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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

ColloseusX's Return of The Dwemer
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Shadow0fnight425 Mar 22 @ 1:34am 
Suggestion: Make a Falmer Faction that goes alongside a Quest series so that the Dragonborn can choose whether to become Allies with the Dwemer, and turn the Falmer back into Slaves.


Side with the Falmer to slaughter the Dwemer and make all Falmer in Blackreach Allies.

With side quests, merchants, and followers gained dependent on which Faction the Dragonborn sides with.
Zwalk Mar 12 @ 7:31pm 
never mind it work
Zwalk Mar 12 @ 7:31pm 
i dont think the link works

Zwalk Mar 12 @ 7:25pm 
btw if you want to lern about the dwmer history watch https :// also cool mod
Adimal Cres Mar 12 @ 9:16am 
I like that you got them back into the game, you are close though i will say that with the Dwemer peaple its nice seeing them back to skyrim ;)
BloodiBlade72 Feb 27 @ 1:08am 
did he stop working on this mod cause its beautiful. i love it
Doktor Oktoberfest Feb 26 @ 9:09am 
Finally i'll be able to recreate something dwarf related from skyrim in Dwarf Fortress!
Redcoat123 Feb 15 @ 11:45pm 
Will the Dragonborn be able to work with the Dwemer possibly?
TheCraftingPlosion Nov 27, 2015 @ 7:57pm 
Ok the last time this was updated was 2013 are you sure you didn't abandon this
PhenomPhobo Sep 20, 2015 @ 11:41am 
how can i get your sword
Kim John Unz The Gr8 Sep 19, 2015 @ 9:37am 
The Dwemmer Are The Same Size To The Nords
Iamth3wa1rus09 Aug 1, 2015 @ 1:33pm 
Is this compatible with Genesis?
Wardruna Jul 15, 2015 @ 7:36pm 
Part2 : Noting of the trespassing "scholars" who want to "study" the ancient dwemer and the Falmer invaders, he climbs back into the portal, sealing it behind him. He reports all of this to his master. He then blows up another dynamo core and a portal opens. Not only he enters the portal, but THE WHOLE DWEMER KINGDOM steps inside and are outraged to find their beloved kingdom in ruins. They swear a blood vengeance upon wizards, Falmer, and other elves. They rebuild half of the Skyrim ruins but then ally with the Stormcloak rebellion, symbolising a very supreme alliance that will surely crush any objection in their way.The only thing to stop in their way is the very title itself... the ancient dwemer artifact... the Master Elder Scroll. Which you automatically obtain.
Wardruna Jul 15, 2015 @ 7:36pm 
Part 1 : You know I think the backstory should be this: After fighting the Cyrodiil Dwemer Rebels for a very long time, the Dwemer of Skyrim were ambushed in the Red Mountain and were all utterly defeated. The king of the Dwemer, using his dwarven mythical tools worked on the heart of the Brass Tower and the Dwemer were sent back to their own plane of Oblivion where they worked to create better machinery so they wouldn't loose next time. Accidentally, a dwemer engineer made a dwarven centurion that collapsed and the dynamo core exploded and a red portal appeared. He stepped forth into that portal and set foot into Blackreach.
Force Commander Crutons Jul 14, 2015 @ 4:02pm 
u should add a race 2
WeenieSlayer Jul 3, 2015 @ 4:02pm 
really like it but can you make a perk free one or atleast a skyre patch.
CaptainNonsense Jul 1, 2015 @ 7:18am 
Heres a backstory idea:

Before TES IV: Oblivion, The Dwemer lived peacfully in their ancient cities and underground metropolis'. But when the Deadric lord Mehrunes Dagon invaded Tamriel, The Dwemer retreated deeper underground to secret sub-cities hidden under their original cities. The entrances were Sealed and the Dwemer remained in these Sub-cities, Until Now (this mod)
The Partisan Jun 17, 2015 @ 9:44pm 
is it possible to be part of them and serve them?
ryancog4 Jun 13, 2015 @ 2:59pm 
Really good mod got an idea for you could you get the dwemer archers to use crossbows i think it would go better than bows!
Cristobal May 25, 2015 @ 4:08pm 
i wish you could like help the dwemer and maybe destroy the falmer and take back all the dwemer ruins
swschenk Mar 23, 2015 @ 2:30pm 
Excellent Mod! Brings something else to kill in Blackreach rather Chaurus and Falmer. I would rather see and have the ability to communicate with the Dwemer and learn their sonic skills and find the lost minerals hidden somewhere in the reach
Hopefulguy Mar 23, 2015 @ 12:29pm 
is this mod dead? you havent updated it in 2 years so i have to assume that it is dead. i am sad person. so v sad. please come back. i miss you. so sad.
poisedpie032 Mar 20, 2015 @ 11:06pm 
Is joining the dwemer a possibility?
GodOfWar Mar 17, 2015 @ 7:27pm 
so it will not hurt my game will the main Quest ?
ShadowkeeperX Mar 9, 2015 @ 6:35pm 
plz respond
ShadowkeeperX Mar 9, 2015 @ 6:35pm 
i think you should do a quest for bringing the dwemer back!
lolopolo99 Mar 9, 2015 @ 1:44pm 
I think you should start improving cities so that they are no more ruins but they are normal cities . and also they can be friendly
Skaven13 Feb 22, 2015 @ 1:43pm 
Okay, I am contiplating to get this or not. Someone help me out here
TheMajesticSquarg Feb 16, 2015 @ 7:12pm 
over all i love ur mods dude 10/10 would rate again
Killer96 Feb 16, 2015 @ 4:53am 
Okay thanks for the quick response. ii was just curious since its been awhile since its been updated
ColloseusX  [author] Feb 15, 2015 @ 10:20pm 
Thanks guys and @Killer96 it's a work in progress, i'm just too busy with my game at the moment but i will work on it when i get time
Killer96 Feb 15, 2015 @ 7:10pm 
is this project abandoned or complete?
Llamaborn Feb 8, 2015 @ 9:19am 
TheMajesticSquarg Feb 7, 2015 @ 4:42pm 
are they all going to try to kill u
Agru 8XcHOP suey_8 Jan 31, 2015 @ 5:20am 
Love it.
TF2 > Raffles|M☣R| Jan 28, 2015 @ 6:09am 
how i can create the advanced Dwemer smithing o have 2 perk point and i can't get it?
X man Jan 27, 2015 @ 6:27am 
Dwemer means deep elfs and the the only elf that have beards. So the are underground elfs that was afflickted and powerfull with magic but the use it to make there tech with it insted, the really hate the spell casting thing but the use it more for making things run down there.
wildmick Jan 13, 2015 @ 8:22am 
Well, at least I got to fight the legendary Dwemer, but that's about it! No new quests or treasures after I wiped out the Dwemer inside Blackreach! Where's the beef?!?
natrobert84 Jan 10, 2015 @ 3:16am 
dwemer are dwarves
endermagician Dec 23, 2014 @ 3:00pm 
not anything else
they live in mountains
really smart
endermagician Dec 23, 2014 @ 3:00pm 
dwemer are dwarves
King Cyka Rglew Dec 22, 2014 @ 4:37pm 
How do the dwemer come back in lore it saysd they all died exept 1 who was in oblivion when they disapeared.
^1<Raexer Dec 17, 2014 @ 3:32am 
I had to uninstall this mod. It was causing problems with another Dwemer themed mod I use. If there are updates to this at any point I'll give it another look then.
BloodiBlade72 Nov 3, 2014 @ 8:55pm 
the dwemer should be non-hostile they were not hostile in the story line they fought in a war against dark elves and sided with the nords.
G20 Nov 3, 2014 @ 8:50am 
I've added this to a little collection.
I thought you might like to know :)
with respect.
you might like to lend your thumb too ;)
Hopefulguy Oct 11, 2014 @ 8:35am 
that isnt really true. it seems more like they were trying to use magic beyond their abilities and make them selves more like, or better than the gods. they were working on a spell that would allow them to live forever. when the incatation was set, the enitre dwemer race disappeared. (save the one dwarve that was in another demension) so Anal isnt correct. (love you name though)
The shape of an L on your 4head Oct 8, 2014 @ 4:10pm 
The Lore on why there are no dwarves boils down to: All Dwarves were BANISHED, Every single one, and there's no way for them to rebuild

Im saying this To help you out on your Story, thing, Maybe Change the lore a bit
[CRCS] Pillowthief Sep 27, 2014 @ 7:32am 
where do u get the quest from?