Horses for Followers
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BenNJere Dec 20 @ 6:01am 
can the description for non vanilla companions riding the horses be more specific???
Broken Nov 20 @ 2:58am 
Question: I got this mod, mainly so that I could sell my current horse (after getting Frost) As I want to buy and upgrade my house.
How do I sell my horse?
Unsubbed for now.
d4k0z Nov 19 @ 1:36pm 
Why do we have to pay for our followers horses?!
[ B l u e ] Nov 9 @ 9:45am 
Don't get this, it doesn't work.
Wampirzycaaaa Oct 27 @ 5:00pm 
Serana doesn't want ride on horse, that I bought for her :/
Belshadow Oct 24 @ 2:21am 
Belshadow Oct 24 @ 2:21am 
try the other one it works great and prblems wiht mod followers
EllohraB Oct 22 @ 6:18pm 
Yeah, this doesn't work for Marcurio. Really dissapointed with this mod.
talynamber Oct 7 @ 3:29pm 
Hehe..I did the teleport the horse inside the city by mistake..and they come to Solstheim on the boat..hilarious. I don't ride them there, it is a dangerous place.
TlhnL Oct 2 @ 2:00am 
not working screw it.
camelt00w Oct 1 @ 7:22pm 
If you've all ready enabled both mods and their not working delete ini
camelt00w Oct 1 @ 7:14pm 
do not enable hff and improvements at the same time first load with mod onely hff visit stable make sure option to buy follower horse is their, save, exit, enable improvements, make sure you got 1000 gold, visit book at stable
Talsgar the Wanderer Sep 26 @ 9:28pm 
This mod doesn't work for me
TomasEladrin Sep 20 @ 7:06am 
Convenient Horses is better. This doesn't work for me
camelt00w Sep 5 @ 7:31pm 
camelt00w Sep 5 @ 7:25pm 
Had truble with companion+horse in the end had to start a new game to get the book at the stables now all is good works great
blackdruidwolf Sep 5 @ 5:47am 
I'm having troubles as well getting my companion to mount the horses. Also, I can't buy a companion horse from Riften, the Bay horse. I can buy them anywhere else but there. The horse is there but the man won't give option to sell *shrugs* I would love it if this mod was fixed. It's really cool.
wolfkiller911 Sep 1 @ 3:20pm 
its not working dude.
TrailerPark Aug 27 @ 9:19pm 
its a great idea ..... but it aint workin at all and im sure it never geting an update..... the last one was in 2012
Xantiana Aug 26 @ 9:26am 
this mod is not realy good working sry to say.
Paladin Lord Isaac Aug 20 @ 8:23pm 
Please fix, thanks. :9
SoIHerdULiekMudKipz Aug 16 @ 8:48pm 
your mod is broken sir
fourjoys Aug 16 @ 7:01pm 
No "buy horse for companion" is coming up. I have both of the mod's required is this common or a glitch?
iJordy Aug 16 @ 5:59pm 
i am having the same problem
JOZEPH Aug 15 @ 8:34am 
I want to buy horse. but I can't see any "buy horse for my companion" in NPC's.
IronHellaKitty Aug 13 @ 1:55am 
<Last post. Please read first two comments for this to make sense.> It is possible that this may be beyond what the author can do. But, I have some suggestions. Modified stables that we can park our horses at near Windhelm. Another idea is stables placed on the island that our horses fast travel to. We get off the boat and we meet up with them there. I don't know if any of these ideas would work. But, I put them out there incase they might be of some help. I really like this mod. For now I will just unclick them and finish up the quest line, then later add them. Please let me know of any updates. The author of this mod may add me for that reason. I think it is going in the right direction and like to see it progress:)
IronHellaKitty Aug 13 @ 1:42am 
<Please read my comment below first> So far everything works fine in vanilla Skyrim. But, it doesn't seem compatible with Dragonborn yet. I was unable to successfully travel with out problems. First time we traveled, both of us dismounted. When we got there, only his horse showed up on the boat, but not mine. I went back to Windhelm and we met up with our horses at the stables. Both of us were able to mount our horses successfully. So I thought to try fast traveling while both on our horses. Did not work out so well. I was the only one on the boat. Went back and I was standing on the boat and he was mounted on his but was stuck in the boat. Fortunatly I had saved a point before installing and adding his horse.
