Sutvaka Fortified Estate
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Metalwraith031  [author] Jun 27 @ 2:53pm 
@DazzaLCFC. Not sure. As far as i know, there are no conflicting mods (doesn't mean that they don't exist). Sutvaka doesn't run any scripts outside. Maybe a problem with the load order? Are you using a clean save? Maybe wrong graphics settings? Have you tried it with an older save?
Did you visit the area before? Sometimes if you visit an area and the adapt it with a mod, strange stuff can happen. Maybe a problem/conflict with the dragons at Shearpoint?
DazzaLCFC Jun 27 @ 12:41am 
downloaded, sadly Skyrim crashes whenever i approach the place. Any ideas?
TRIGUND Jun 21 @ 4:01pm 
This is the best house mod ever and the only one I still keep around =)
OliverCR7 Jun 21 @ 11:18am 
OliverCR7 Jun 21 @ 11:18am 
Aha thx
Metalwraith031  [author] Jun 16 @ 10:51am 
@OliverCR7. To open the portcullis, walk across the bridge and look behind the first collum to your right. There is a button mounted on the pillar which opens the gate.
OliverCR7 Jun 16 @ 1:22am 
How do I open up the Gates? I already got the damn Keys to open the bridge
YoYoduh May 31 @ 9:30pm 
I'm a companion hoarder or rather love a place where where My little Pixilated followers can cook sit down and eat read a book or use use an Alchemy or Enchantment station and then sleep they need to do this in one area ( I've never seen one walk up and down stairs or go to another area to do so) They just stay in the one Zone you tell them to just hang out or relax in. Your 11 Bed Guest Quarters only needs a cook pot and an Enchantment station set on the table with the Map on it .. Puleeeeze add those to make a perfect room !!
mitchellanstett09 May 30 @ 5:47pm 
epic mod mate.
YoYoduh May 26 @ 7:47am 
WOW ! This is a totally Magnificent work of Art ! This deserves an Emmy or Pulitzer Prize if one could be given for a Mod. I Bow down in your presence Sir.....and Thank You !
Metalwraith031  [author] May 24 @ 12:12pm 
@ThePotatoeWithNoMass. The guards work just like vanilla followers. So if you want to change their gear then you need a mod like the Amazing Followers Tweaks or a similar follower overhaul mod.
ThePotatoeWithNoMass May 24 @ 11:56am 
I have the mod but I can't change the guards clothes or give the new ones. Is this a bug and if not are you planning on doing it? I downloaded some awesome guard armor mods... :(
Metalwraith031  [author] May 23 @ 2:08am 
@Riftie. Damnit are they at it again?! I thought i fixed that one. But this is the first time ever that i heard that they were actualy fighting. Normaly someone gives a warning and thats the end of it.
The weird thing is that all the guards have the exact same faction and agression settings. But for some reason that i dont understand, only Alfhild has this problem.
Riftie May 22 @ 4:56pm 
Also, Alhild appears to have started the fight by repeatedly saying "That's close enough!"
While Bertel doesn't appear to be using any 'battle phrases'.
Riftie May 22 @ 4:52pm 
And they also kinda can't die. So...
Riftie May 22 @ 4:50pm 
I couldn't help but overhear while I was in the barracks the guards insulting each other. Specifically Alfhild and Bertel. And I was quite surprised when the two started fighting each other. I'm fairly certain this isn't supposed to happen...
Ravenknight6666 May 8 @ 4:12pm 
i mean sutvaka is awesome without it, so its good either way
Ravenknight6666 May 8 @ 4:07pm 
i followed the link and highlighted the address that sends me to the page where you can download the ability to use the prison and it took me here
Metalwraith031  [author] May 8 @ 2:50pm 
@Ravenknight6666. Thats strange because its still up. Here is the link Sutvaka Estate []
Ravenknight6666 May 8 @ 12:02pm 
yo went on to nexus to get the make full use of the prison download, and it wasnt there
Count Vlad May 4 @ 11:45am 
i was thinking for those 'slight mage' ppl you able to add a small extra tower by the gatehouse thing with a mage merchant? i think it would be a nice edition to it.
Metalwraith031  [author] May 2 @ 4:25pm 
@Google. That is indeed a nice idea and i like it(a small walled of town with a castle at the back) but i tried something similar once with a unpublished mod. I once tried to make a realistic castle with lots of buildings and stuff. I threw away 4 days before finding out about the game's limit.

