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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Breezehome Fully Upgradable Hearthfires + Dawnguard - READ INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU INSTALL
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THElatimer Dec 5 @ 3:37pm 
i hope im not pestering or beating a dead horse here, but i would love to see one of my favorite mods on special edition Dec 4 @ 3:09am 
oh I soo hope you dothis for special edition! I got breeze home ther and it just is not the same in anyway shape or form. It is just not home!
Cyweregon Nov 21 @ 4:10pm 
after i ask him something he answers but nothing comes after
emihirst Nov 19 @ 12:34pm 
I adore this mod. In particular I'm glad you moved the kids' bedroom upstairs where I thought it should be (and until this mod came along I had to just headcanon it).
Loreknight Nov 13 @ 2:26pm 
does this work with open cities yet? Nov 7 @ 7:42pm 
This mod is smashing! I agree with all of the prase and kudos you have reieved. I adore Gareth I would likely marry him he is so funny. Also very talented and meticlous in his work! (obviously you are!) The house flows well and things are in the best places.

If I were to make a sugeston it would be to put something in to display the Claws.

I look forward to finding out what is behind the rubble in the tunnel. I think it would be fun to have Gareth with you as you open the tunnel. Please keep it going!
anthonyjohnadlington Nov 6 @ 2:54pm 
@FUAM_08 you have to hover the place they go from memory you have to get the right ones
fuam_08 Nov 6 @ 2:41pm 
Anyone know How I can instal one of my shrines? I have it but cant find how to install it beside my bed.
anthonyjohnadlington Nov 4 @ 8:54pm 
mate have you read the stuff from the Nexus site might help
dvchronique Nov 4 @ 6:07pm 
Help! I have a few problems with this mod... Ok, i must admit, because of a problem with my computer, i have uninstall your mod the wrong way... My Breezehome now mist some textures inside... Yesterday, i've fully uninstall my game and reainsall it today... But still, there is some missing texture inside... What can i do? (I want my game completly vanilla before i install the remastered version...
ToolPackinMama Nov 4 @ 1:26pm 
Please please release an SSE version
Captain fabulous[P.W.D] Nov 3 @ 10:56am 
do i have to move stuff out of the study to make a child room?
anthonyjohnadlington Nov 1 @ 3:56pm 
Mate please port over to SSE this mod is a must
Woah Snowglobe Oct 31 @ 1:58pm 
If you see rocks where the stair are for the basement, you probably have immersive interiors, make sure you get the patch for no player homes for it
Squirrelpool Oct 27 @ 8:29am 
My basement is blocked by what appears to be the ground from outside the house. What can I do to fix this?
The First Pigmask Col. Oct 27 @ 7:40am 
You single handed made Hearthfire obsolete with this mod man. Also you made a character that I grew attached to the moment I saw him in the Bannered Mare. Awesome job dude im definitely recommending this mod to my friends.
[Po]seidon Oct 12 @ 10:01pm 
fucking 10/10, the fucking dedication man. impressive as shit.
LemnSoda Oct 1 @ 9:26am 
Is there a way to get the shrines with a console command? I accidentally sold the shrine of julianos and akatosh.
CaeruleanXII Sep 25 @ 12:56pm 
You did an excellent job on this. It's like you took the very best elements of every other Breezehome mod and rolled them into a single package. It's just about perfect!
HunterAssassin1 Sep 24 @ 10:16am 
is there a brezzehome mod with all the dlc
Kayinn Sep 17 @ 1:15pm 
If I start a new save but want to uninstall do I still have to buy Breezehome to use the ledger or can I unsubscribe at any time?
Raven Sep 14 @ 7:13am 
Dafuq. My basement is blocked by a rock.. Please help. I bought all the furnishings and stuff. But my basement is still blocked
Dantae's Inferno Sep 13 @ 5:42pm 
u find him in the tavern in whiterun normally a mod may interfere wth happened to me.
Autism Sep 3 @ 3:13pm 
Where does Garath typically linger around at? I Can't seem to find him.
{HC} ChubbyNinja456 Aug 31 @ 11:22pm 
Garath is so effecient he even placed cobwebs down in that underground facility behind the false panel door XD
unoriginal.girl4 Aug 21 @ 1:50pm 
This is an abolutely amazing mod that I have fallen in love with and I especially love the little notes from Gareth. However, when I got the smelter in my basement, I couldn't find a note. I thought with the amount of hassle Gareth said would be involved with putting it in, I was a little excited to read this particular note. This is a really small thing, but is there just no note for the smelter, or am I just being blind or did it glitch out on me?
Leannan Sidhe Aug 21 @ 10:16am 
I'm guessing the way they're designed, there's probably no way to make the two compatible? Barring that, is there a way to add the scholar's library funtionality to the library your mod offers? (without the mod in play, even without the mod installed the problem was still there. I didn't even get a proper look because of the issues I was having, but I assume its as awesome as the rest of your work. And I LOVE the commentary from Gareth when you ask him for the various smithing equipment in your basement. I kind of wish I could hire him as my House Carl the voice work and lines are so good. :)
Leannan Sidhe Aug 21 @ 10:16am 
I so love this mod, sadly it seems to be incompatable with the scholar's library (that grabs new books from your library and sorts them into your collection). At least I assume that's what's causing the piller in the middle of the basement stairs (and once I'm through, I can't even see stairs to return to. There's also no tunnel access to be found. On the other end of things, a trunk, a weapon's mount and some display cases block access to the library door.
mira Aug 9 @ 4:45pm 
Probably the best Skyrim mod I've installed yet, the only thing missing is a rack to display the Dragon Priest masks.
Myridon Aug 8 @ 1:07pm 
to all If you use this mod and wish to adopt children to this home you must adopt the child first then install this mod . at least that worked for me.
Aedir Aug 3 @ 2:26pm 
Does anybody know if this mod is compatible with sexy whiterun? I used it some months ago and the closet door to the tunnel lost all of its surrounding texture (just by the door) while using sexy whiterun.

