Imp's More Complex Needs
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Sealop1 Sep 14 @ 6:17pm 
But great mod
Sealop1 Sep 14 @ 6:17pm 
Please hurry up with the follwer needs
fedini872 Sep 9 @ 3:35am 
even more awesome, thanks for replying!!!
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Sep 9 @ 12:50am 
It also adds 4 bottles of water to your inventory to start, since the default game doesn't have it and you'd be out of luck if you suddenly had to start worrying about dehydration when you're at the bottom of some crypt.
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Sep 8 @ 8:48am 
It changes the weights of a lot of foods to agree with the portion size, so things like apples, carrots, bottles of wine, etc. weigh what they do in real life and have the same nutritional value. If you're carrying a lot of food it can be a big change in inventory weight.
fedini872 Sep 3 @ 7:24am 
...why after the mod is installed (not yet enabled) my carried weight increased from 360 to 600???
ryanpercle Jul 23 @ 12:39am 
for some reason the mod will not let me use the "Use water" power. Help would be nice.
brentallen Jul 10 @ 6:53am 
I just had to unsubscribe from this mod, it was interfering with my game play too much seemed like I was always needing to eat or drink and could not fill bottles or drink at water sources if anyone has some number settings that are less intrusive but the given info was too vague to determine weather i needed to raise them or lower them time scale? factor?
and sleep, I want to go like 24 hours before i get penalties.
Dr. Shocks . DO Jul 2 @ 9:59pm 
Try loading IMCN sooner in your load order; like make it mod #60
EmeraldOx Jun 28 @ 4:25pm 
I haven't been able to use the "actions" power, even when I install SKSE and put IMCN at the top of the load list. Nothing happens when I assign it to my hotkeys and use it. Help would be really nice!
Dr. Shocks . DO Jun 27 @ 11:45am 
Not mine; All My Cooking Pots R Belong To Me.

Could be a VRAM problem with mods that add foods to the cooking pot. Sometimes when you try to load all teh foods, it overloads your graphics and crahes your game.

If that's not it, perhaps you have a mod that edits cooking pots directly?
Atlus Jun 26 @ 7:40pm 
hey anyone else's game crash when they use a cooking pot? possible bug?
Rem_the_twilight Jun 23 @ 7:55pm 
Well thats just sad lol XD
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Jun 23 @ 3:05pm 
@Rem - Coding in options like that isn't so bad. Displaying the information for multiple options using the game's built in message system is a bit more involved.
Rem_the_twilight Jun 23 @ 2:44am 
No blood and sleep option for vampire needs, thus i lost interest in it entirely.
Music Jun 19 @ 2:43pm 
Thanks Imp! It worked :)
Th3 Whit3 W01f Jun 16 @ 8:52am 
Can Someone Redirect Me To A Good Proudspire manor mod? I've Been Looking For One Cant Find A Good One Thanks In Advance!
zachb2008 Jun 13 @ 2:38pm 
great mod def gonna get specially like the vampire part for blood its a nice adition will get and thumbs good luck at graduat program
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Jun 13 @ 2:32pm 
If you have a lot of mods, I think that's sometimes due to a bug in SKSE, where mods loading late in your load order will stop receiving notifications about sleep events. Try moving IMCN closer to the front of your load order, and see if that helps.
Music Jun 13 @ 11:55am 
Hey Imp! Firstly I´d like to say that I love this mod! It makes Skyrim so much more realistic! :) Unfortunately... I'm having a bit of a problem, so I hope you see this comment before you leave... Well.. My problem is: Sleeping doesn't make my sleepdept go down... Instead, the mod seems to think that I'm waiting instead of sleeping, since hours are added instead of subtracted... :') Help... Please... haha
flow_tiger May 26 @ 3:11pm 
for some reason i dont have the use water option under powers? so annoyingly i cant use any form of water source, any suggestions? :)
Bricius May 26 @ 8:57am 
does this mod need SkyUi?
oli.t678 May 25 @ 10:38am 
This mod is great, but it always crashes my skyrim when I'm in food section
Askarat May 16 @ 11:38pm 
the mod is nice, but i wish u would have him in germany ^^
[S2C] Metzge May 13 @ 1:33pm 
Hey, I'm the editor in chief for Start 2 Continue, a video game news website that focuses on modders and indie developers, along with gamer culture and industry ethics. I just wanted to let you know that your mod was featured in one of our articles recently and that we're big fans of your work.

