Garry's Mod

Garry's Mod

Half-Life Renaissance
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Metrocop May 4 @ 8:40am 
@Silverlan Wheres The Gene Worm?
endersteve1208 May 3 @ 2:52pm 
did you read the description jack
jack May 1 @ 12:07pm 
add the gene worm and pit worm pls
gephard Apr 30 @ 12:21am 
11/10 grunt remixes

"We will kick fire in the hole"!
Metrocop Apr 28 @ 11:27pm 
do i need hl1?
Lieutenant Tittytwist Apr 26 @ 8:14am 
this still exist
CHERNOSNEZHKA Apr 15 @ 7:42am 
where is my HL1 npc's? i dont see it
Mantha Apr 1 @ 1:58pm 
Are the textures for this the original, or are they the HD-pack textures?
Tobymac01 Mar 30 @ 9:17am 
Good work
Ted Frankles Mar 23 @ 10:44am 
In the video demonstrations for this addon, what is the health bar for? Is it another addon? Looks cool.
I am a cat Mar 22 @ 9:49am 
why does the alien grunt's armor for me is always black instead of chrome? ( i have DirectX 9.1 btw)
Pvt Parts Mar 18 @ 6:00am 
can the half life source campaign still work with this?
Pvt Parts Mar 17 @ 2:43pm 
how does one get a black commander?
Derpy Panda ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Mar 13 @ 1:37pm 
Does this include the hl1 weapons?
SpringtrapBoy (JOJOKILLER7) Mar 12 @ 1:06pm 
HELP! i cant hear otis drkeller and rosenbergs voice
xXx_TURRET MλFi▲S0_xXx Mar 11 @ 7:18am 
classic models plz
Nebtoons Mar 9 @ 6:54pm 
update this addon like an option to change the hd models to the classic models
The Wolf Mar 8 @ 10:48am 
Some npcs are missing...
Harmonic Revelations Mar 5 @ 1:15pm 
I like how he took down the far superior fixed version even though he doesn't do anything for Gmod anymore.
CapnKirk Mar 4 @ 11:41pm 
Why Does The HL2 Ichthyosaur Make That Noise? Its Haunting
TheRealMelomani Mar 2 @ 3:12am 
I dont know Is that require half life? if not awesome! please Im waiting answer
martianinferno98 Mar 1 @ 11:10am 
One of the first ever mods I got
LOL Shroomz TV [Oracle] Feb 20 @ 9:16am 
gephard Feb 14 @ 4:23am 
Please, make opposing force grunts in non HD
BLOODY RABBIT :3 Feb 13 @ 11:33pm 
And.....Where are the Human Assasins?
Dragon Feb 13 @ 3:41pm 
is that an older version of gmod how do you get that are there options to?
Damascus3k Feb 12 @ 3:57pm 
you guys do relise hes not playing gmod anymore and hes done with gmod the addons dead
*{~The Best~}* Feb 11 @ 4:19am 
it would be cool if you added the black ops female and male
Octopus Jan 29 @ 1:10am 
Can you add Standart Renaissance? Because High Defentive sucks
Grim Jan 25 @ 8:00am 
why cant you port over the sentry guns
Satoru Kazuki Jan 22 @ 12:39pm 
@steve666 só tem americano aqui! Acha que o cara vai te responder? '-'
Pelo menos fala em ingles!
fuckiil Jan 21 @ 12:02pm 
mano o barney quando atira não mata eu
Fitne Por Jan 21 @ 9:49am 
Elemental bullsquid concept is cool.
This NPC pack is going to be most useful for my machinima. However, I ain't making it until after HL3, and by that time, I'll already be hiring someone to whip up a Pit Worm and Gene Worm, and even maybe some brand new Race X creatures.

You know, I always considered Race X to be a bunch of Flood-wannabes. I can see them to be more dangerous than they seemed in Opposing Force. So dangerous that they'd take over a Combine Space Cruiser. It's fun making up backstories for the little things from certain games, is it not? :D
lolznoboz Jan 15 @ 11:23am 
can anyone make half life zombie edition npcs
Gumpyro Jan 15 @ 10:28am 

Are you fucking retarded!? He said he won't be updating nor fixing any of his addons.
Replica.Elite.JIMMY Jan 10 @ 8:00am 
why are you done with gmod?
lolznoboz Jan 9 @ 2:16pm 
can anyone make half life 1 ragdolls that are face posable, finger posable, eye posable and bonemergable because i would like to make a video with half life 1 scientists with funny faces
Beyond Jan 2 @ 11:34am 
@G for Gamer 27

Then why did he reupload this on the workshop.
TheViper Jan 2 @ 9:38am 
can you make them to look like half life source npcs
not the hd pack that is
Lucas_from2005 Jan 2 @ 9:26am 
yay its back :D
elrobertosuperio Dec 30, 2015 @ 11:08pm 
WTF i thot this was taken down
Tebryn Arbandi Dec 26, 2015 @ 1:33pm 
@pingas- he stopped updating his addons since 2013. there won't be a fix unless it's done by someone else. half-life renaissance: reconstructed was an okay fix, though I hear it was taken down.
Invader Dev Dec 21, 2015 @ 6:58pm 
Gonna miss your great addons man.
♖DoomSpy♖ Dec 20, 2015 @ 8:28am 
After the gmod update the possesor got f**ked up, please fix this in every of your addon.