The first is that the LOD (the long range view) won't load extra buildings. This means buildings only show up when you are close by. I'm sure there's a way around this but i haven't found it yet.

The second problem (and this is the biggest problem) is that the outside area has a load limit. Iff you put to much stuff out there then not everything will be loaded iff you walk towards the area. Iff you use fast travel then everything shows up just fine but not with just walking towards the area.
Sutvaka is currently around 88% of the limit so i dont have the freedom to do anything complicated.

So good idea and i like it, but the load limit stands in the way.
Count Vlad May 2 @ 12:46pm 
i had an idea, you ever thought of doing a 'Sutvaka Town' DLC that circles around the bottom of the hill right by the estate or perhaps a 'Sutvaka: Faction outpost' DLC which makes a small (like riverwood size) town-like outpost for a faction like volkihar vampires or stormcloaks or imperials or maybe da blades
Metalwraith031  [author] May 2 @ 9:46am 
@Google. You can best use the Amazing Followers Tweaks mod or a similair mod for that. A lot of people use that and making something similair takes time and can cause conflicts.
The Unsung Hero Apr 10 @ 12:32pm 
@Metalwraith031. Thanks for the quick reply! and yea i just went and set them all to me. gonna see if theres a different workaround though cause i dont want to have to do that on all my files :/
Metalwraith031  [author] Apr 9 @ 9:43am 
@The Unsung Hero. Well thats strange. None of the containers have a owner set. But i think thats a Skyrim bug because i had something similair with Breezehome. Iff you keep having problems with a container just use the console command "setownership" on the container.
Just in case if you have never used console commands before : Elder scrolls wikia console commands []
The Unsung Hero Apr 8 @ 10:06pm 
Im not sure if comments are still being replied to but nothing in the house is registered to me. the beds are owned and the containers say "steal from" instead of being marked as mine. other than that the containers work fine its just a little snag in an otherwise AMAZING player home mod!
jacobward7 Mar 25 @ 3:59pm 
Yep, for some reason all of my mods (about 25) had been unchecked. It's working fine.

...and by working fine I mean I love it. Sutvaka has been my home base for over a year now, just the perfect size and location for tromping around Skyrim and coming back to store loot/craft/leave followers. Great job on this.
Metalwraith031  [author] Mar 22 @ 3:03pm 
@jacobward7. Could be the workshop or Skyrim acting up. I haven't changed anything since november and i don't know about any incompatibilties with other mods that could cause this. Also make sure the mod is checked in you mod mannager. Sometimes it can get unchecked by the manager itself or by scrolling along the list(happened to me a couple of times).
jacobward7 Mar 22 @ 1:23pm 
Same thing just happened to me, it seems to be gone...
Jackalope Mar 20 @ 1:36pm 
I just laoded my game and my house, along with everything else i had in the house is gone. what the actual fuck!?
James Chylde Mar 11 @ 9:04pm 
I can't wait to check out the secret spots when I get back in the game. I will be busily moving my hoarded loot from Breezehome to there, but this is going to be my new home. Thanks for sharing on Steam!
James Chylde Mar 11 @ 9:02pm 
And so when I did, I loved it, nicely decorated and plenty of new companions to join my growing army. The dog was annoying though and wouldn't stay out of my way as I accidently made it a follower (not sure if it is a bug yet since I closed out of the game for the night, but once you remove him from the group, you can't add him back in. So I will check on this tomorrow.) I haven't checked out the secret area yet due to time constraints but might wanna warm people that there is a mass of trolls hidden off in the tunnels. I disbanded the dog from my team down there and suddenly came across them and the dog blocked the way until i had to kill him and my whole team got into a fight over it ignoring the trolls.
James Chylde Mar 11 @ 9:02pm 
I downloaded this mod a few days ago and I have just recently went there to check it out and had an awesome experience. I just got to the entrance and noticed that the estate was under attack by a group of bandits (not sure if from another mod or intentional) and in the middle of my team dispatching them two dragons came soaring over. So it became a rush to clear out the bandits before they swooped in on us. It was the legendary Sparrow and he brought along a Blood Dragon friend to play. My team took most of the damage as I was laying waste on them with arrows and received duo dragon souls instantly. Never been up there before, I heard chanting and so I explored further up and received the three shouts and a surprised attack by a dragon priest. It was completely awesome and I didn't even get to check out the place yet.
