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Game Dev Tycoon
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6,010 commentaires
Tratma 1 oct 2016 à 10h27 
酷狼Cwolf 29 juin 2016 à 22h16 
senoJ 'anlaL' nacnuD 29 avr 2016 à 8h11 
Can you please make a sequel? I would love that.
tomiwombat 8 déc 2015 à 3h27 
ТM 2 nov 2015 à 11h14 
Need more..
Mr.Cat 5 août 2015 à 18h31 
happy this got on steam
gitara siema 25 juin 2015 à 12h24 
I want to buy this game for cs go items! Add me!
ScReAmEr 13 juin 2015 à 0h43 
Nice Game :)
BlazingEmber 28 jan 2015 à 11h35 
I have played this since launch on your web page (One of the non-piraters) and I still love it. Though you can only play through it 30 odd times some with and some without mods before craving something more. A sequel is what I'm aiming at. You have gone quite for months so that is what I think your doing :D
Captain Rogher 9 déc 2014 à 10h12 
Cool game tho ;-)
Twirl 16 oct 2014 à 4h59 
Guys add me i will offer 2x Terraria for this game!
Hehet 12 oct 2014 à 4h52 
WolfGod 17 sept 2014 à 3h35 
im from south africa but steam says this item is not available in my region on the store page is there any way i can buy this?
Tommy.35 3 sept 2014 à 8h06 
Good game!
n1GHTr1DA 30 août 2014 à 0h05 
Heaps of fun
Domojaxx 28 août 2014 à 5h36 
Great game!
Poqs 13 juil 2014 à 11h54 
Havelock 28 juin 2014 à 9h14 
Yaume 25 juin 2014 à 3h04 
I love the game
lokmaty_her 24 juin 2014 à 10h19 
Ky6uK__noobik)))` 22 juin 2014 à 13h14 
FIGHTER 3 juin 2014 à 11h46 
Change Portal2 gift for Game Dev Tycoon gift
Dniwe 3 juin 2014 à 11h25 
Cool game
KawaiiBagel 1 juin 2014 à 13h01 
looks good. its just not the same as gamersgomakers. I want to buy but im saving for that. srry
むしろかわいいオオカ 25 mai 2014 à 13h54 
The best game to ever exist!
☣Joggers☣ #RipNDip 7 avr 2014 à 3h25 
interesting game
[RUS]KNIFE PLEASE 1 avr 2014 à 3h02 
秋山 澪 15 mar 2014 à 11h36 
cool game.
Jakester 2 mar 2014 à 14h16 
I love this game! Pre-ordered it. I also agree with Teh Browniemixx
Browniemixx 20 fév 2014 à 17h53 
I think if you guys make a sequel it should be "game dev tycoon: International", where you can choose from a few select unique countries which are known for being birth places for other popular game developers
Rusky 20 fév 2014 à 15h29 
awesome game
my name is TEDDY 10 fév 2014 à 22h33 
soo good
timoti 5 fév 2014 à 4h58 
«PHΛИТΛSIΣŁØS» 31 jan 2014 à 11h03 
very nice game
gazymodo 30 jan 2014 à 4h34 
Really cool game.
Pretty adictive. Love it
Alexander 15 jan 2014 à 11h52 
Very nice game
EBASHIM 14 jan 2014 à 10h26 
Very good))
Shudgum 12 jan 2014 à 4h05 
not bad really
MrYevhenii 11 jan 2014 à 7h47 
nice game
&#Wancolo!! 31 déc 2013 à 12h56 
good game
DORITOS 31 déc 2013 à 9h37 
Прекрасная игра
amstar 30 déc 2013 à 14h18 
nice game ;)
Marvin 27 déc 2013 à 13h13 
love it
Bubi 15 déc 2013 à 6h24 
well they also skipped gameboy pocket and color and different playstation versions. to keep it simple i guess
Gamingclone 14 déc 2013 à 16h01 
Love the game, but why does the game lack a platform that spoofs the 3DS and Vita? I mean, the Xbox One and PS4 are there and this game came out waay before they launched, it even has goes further and has the PS5 and XboxNext.
Ronny 9 déc 2013 à 13h17 
cool game.
KaRlo 5 déc 2013 à 8h08 
gangster 3 déc 2013 à 6h02 
игра норм
AiAe 1 déc 2013 à 9h58 
I love it :)
BEEFY BOYS Wob 25 nov 2013 à 3h08