Ethereal Home
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davetango182 Aug 1, 2014 @ 12:03am 
Regregtably I have to say this home has become a dumpster there is just to much crap spawning all the time just to much uncontrollable clutter
davetango182 Jul 27, 2014 @ 10:47am 
@thekomaster this is a pretty good home. I have 1 exception and I think for many this might end up being a problem. The dinner table is chaos, it's really a pain to have to clean up all the time, can you tone it down or add a switch to stop it all together no way can i eat that much and its a mess. I just want to come home a do normal stuff not clean up all that crap.
davetango182 Jul 22, 2014 @ 6:14pm 
@dragonmaster 2962 kill them you will get skill increase they are there for that purpose when you hit the button, Dont keep hitting it
davetango182 Jul 22, 2014 @ 6:12pm 
So far early test is good. I like the simplicity yet functionality of the mod. I do have to say i dont like the crafting table upgrade feature as i'm already lvl 100 in craft alchemy and enchant. do we get additional percentages with this feature or just the skill level without using perks. will rate this positive. Oh, I was rolflmao over the rabbits.
paradox_addendum Jul 7, 2014 @ 9:30am 
Absolutely love this mod! It's been incredibly helpful, well-planned, and the perfect homesite for my character. However for the past for days for some reason, each time I use the spell to return home, the game will freeze right after it replenishes the food stock and then I have to force restard the game to get out of it. Wish I knew what was triggering the freeze.
glenn.booker.001 Sep 17, 2013 @ 8:33pm 
Great mod, you couldnt ask for more in a home... but:
last weakend I hit level 41 and instead of leating me into the house It hung forever on the wait screen. I tried three times geting in times, same thing. so I clean out mods I thought might be interfering, and sacrificed two levels.I got in cleaned the house. stored all in breezehome. So I can atleast use the home for crafting right? WRONG I hit the level 41 wall again today. The good news is I didnt lose anything this time except the dual enchanting ability and the knowledge of what happens when I hit 100 in enchanting. I Want My Crafting-Hiding-Takealong House Back!
glenn.booker.001 Sep 15, 2013 @ 7:03am 
Ok love the bakery, and some of the food effects are awesome. But I'm getting tired of cleaning up after the house. Could you limit ther food generator so that food doesnt fall off the table, and flour sacks and milk jugs dont fall around the oven. Oh..could you please keep ingredients on the plates and off the floors. Iknow it sounds like a bit much but its basically set the table for the dovakin and not the town wino. limit the stack size on food, flour, milk, and ingredients.
P.S. I guess there are others having bunny problems.
DragonMaster Aug 31, 2013 @ 12:25pm 
how do i get lydia out of my ethreal home!?
DragonMaster Aug 30, 2013 @ 5:32pm 
ive figured out where the rabits are coming from and there getting anowing please tell me how to turn them off
DragonMaster Aug 30, 2013 @ 1:58pm 
why are there bunnies in my house, its not that i dont like them, matter infact i do like them but i just wana know why there there, also alot of overpowerd stuff for early in the game or do that stuff not respawn?
jaosogabe Aug 15, 2013 @ 2:45pm 
dave_sko: unfortunally this isn't a option to me... =(
dave_sko Aug 14, 2013 @ 4:57pm 
jaosogabe: I had to go back to a previous save and grab my stuff. It cost me three levels, but at least I got my stuff back.
jaosogabe Aug 12, 2013 @ 8:43pm 
The Mod is gread! BUT WTF? All my importants itens are in my Ethereal Home and now it won't enter, stay in the loading page and them crashes...
dave_sko Jul 21, 2013 @ 5:15am 
Great Mod, I was using it as my main home because I can take it anywhere, but it suddenly stopped working yesterday. It sits on the loading page forever. It causes Skyrim to crash, though it appears to be loading the Ethereal Home zone. I have EVERYTHING in there. It was working and then NOT. Was there an update or something on 7-20-2013? Any hints?
Nightshimmers Jun 10, 2013 @ 10:26am 
Love this mod. Is there anywhere I can chop wood?
80s homoerotic blaziken Jun 1, 2013 @ 6:30pm 
hey komaster i know this is my fault but i was wondering if you could help, i installed your no dlc onto my skyrim becuase, a the time i didnt have dlc, but then a friend gave me the dlc and i continued without thinking until now when i tried to load the ethereal home and i wouldnt, i then realised that i now have hearthfire and i was wondering if there was some way you could help me recover my items
thekomaster  [author] May 27, 2013 @ 4:22pm 
I intent to put an update this week-end. stay put
FlingDragon May 27, 2013 @ 10:30am 
I know you've already put pretty much everything in here, but could you find a little space for a firewood chopping block?