dvchronique Mar 10 @ 10:47pm 
Mmmm ... I think what ZephyrLuxx say about the merchant in the family home is true... To put it in the guards barrak, i think, would be more logic! Also, you had, a little while ago, a few rooms in the basement... In the «secret room». I'm under the impression that those are just not at the right place... The Botanical room feels kind of strange to me... It didn't fit the rest of the house... The main secret room is beautiful! But i think those two stairways down to the library and the new armory need to be re thinking... Maybe to put all armor and smithering on one side and the library and the (i love it!) little magic room on the other side. (Sorry, my english is so poor...) I must say that Sutvaka is my Main and principal home for a long time now... I love the place, it really feel like home when i go there... But honestly, the last string of change you made felt like you did it a bit quickly...
ZephyrLuxx Feb 28 @ 9:22pm 
I really, really wanted to love this place. But, something about the NPC shopkeeper's counter being square in the entryway of the family home area threw me off. I know it's convenient, but it made me feel like I was living in the back of someone else's shop. >.< LOL. Anyway, it's still a nice player home and I love a lot of the details. It's a solid mod, just didn't like the layout of the estate part of it.
ogrebeastshrek Feb 22 @ 8:56am 
Okay I'll take a look into it myself. But skyrim really did start downloading something (not workshop content) a few days ago so I will try to take a look it thanks.
Metalwraith031  [author] Feb 22 @ 1:19am 
@orgrebeastshrek. I think the problem is somewhere on your end (don't know what it could be caused by though). The last Skyrim patch was somewhere in 2013, the last Sutvaka update was in november 2014. So nothing changed on my end or on Skyrim's end. I tested it on my game and everything worked as it should.
Please note that i use the Nexus Mod Mannager and not the default Skyrim startup mannager (sometimes the default mannager causes problems as well).
ogrebeastshrek Feb 21 @ 7:29pm 
Well the back bridge didn't work to be specific. I used the bottom pullbar but it didn't work.
ogrebeastshrek Feb 21 @ 7:28pm 
I have an issue with the mod. When I try to get into it one of the sides of the bridges started to not work. The side closest to the house didn't work but I found a temporary workaround. I used whirlwind sprint on top of the gatekeeper's tower and landed on the platform of where you activate the gate. Please try and fix this it has been like that since the latest Skyrim update 2-3 days ago. Thanks.
Metalwraith031  [author] Feb 20 @ 10:12am 
@orgrebeastshrek. Thurims voice is the Male Brute voice. I think that Farkas has the same voice. And personaly its my favorite male voice.
ogrebeastshrek Feb 19 @ 7:57pm 
I am very sorry to hear that but I was curious; who is Thurim voiced by? As in the follower/guard that you put in the estate. I saw him walking the courtyard and took him as a follower but which NPC voiced him?
CAMALISK Feb 14 @ 10:34am 
Sorry to hear that
Metalwraith031  [author] Jan 8 @ 9:14am 
Support Resumed
Metalwraith031  [author] Jan 7 @ 5:39am 
@aroundthefur79. Thank you for your support Jeff. I don't know how it went for your mother but my father didn't have to suffer. I hear that a lot of cancer patients get realy sick from chemo but my father didn't. He just lost his appetite and couldn't work in his garage anymore because he also had 2 dozen braintumors. But he's at peace now and i just got back from the cemetery. In real life my name is Gert (Dutch).
aroundthefur79 Jan 4 @ 11:13pm 
Thanks for the fast reply... Anyhow, Metalwraith031wow, I'm terribly sorry for your loss man. I lost my mother to Pancreatic Cancer she passed away at age 49 in 2007,having been in a somewhat similar situation I know how hard it is to go through something like that. Anyhow I know this is weird coming from a stranger in a gaming community but stay strong my friend and know He was proud of you and is in a better place. My name is Jeff btw and you are in my thoughts...Take care!
paulus stam Jan 4 @ 4:34pm 
good job!
Metalwraith031  [author] Jan 4 @ 3:37am 
My father passed away today (3-1 10:30 CET) at age 67. He fought a long battle against cancer and in the end cancer won.
All support is suspended for now.
Metalwraith031  [author] Jan 4 @ 3:37am 
@aroundthefur79. Should be safe. There are only 2 scripts running. One for the claws and one for the busts.
aroundthefur79 Jan 4 @ 2:08am 
I'm having alot of fun with this mod but I was j/w is this mod safe to untick from my datafiles in my save game? (I have already removed all of my items from the house) or will will unticking it lead to issues?