Hearthfire multiple adoptions
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Vexilarius XXVII Apr 30 @ 8:52pm 
@TMPhoenix: Thank you sir. Another bug stomped.
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 30 @ 3:07pm 
@Vexilarius XXVII: That's a vanilla Hearthfire bug involving DLC or custom pets.

Open the console, click the problem child and type the following 3 commands:
setav variable06 0
setav variable07 0

That should reset them.
@TMPhoenix Just read though the article and now understand and agree with you. Thank you for taking the time to answer my question.
Vexilarius XXVII Apr 27 @ 10:01pm 
Thanks for this mod, just what I wanted. However, one small problem I've encountered: when in the same area as Lucia, she will run up and open dialogue as though the player has initiated conversation. If the dialogue is closed, she will chase you and do it again. Is there a console command to fix this?

Thanks in advance, its more of a minor annoyance than a serious problem.
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 25 @ 12:53pm 
@FlusherBoxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx: To answer your question, which isn't rude at all, I started to write something, but it turned out a little longer than expected and I can't properly post it here, so I refer you to the article here: http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/articles/50151/&pUp=1
Why do you feel Steam Workshop is destroying the modding community? I don't mean to ask this in a rude way.
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 23 @ 1:49pm 
The Nexus site will remain as is.

I simply do not want to be part of a site that basically destroys the modding community.
Jorge Apr 23 @ 1:47pm 
Hi, its ok, i just going to start a new game, going to add more mods that requires a new game also like CWO; why you want to remove it from steam?, you are going to delete it from nexus also?
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 23 @ 1:34pm 
With the current developments, I am seriously considering removing my mod from the Steam Workshop.
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 15 @ 4:40pm 
@Jorge: if you haven't adopted yet you should be fine by just activating this mod. Custom home support would work either way, but the child limit may not be increased; deactivating HF would probably have nasty side effects and I wouldn't recommend it...
Jorge Apr 14 @ 10:23pm 
Hi, unchecking the heartfire dlc and entering game saving and exit, then check HF again and your mod could work?, i really dont want to start a new game lol
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 13 @ 7:55am 
@ProwlingWolf: What language are you using? And please make sure that HF is ACTIVE in your load order... The official launcher has a tendency to mess up your load order, at least for me. Deactivating mods I want active while activating ones that I don't. Not to mention reordering my load order. Considering you are using the workshop you have to go through it of course.
ProwlingWolf Apr 5 @ 4:42pm 
@TMPhoenix: I do have heartfire, but I couldnt load my game
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 3 @ 1:15pm 
@PinklyPerfect: It should be ni your restoration tab already.

@THEgAmEr45: Unlikely to be related to this mod. More than likely Skyrim is running out of memory. There are ways to help aleviate that problem, such as any recent SKSE.

Lady_Vav Apr 1 @ 6:54pm 
@TMPhoenix I had no mods installed that did anything to change Breezehome or Lakeview Manor (the two houses I tried moving them to while this was happening), nor was the home removed or glitched in any way that I know of. I subscribed to this mod before I adopted any kids, and when I removed it, all my save files for that character were corrupt.
Since removing this mod, I've had absolutely no troubles with my spouse or children staying in the home.
THEgAmEr45 Mar 29 @ 9:33am 
when i fast travel the game crashes???.....help.....
staticmunk7777 Mar 28 @ 7:50pm 
thnak you so much i got 5 lil ones so far 3 of them the ebast kids alesan and the flower girl so far trully awesome mod thnak you
PinklyPerfect Mar 28 @ 8:14am 
where do you ge the bless home spell???
TMPhoenix  [author] Mar 24 @ 3:24pm 
@ProwlingWolf: Do you have Hearthfire? Is it active in your load order?
ProwlingWolf Mar 22 @ 12:34pm 
Continuous game crashes, can't load my game after subscribing??
Tobyushiwa Mar 21 @ 6:32pm 
Thanks for the mod
TMPhoenix  [author] Mar 17 @ 5:01pm 
@LadyofHera: Have you at any point deactivated the mod? Did you perhaps remove the house they were living in? If kids go back to Honorhall that usually means something is wrong.
Lady_Vav Mar 15 @ 10:41pm 
I adopted three kids, but I was away from home on a quest for five days, and when I came back Sissel and Britte were gone. It turns out they went to Honorhall and, though they still called me 'mama' and the commands were still there, they wouldn't leave the orphanage.
This mod also seemed to conflict with something surrounding marriage, as my spouse won't stay in my house -he continues to go back to his original home.
I have no marriage or adoption mods in my game other than this one, and the only other mods I have are for better looking vampires and better eyes.
pokemonjigglypuffclub Mar 13 @ 2:18pm 
i got it working
TMPhoenix  [author] Mar 11 @ 1:23pm 
@pokemonjigglypuffclub: That usually happens when you have a mod conflict. Could you PM me your load order on the nexus?
pokemonjigglypuffclub Mar 10 @ 5:50pm 
i have 2 kids i downloaded it but i cant adopt any more kids
Massarah Mar 7 @ 11:48am 
This mod is awesome, it made this game better for me for sure!
TMPhoenix  [author] Mar 4 @ 3:06pm 
@myoukei: you're welcome.

