - Thanks for the feedback! With only one programmer and a tiny budget, we often have to juggle things like development and public relations. We've struck a balance that our backers seem happy with, which is one comprehensive development update each month since the Kickstarter. The latest Dev Update was on May 3rd with the launch of the Galaxy beta, and this month's Dev Update will be coming out in the next few days as we're getting ready for Comic Con this weekend.

It's encouraging to see that people are anxious to get their hands on the game, but our number 1 committment has always been to make Predestination the best 4X game possible with what we've got, hopefully a real contender for the Master of Orion throne. We have to take the time to get supporters' feedback to help guide development, and to iterate on the core gameplay until it feels right. The next Dev Update includes details of overhauls to the planetary gameplay based on feedback, and more.
Nyphur  [author] Jun 5 @ 8:44pm 
@junk555 - Our previous schedule didn't work out to plan, but we were able to deploy the Galaxy beta at the start of May. Feedback from that test indicated that we need to spend some additional development time on the core planet gameplay before tackling the remaining galaxy features that need to be done before Early Access. We've also got some tax documents to get in order before we can get listed on Steam as we're in the UK and Valve is in the US. I unfortunately can't pin down a date for Early Access, but we're working hard toward that goal and will have our monthly update out soon with more information.

@stackero - Thanks very much for the vote of confidence! Right now our goal with the planetary combat is to have a strategic bombing system where you can demolish enemy roads and infrastructure, then drop troops to take over cities. Strategic ground combat is a much-requested feature that we're definitely going to look at for an expansion if the game does well at launch!
Lacamas Jun 1 @ 12:23pm 
The only problem i have with this game is the almost complete lack of updates from the developers. The game website the last update was in april. There is a note from the game author in this forumn on may 22nd saying they are having some issues, but no real update. Come on over 2000 people help you thru kickstarter. We deserve something better than we are having issues. Let us know what is going on.
stackero May 31 @ 7:45pm 
Liking what I see so far. The combination of indepth planet colonization with Space combat and exploration is awesome. Good luck, few have tried with limited success, especially if you include actual planetary land invasions in some form. Hint Hint.
junk555 May 31 @ 2:35pm 
@Nyphur - What's the expected date for the Early Access? The February update on your website states it should be about wrapped up in May, and it's the end of May now. Not looking to hold your feet to the fire, but an updated schedule would be nice.
Nyphur  [author] May 22 @ 4:19am 
@atrocities - We actually agree with that, and it's always been the eventual goal. But we're currently still accepting $40 beta pre-orders and have to be fair to those people. We also still need more focused feedback on some unreleased features like Diplomacy and the Galaxy-level AI before the game will be ready for general feedback from our almost 2,000 pre-order backers.

The current plan is to stop accepting beta tier pre-orders once we've added all the main game features and the sandbox mode is fully playable. We'll then put together the early access version and release that to all Kickstarter and pre-order backers so we can use the influx of feedback to improve the game before releasing as early access on Steam. Feedback from pre-order backers and Steam early access purchases will then combine to help us polish the game before launch.
atrocities May 20 @ 11:49am 
No offense Brendan, but perhaps you should open the beta up to all those who have pre-ordered as well as sponsered the kick starters. You'd get a lot more feed back from having an semi-open beta than you'd otherwsie have available. Plus it would put an end to the "this is a scam" talk that seems to be creeping into the discussion. Granted semi-open beta might cause other issues such as people becoming all sorts of upset about everything from the color of space to some major game mechanic not being included, but true be told, the benefits might out weigh the disadvantages.
Nyphur  [author] May 19 @ 3:58am 
@red spam - The mirror placement feature on the ship designer was highly requested by backers, so we added it as an early stretch goal. It may seem like a simple feature, but it was a genuine technical challenge. The ship designer is built in our own custom engine and has only one programmer working on it, and that feature took additional development time to complete.

@Krouga - Intelligence and spying are definitely planned features, including the ability to send spies into individual colonies for surveillance or sabotage. If we don't get that feature in by release, we'll release it in a free update.

@rascally99 - We're hoping to be able to allow multiple races to colonise the same planet and compete over resources, and it looks like that will be possible.

-- Brendan, Lead Developer
tommulli Apr 30 @ 8:52pm 
Novus Aeterno
red spam Apr 25 @ 3:20am 
Some of those stretch goals on the kickstarter are ridiculous... Asking for money so they can add a 'mirror item' on the ship designer for example. This seems like a scam to me.
Kaiser Soze Apr 24 @ 10:50am 
website said they ran into some issues but plan to have something out in a week. here's hoping.
Kaiser Soze Apr 18 @ 2:56pm 
want this neaow
ashurakain Apr 5 @ 12:02am 
sooo... any news on this game... and its ACTUAL release on steam... cause... its already april
Krouga Mar 17 @ 10:37pm 
Looks like the only thing this is missing is intelligence.
markimrock Mar 13 @ 11:39am 
mseamans81 Mar 7 @ 12:08pm 
Hey guys! Congrats on the greenlight, I've been watching for that since I voted. Do you have an estimated time of release?
[LaG] Reasoned Joker Feb 27 @ 6:28am 
Just Preordered The 40 dollar one and cant wait looks very good
ashurakain Feb 12 @ 10:28pm 
WHAAA!!!... how could have i missed this game..... damn TOR...
rascally99 Feb 10 @ 2:10pm 
this looks very good, please try hard to give us the planet level fighting over resource between factions :)
{CQF}CPL TheWoodenMan Feb 8 @ 4:27pm 
Missed the kickstarter but pre-ordered on paypal, thanks for making the sort of games we want to play :)
Qaizher Feb 8 @ 2:00am 
Congrats guys!
Culture 21 Feb 7 @ 7:00am 
Congratulations on finally getting Greenlit! I've been eagerly awaiting this title. Good luck in the coming months!
Tyekanik Feb 6 @ 2:43pm 
Graz! :)
Cross Cowboy Feb 5 @ 7:19pm 
Im totally stoked about this game!! They are heading in directions that many games simply ignore and im praying for success!!
General Chaøs™ Feb 5 @ 2:44pm 
Wow cannot believe I did not know about this, congrats looking forward to seeing how the game turns out so I can buy.
Bar4uk Feb 5 @ 1:26pm 
Yes!! Congratulations!
rosleck Feb 4 @ 6:13pm 
Is it too late to jump in on the kick starter?
el Tron Feb 4 @ 10:16am 
Looks great! It's got my vote. Good luck!
Herr_Katze[CRO] Feb 3 @ 9:55pm 
Badass, would buy!
Geomancer Feb 3 @ 8:52am 
I'm really looking forward to getting my hands on this. I backed this on Kickstarter and I was happy to see March as the expected month ... that's next month!
Tinabeans  [author] Jan 30 @ 12:18pm 
Join Brendan Drain and I live in 2 minutes as we see in the final hours of the Predestination 3D ship designer Kickstarter!

It's not too late to pledge, but time is quickly running out! Help us hit our $20k stretch goal: