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Fractured Soul
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Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 1. helmi, 2015 21.29 
Good news! Fractured Soul is going to be released on Steam this week! February 5th.

Steam store page link
Spaceman 28. joulu, 2014 17.36 
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 27. joulu, 2014 20.07 
@Sarblade - we're very close to releasing on Steam. We were hoping to get it out before xmas but it just hasn't happened. Very soon though!
Sarblade 🐬 21. joulu, 2014 2.37 
What happened to this game?
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 31. elo, 2014 17.20 
Thanks hare1222!
hare1222 30. elo, 2014 11.51 
This just in: I grabbed the Humble Store (another DRM-free) version. That 2 purchases of Fractured Soul -just to push it thru.
Nocct 21. elo, 2014 17.36 
Can't wait for the Steam release! It will be so much fun to re-rexperience this on a larger scale with better graphics to add to the atmosphere! On top of that, the leader boards will be larger, so the replayability will be much better than before, not saying it was bad before XD
nickkuh 6. elo, 2014 23.55 
I already had the nintendo 3DS version and look forward to the PC version!
hare1222 22. kesä, 2014 14.43 
I bought Fractured Soul for PC via GOG. Gotta say, it does NOT disappoint. I encourage PC gamers and those with Nintendo 3DSes to get this game.
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 11. kesä, 2014 17.30 
Thanks everyone, greenlit today!! As always, we appreciate all the great support and comments.
7Vulcan7 11. kesä, 2014 17.08 
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 4. kesä, 2014 21.45 
Thanks for all the up votes and nice comments guys and gals! :) We're currently rocketing up the ranks: #29 yesterday, #23 today. If we're lucky we'll be greenlit next week and heading to Steam very very soon! So keep spreading the word!
M2K. 3. kesä, 2014 19.47 
Played the co op version of this at Pax last year. It was surprisingly beautiful. You have my support
Glewciefer 3. kesä, 2014 16.59 
Voted! Always wanted to play this!
Lilith (CountOmAlly) 30. touko, 2014 9.46 
voted and currently enjoying on desura =D
Ryzter Falcom 30. touko, 2014 8.47 
v4victory501 29. touko, 2014 17.24 
Voted ! good Luck !
1917 29. touko, 2014 12.37 
Hey, I hope you get your game greenlighted! Best of luck!
syky_finisher 29. touko, 2014 5.17 
Fractured Soul is likely to be a tough job.
Mitraillix 29. touko, 2014 4.12 
Voted. Chance for an online multiplayer someday?
sam 28. touko, 2014 20.54 
yes, thank-you :)
Sunred 28. touko, 2014 20.16 
JohannZA 28. touko, 2014 18.29 
Looks great! I'd love to see it on Steam.
danalyze 28. touko, 2014 17.18 
Voted and bought it through IndieRoyale's The Turing Bundle.Best wishes!
Parallel Platypus 28. touko, 2014 14.56 
KidKobun 28. touko, 2014 13.36 
This reminds me of Chronos Twin from Enjoy Up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cdy5eWV9d_8
grymwynd 28. touko, 2014 13.23 
Voted. Good luck.
RATM 28. touko, 2014 11.58 
voted looks fun
Vermilion 28. touko, 2014 10.37 
FerreiraCES 28. touko, 2014 10.21 
dsk1210 14. touko, 2014 12.25 
Guys why is this not on Steam yet, I know it on gog, nut i hate fractured game lists :)
ObsidianMinor 10. touko, 2014 13.02 
I loved the demo on the Nintendo 3DS, so I would love to see this game come to Steam!
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 5. touko, 2014 19.17 
@tristan - it's out now on GOG.com - http://www.gog.com/game/fractured_soul
Retropolis 4. touko, 2014 4.51 
wat was this about being released on 25 feb?
Mryayayify 24. huhti, 2014 15.08 
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▓▓▓▓▓█░░░░ Please! ░░█
Murder 24. huhti, 2014 2.49 
seems like that fixed it thx ;-)
ionutudor2012 18. huhti, 2014 5.40 
Nocct 15. huhti, 2014 14.09 
does anyone know who made the music for the add? I could check in the credits of the 3DS version of the game on my 3DS but I am too lazy.
PinkX 23. maalis, 2014 22.36 
*Like* the comment below me. Looks super fun, and creative. Will tell all my friends to Greenlight and look forward to playing it.
lucave 18. maalis, 2014 22.26 
Shut up and take my money.
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 10. maalis, 2014 17.03 
@HaVoK308 We don't have much control over what anyone publishes about the game. We've usually forwarded links to Greenlight to anyone that has asked about it. From there, it's up to the them as to whether they think that is interesting enough to their readers to mention.
HaVoK308 9. maalis, 2014 14.51 
I have seen some PC reviews for this title. All have been very positive, but they are failing to mention that it is currently on Greenlight awaiting approval. The developers should ask that they mention that.
Plot-Armored Titan 26. helmi, 2014 5.04 
seems like that fixed it thx ;-)
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 26. helmi, 2014 4.18 
@prudislav In your video card driver control panel, have you set the Vertical Sync to Force Off? It sounds like this may be the issue.
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 26. helmi, 2014 3.45 
@prudislav OK that's interesting. Definitely send through your specs, particularly your video card and if you have overridden any video card driver settings...
Plot-Armored Titan 26. helmi, 2014 2.38 
@Endgame Studios will sent them soon. Stranhge thing is when i run it windowed it works fine , but fullcreen is double speed
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 26. helmi, 2014 2.01 
@prudislav - Oh, that's no good! Please send us an email (fracturedsoul@endgamestudios.com) with as much info about your PC as you can, and we'll look into it for you.
Plot-Armored Titan 26. helmi, 2014 0.52 
just got it on GoG but it for some reason run at double speed :-( and its kinda unplayble that way
Endgame Studios  [tekijä] 25. helmi, 2014 14.53 
Thanks for the nice comments and support everyone!
草薙京007 25. helmi, 2014 1.10