Feel free to take a look and keep up the awesome job!
Viking Lord Emorog May 12 @ 3:36pm 
For some reason, this mod never works. It doesn't crash or anything, but I have tried installing it with steam and nexus, and it just doesn't appear in the game. Nothing in my food tab, nothing in the mod configuration menu. It just isn't there.
baphilli Apr 22 @ 3:06pm 
Imp - I like your widget design, you have worked so hard at this and I LOVE how complex it is. It works with skyrims own complexity perfectly. I wish I could make mods like you, but I dont speak computer and despite the watching toturials, I can't figure out how to do it. You are amazing and so is this mod. If overkill is what you do, then do it. Some people (like me) will love it.
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Apr 22 @ 12:25pm 
baphilli - I tend towards overkill, so the widget I was working on in Flash Pro looks like this:

Health Status Menu[]

I was recently accepted to a graduate program though, and might not have time to finish everything I had planned before leaving, unless I get some help. Especially artistically - the lines connecting the beige calorie meters are meant to indicate nutrient flow directions, but they sort of look like... er...
baphilli Apr 19 @ 4:37pm 
Love the complexity! maybe add widgets that show your current hunger, thirst, and tiredness levels like in INeed (which is to simplistic for me) and maybe add a cleanlyness bonus?
Nova_Delphine Apr 16 @ 2:56pm 
haha :)
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Apr 16 @ 2:40pm 
Crap, I've been hacked by vegans.
Nova_Delphine Apr 16 @ 9:13am 
During the game it works fine but when i try to eat meat it crashes the game, also when I try to purchase any meat product from a vender it also crashes. This has started recently but it was working fine up until a few days ago.
Ori Mar 26 @ 3:55pm 
I have foudn there is no values for Meat pies, Or for the special drinks sold in Riften. All they do is restore Stamina or health.
Is that suppose to happen?
garrisonedGuardian Mar 18 @ 3:41pm 
Ignore that last comment. Turns out I was being dumb. Great mod!
garrisonedGuardian Mar 18 @ 3:37pm 
I love this mod so far, but whenever I try and drink I get a message that says "Player has no Use Lesser Water power"
Coldfire Mar 14 @ 12:34pm 
Hmmm, I downloaded this mod and all three compatability patches. I have all expansions and the load order is fine. In the game, all seems to work fine. I activate the mod, food & drink work properly, etc. However, I find that when I go to a merchant to try and buy food, I get a near instant CTD. Once or twice I've been able to buy one or two things and leave, but if I'm in the menu for more than about two seconds, it's a lost cause. Anyone experience this issue before?
Are there any known compatibilty issues with this mod? And is there going to be extra content?
Marmot Mar 8 @ 2:58am 
Thanks for your quick reply, I started a new game since and everything works fine so far. If others don't report a similar problem, it may just be the fault of some tangled up scripts corrupting my old save. The Fishing in skyrim mod stopped working too, after all...
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Mar 7 @ 9:59am 
sina_jax - The stats update slowly because of digestion time.

Marmot - Sounds like an error in the food names, the game'll crash if they get too long. I'll take a look at it.
Marmot Mar 7 @ 4:32am 
Since I started using Babette's feast and Cooking expanded with their IMCN compatibility patches, I encountered some major problems. If IMCN is after said mods in the load order, the game crashes to desktop when I move the cursor in the cooking menu over any recipe added by those mods. If I move IMCN to be loaded before them, everything seems fine at first, but after a while the need tracking stops and the checking power, conditions/configuration/vitality items are unusable. I really love this mod, so I hope there's something to be done about this :(
sina_jax Mar 6 @ 5:22pm 
Ugh, I really loved the sound of this. The stat checking is really time consuming even if on hotbar, and it takes too long to update your statistics.Thanks but no thanks.
dan the scott Feb 23 @ 12:49pm 
okay now i enabled it, sorry i just needed to use commonsense sorry
dan the scott Feb 23 @ 12:45pm 
okay now it appears in the menu but it still says it isnt enabled
dan the scott Feb 23 @ 12:41pm 
how do i enable it, i have skyui instaled and it dose not appear in the mod configuration menu, and i am shure it is instaled, it says it is not enabled though'
TheGallaso Feb 20 @ 3:33am 
when i have this mod installed when i cook the game crashes. Ive checked that it is only this mod that is causing it
what do i do?
Imp of the Perverse  [author] Feb 14 @ 4:45pm 
@theamazingspliff - You're trying to conserve energy? Anthreas is probably right. There's also a penalty/bonus to your carryweight, so you might need to eat more protein.

@R8DER - I haven't heard anything specific. Fallout: New Vegas had some major problems with altering your timescale, and there were some rumors about a timescale lower than 5 breaking things in Skyrim, but I haven't seen any actual reports.

@Anthreas - Almost all food, plus some misc. items.
Anthreas Feb 11 @ 4:38pm 
found out the mod I was using doesn't change the alcohol beverage figures and that what I was missing.
Anthreas Feb 11 @ 3:20pm 
theamazingspliff your most probably overencumbered. speaking of wich, wich weight values actually change in this mod? I know food weighs more but Im still overencumbered even after applying a food weight reducing mod
R8DER Feb 11 @ 12:54am 
does time affect quests if you set it low?
theamazingspliff Feb 10 @ 11:05am