Saito May 25, 2013 @ 4:39pm 
It won't show up for me :(
Arkouzi May 24, 2013 @ 7:46pm 
@kegorian_rune use the console command "set playerfollowercount to 0" Should fix that right up.
kegorian_rune May 22, 2013 @ 5:36pm 
I pressed the "Summon Companions" button and now I can't get anyone to follow me with them saying that I'm all ready being followed. and I'm not being followed by anyone. how do I fix this?
loshagg May 21, 2013 @ 2:52pm 
Where do I find the book? I don't recanise the loc in the pic.
StarscreamSAS May 20, 2013 @ 10:09pm 
Malade !
gadruid_boudicea May 20, 2013 @ 6:51am 
It finally crashed on me I had just installed the new trader in Solitude Nikita's Secrets and was talking attempting to purchase an item or two when the game crashed. I took the mod out and it still crashes to the before I can get into the game. I removed the mod and the game worked. I really like this mod but I won't use it again until the crashing is fixed. I hope you get it fixed soon.
Shrimp1111:summerufo: May 19, 2013 @ 9:33am 
Can you teleport when your near enemies?
thekomaster  [author] May 19, 2013 @ 6:57am 
For the kids... i'll check it
thekomaster  [author] May 19, 2013 @ 6:55am 
Gordwani : maybe some windows showing the ethereal world ans an "outside" backward.
Gin-German May 19, 2013 @ 5:48am 
Nevermind my previous comment, I found the problem: Hearthfire was for some reason unchecked,
Gin-German May 19, 2013 @ 5:42am 
I agree with the guy beneath me, it crashes my game even when it is loaded without any other mods. Can you look into what you changed? THere must be abug somewhere
B0WS3R May 19, 2013 @ 4:45am 
when i launch the game it crashes after bethesda logo screen .... pls help me
Vernerl May 19, 2013 @ 1:32am 
maybe you should give this a more "amethyst-hollows-dreamworld" atmosphere
Savage May 18, 2013 @ 7:56pm 
Very darkly. I, NPS's we go with a torch
drakeii48 May 18, 2013 @ 7:28pm 
This is one of the best of the best!!!! I love it.
kingpythons May 18, 2013 @ 11:56am 
This is just awesome ...................

but i wish my adopted kids and my bard can live there too
Sazzles||Pinto May 18, 2013 @ 4:51am 
Dem colours D:
MegaHammer101 May 18, 2013 @ 4:30am 
the home is magnifecent but can u put it in a form on the ground plzzzz that would be much better i think because more real and can hearthfire kids live hear.
xX420DaNk_meMesBlaZeItXx May 18, 2013 @ 3:58am 
Hengst it should download automatically, you may need to launch the game first
xHENGST May 18, 2013 @ 1:28am 
how do i download now??
Saufi May 18, 2013 @ 12:26am 
Raven May 17, 2013 @ 2:24pm 
thekomaster: Thank you. And by the way, great mod, i love it, thank you for it :-)!
thekomaster  [author] May 17, 2013 @ 1:38pm 
DragonFly007 and kindridkin, surely an imcompatibility with another mod...
try my non dlc version to see
thekomaster  [author] May 17, 2013 @ 1:36pm 
Raven: just fast travel, you companion should travel with you
Raven May 17, 2013 @ 10:10am 
I sumoned my compagnion and now she's stuck. When i leave the house she stays in it >_<.
Is there something to do to bring her back from there?
ÐґαḠ☺ηℱℓ¥007 May 17, 2013 @ 9:33am 
kindridkin May 17, 2013 @ 8:23am 
Your addon made me crash to desktop. I have all download packs. Just FYI.
The Dark Ranger May 17, 2013 @ 12:53am 
that looks great you should add a storyline to it
Incarnate May 16, 2013 @ 3:24am 
thank you got it now. AWESOME HOUSE BTW. you should make more like this.
thekomaster  [author] May 15, 2013 @ 5:38pm 
O.O sorry Hearthfire DLC ... I 'm French speakin and always make this mistake!
joshuathegreat87 May 15, 2013 @ 4:09pm 
Earthfire DLC? LOL I WANT THAT!!! XD
Freeasabird May 15, 2013 @ 3:04pm 
Uh... O-o ... NNooo :I