The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

The Akavir Preparer
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C'etait Moi 3月21日下午7:27 
Are the Akavir meant to attack everyone in the city?
The Skull 2月27日上午10:33 
It is not known exactly where the Men of Akavir came from, but some say they may share a common ancestor with the settlers of Tamriel (Atmora).<--- Tamriel is not Atmora, Atmora is the island north of skyrim AKA the old nordic home.
WOLFH0UND 1月9日上午10:14 
It is not known exactly where the Men of Akavir came from, but some say they may share a common ancestor with the settlers of Tamriel (Atmora). Wherever they may have come from, they have long since died out as of the present, as they were eaten long ago by the Tsaesci;[1] though the word "eaten" may not refer to literal ingestion, certain sources seem to imply that humans, or humanoid beings, were actually just assimilated into the Tsaesci Empire-TES Wiki
Tosh Raka 2014年9月7日下午5:34 
When you go into extensive research on Nirn, I suggest you get it right, fuck-wads.
Tosh Raka 2014年9月7日下午5:34 
1: There were 5 races in Akavir, but now there are only 4, and no the Tsaesci did NOT fucking eat the Men of Akavir. I said the Men of Akavir because that's what they were called, not "The Akavir" because they lived on the Continent of Akavir and the other very sentient races on there would probably be very fuckin' pissed if only THEY got to be called that even though they lived on the same continent.
Tosh Raka 2014年9月7日下午5:34 
2: Again, the Tsaesci did NOT fucking eat them. Mysterious Akavir and the Wiki made it very clear that although that's what the book said, (Yes, the book fucking corrected itself) that is NOT what happened. What it really meant was that the Men of Akavir assimilated themselves into the Tsaesci, and that's why half the populous of the Tsaesci are a third Man, another third Snake, and the last third Vampire. Meanwhile. the other half are fucking literally top-half Man, bottom-half Snake, and all Vampire. The Tsaesci Race Mod is a great visual example.
Rascal (+) 2014年5月27日下午1:19 
First of all ReacTgamma you are wrong, the original humanoid race were referred to as the akavir. The beast races were referred to as tang mo and ka po tun. The tcsasi or however the fuck you spell that, <.< smh... were the invaders of akavir that slayed the akaviri and absorbed their bodies.

Source: I would suggest an orochimaru type appearance j/s
ReacTGamma 2013年9月12日下午2:01 
To be correct The Akkavir is not a single race Akavir is the name of the continet and there are many races on that contintnt such as Tang MO and Ka Po Tun but that is what they call there contries we dont know wat the races call themselfs
GhostFetish 2013年4月30日下午6:39 
I understand that in the lore the akaviri attacked alot of people but as soon as I go into a walled city i find abunch of Akaviri crusaders killling everyone and each other.
Ronald Reagan 2013年4月27日下午8:02 
Some of the akavir survived I imagine
Renown 2013年4月22日下午1:16 
Lorewise, by most sources, the akarivi have died out after being killed by the serpant race of Tsaesci. This is confirmed in some of the "lore" books in the games (In specificly the book "Mysterious Akavir"). This is not too say that you can't find some way to have your mod work out to a moderatly lore friendly result. I would come up with a backstory to how or where these akaviri that you have created have came from, and how they survived as the others had died.
GhostFetish 2013年4月18日下午1:17 
sounds kool