IronHellaKitty Aug 13 @ 1:32am 
Hello! I am currently trying your mod out and would like to give the players and the author some feed back. Load order does matter. I think loading this one first before Better Follower seems to be what's working. Because I went back and the dialog was there. You have to be patient with your companion. At first stay farely close to your companions horse. But, of course give them some space to get on their horse. Mine did get on his horse. Tested it out. We took a road trip to Windhelm. We faced various enemies along the way. Wolves, trolls and even a dragon. Took care of them. Some times his horse would be back aways. But, when I got on mine it would either automaticly walk up near my horse or I would walk towards the horse. Just like the first time. Give your follower some time, but they will get right back on and you will be on your merry way.
SoIHerdULiekMudKipz Aug 12 @ 8:22pm 
please reply i bought the horse i have both mods yet it dosnt even show the horse as my followers i bught it but it still jusy says steal horse
Darksaxo Aug 7 @ 5:22am 
a mi me funciona perfecto, solo tienes que esperar un poco al acompañante ya que le cuesta un poquito pero nada mas. muy bueno si lo combinas con armaduras para caballos.

works for me perfect, you just have to wait a little companion because it costs a little but nothing more. great if you combine it with armor for horses
SoIHerdULiekMudKipz Aug 5 @ 8:30pm 
yet another glitch i bought the companion horse but it dosnt say steal companions horse it takes my money gives my the note but the companion dons ride it nor does the horse follow my horse
SoIHerdULiekMudKipz Jul 30 @ 6:06pm 
my companion throthgar will not mount the horse...
anthony_vonbrandt Jul 28 @ 7:59pm 
does this mod work with multiple followers mod?
natalie.peters95 Jul 12 @ 2:23pm 
this works with convient horses.. just incase no one knew
@Some Fancy Cake :3
@kirothegame yes i use it with AFT and convienient horses
but yeah with those two mods together and the setting on convienient horses set to" per follower " when you get on your horse they will summon there horses
also with those three mods you can tell your follower what horse to ride
so yeah .. :o dont know if im just bugging but thats how i do it. good luck
TechWolf20 Jul 2 @ 3:49pm 
why not have the horse be owned by whoever has the bill of sales in there inventory, because the way it workes now my follower won't ride,I have a multiple folowers mod.
Genrul Gruvs Jul 2 @ 6:20am 
I did this but my companion refuses to ride on the horse
Glaiceana Jun 28 @ 4:43pm 
Works fine, had to read the Bill of Sale a couple times but it all seems fine now. Nice screenshot here of it working:
DragonSage Jun 20 @ 5:57pm 
Still doesn't work for me, i unscribed and rescribed and still not doing "Can I buy a horse for my companion" and i did this 4 times
kirothegame Jun 13 @ 12:10am 
will this work for my multiple followers? just wandering if anyone knows
p a i n May 30 @ 10:46am 
wish bethseda had thought of this and not mods that dont work
Burbin Rain May 1 @ 10:34am 
PilbaraKiwi Apr 28 @ 4:21am 
please give link to other needed mod
mariner1776 Apr 21 @ 11:58am 
mariner1779: I have both of your horse mods. the other one first. none of my followers will ride the horses for companions. & when I go into Whiterun, Satitude or any other city the companions horse comes in with me. Can you tell me why?
wsknapp Apr 21 @ 12:25am 
This one does not even change title of the extra added horse to 'companion horse' after I buy it from ledger (the dialog topic of buying a companion horse does not come up with stable owner).
captmarc123 Apr 20 @ 11:44am 
Hi well I got this mod BUT you say in the text that it is a 2 parter BUT I can NOT find that second part ANYWHERE how about a link on this site for that location AND for the last few guys the "Ledger Book" is on top of the barrels outside (hopefully when it rains it won't smear the ink and the jerk reports the horses as stolen so he can resell them later ;) it in NOT on the horse seller and NOT inside the "office" it is on the barrels next to the stall/horse and all you do is click and there is no "script" for choices ... it just takes the money and tells you you now have a horse for your follower, like buying a pig in a poke.
Fellefan Apr 16 @ 1:24pm 
I have the same problem as the other two below. ;o;
"use the ledger book to buy the companions horse." what does that mean?
Ziu_Fang Apr 9 @ 1:24pm 
I have the same problem of everybody-has-to-die :/
everybody-has-to-die Apr 5 @ 7:58am 
I installed the mod, and I see a second horse on the Whiterun stables, but if I go to Skulvar, he doesn't have the dialog option "Can I buy a horse for my follower". Thats not just by the WR stables, it doesnt't work on all stables. Does somebody know how to fix this?
K1ngCraft Apr 4 @ 12:18pm 
This mod will not work with some custom followers or will not work if you have a follower and a custom pet.
stigen007 [CYDO] Mar 25 @ 9:55am 
The console command won't work!!!