The only thing that, sadly, I dislike about this mod is the staircase to the "library" cause it makes me dizzy lol that is something that I could do without but apart from that, the rest is great ^^ awesome job!
Akasha Jul 26 @ 1:24am 
Will there be a shrine to Hermeus Mora? If so, can you add some wriggling tentacles from Apocrypha? The Dragonborn will become a servant to the deadric lord so this team would be perfect. Hail Mora! :D
Akasha Jul 26 @ 1:20am 
When will the update of the collapsed tunnel come? Love this mod!
ACILI123 Jul 25 @ 1:21pm 
Love the mod, but when I ask proventus to replace my study with a childs room nothing happens
MrPickle Jul 14 @ 3:22am 
Just a Hearthfire version wuold be great
mica608 Jul 8 @ 11:22pm 
5 Stars! Awesome Mod!
i have a strange issue. i just dont remember how i made it like that but any of the two vendors (proventus or garrth) dont sell me anymore upgrades. i have all upgrades but the desk and hold upstairs. the one replacing the old lydia room. tried to reload the mod, uninstall it but forcing or by deleting with your uninstall option ig, but no way i returning this room, it still keep dirt and emptyness ...if you guys have a lead of a solution (console command or other mean i'll love to be a full house finally)
another question : is the house able to hold a spouse ? 2 times i marry and each time i need to relocate them because their stuck in river/in their own houses...
meanccgamer Jun 29 @ 9:28pm 
It works great
bartonboi Jun 27 @ 6:53pm 
I would love this mod long and hard IF it came with a Hearthfires ONLY version. I don't have Dawnguard, as I have no interest in it. I love Whiterun, but until now there wasn't a Breezehome version that captured me or comfortably accommodated my play style.

Please consider my plight, and have pity on me Sku11!

Thanks for all you do and have done! =}
Gingervitis Jun 23 @ 10:28am 
This is by far the best player home mod I've seen. Fantastic job!
[ARC9] *Exar Kun* {Founder} Jun 21 @ 12:55pm 
I don't have any dialogue from Ceric. No dialogue, as in I can't even talk to him.
Warpig1815 Jun 15 @ 4:13am 
Just an idea for the collapsed tunnel - How about the tomb of Jeek of the River? I always thought it funny that the Jorrvaskr itself had no tomb for it's own Captain. So your collapsed tunnel could potentially be the tomb of Jeek and his 22 Crew. (Personally I'm imagining something like the Assassins Sanctuary in Assassins Creed 2). Anyway, just an idea...
TheSchweppes Jun 14 @ 4:02am 
this mod is amazing ı loved it thank you so much
Le Snak Jun 4 @ 10:04pm 
I have a problem, I dont get any dialogue relating to upgrades when talking to Henselt, just the generic dialogue.
NTY GHOST May 28 @ 1:27am 
taz7923 May 26 @ 10:08am 
like this mod something like this needs to be done for house in riften fullyupgrade
Furdel Catstro May 6 @ 6:24pm 
This mod is great. Hope you get on the tower addon soon and perhaps clearing out the caved in tunnel? I would love to see a way to have a childs room without scraficing the awesome study area in the loft.
Paxtoranius May 6 @ 5:21pm 
Couldn't disable the ingredients jars of the alchemy table in the basement which takes ages to load and unload when you want to use it but can use the one in the underground basement area for freedom of choice and general alchemy experimentation with no time outs. Workaround I guess thanks.
taylorbeanbetch Apr 15 @ 11:28am 
.n. I dun diddily lost Gareth.. He's not in the bannerd mare.. WHERE IS THAT PIRATE Q.Q
papa heavy Apr 9 @ 9:43pm 
So I instaled the mod after buying breezehome and everything wa working fine. But then the old bed (the one that shouldent be there) apeared a few saves later. Any ideas on what might be going on/what to do? Im not sure if uninstaling/reinstaling would be the best idea right now.