@spagnier.roran: given that they are in the troubleshooting section, I figured it was obvious they aren't. In fact you should avoid using them.
myoukei Mar 4 @ 7:10am 
I think tbh that this mod was one of the reasons i got skyrim for the pc (modding PS3 games is... uh... tricky >__> ) looking back it is the first mod i downloaded.

I've been playing with this mod for all the time i've had skyrim via pc (all 400+ hours of it). I've never once had a problem with it. Coming from a big family, i like the idea of my characters having one. If i've never left a reveiw before: thank you for your work!
spagnier.roran Mar 3 @ 6:25am 
the codes are required all the time?
BeeMud Feb 22 @ 1:48pm 
looks at kid... OH MY GOD... whats wrong with your faaaaaace
AbadopolGrimspree Feb 12 @ 3:25pm 
Very cool to be able to adopt all the kids that are not in the ophange and then some from the orphanage. It is annoying that I had to find a place for them to live on Nexus tho. I used the "Solstice Castle" Very cool place that costs 2000 to buy in game...or was it 20000...?? Anyway I was shocked to notice with my nude mod I got from Nexus that the women followers take their clothes off when they get into the pool. Besides that when using the "Bless this house power" it works. Thanx again.
dark eve Feb 4 @ 3:11pm 
ok thank you
TMPhoenix  [author] Feb 4 @ 12:22pm 
@dark eve: as long as you haven't started adopting you should indeed be able to adopt up to 6 kids, so you can adopt all 4 street kids for example and still adopt at least some of the kids from the orphanage; who you adopt is up to you.
dark eve Feb 3 @ 2:51pm 
so if i have 2 kids i can adopt the dude in dawnstar also i have not gotten any kids yet
TMPhoenix  [author] Feb 3 @ 2:49pm 
@dark eve: It allows you to adopt up to 6 kids and allows you to use certain custom homes for your family (a full list can be found on the Nexus page of this mod, link above).

@Solus: It's not.
dark eve Feb 3 @ 1:52pm 
does this make it so you can adopt the other children that are already there or does it just add more children to adopt
Solus Jan 27 @ 9:48am 
Am I missing something important 'cause I don't understand why you can't have different children in different houses if it's just a problem of the houses being too small...
Mortaeus Jan 24 @ 8:54pm 
;_; ok... thanks anyways... great mod, by the way. I admire anyone who can make heads or tails of the creation kit.
TMPhoenix  [author] Jan 24 @ 9:29am 
@Mortaeus: Given the amount of effort and the fact that even at 6 kids the homes tend to be too small to house them causing problems with the pathfinding AI, I doubt I'll be raising the cap. If you want to do it yourself, It'll require scripting and work on just about all quests involved in the adoption system. You'll also need to add additional dialogues for all the extra kids.
Mortaeus Jan 24 @ 3:22am 
Scratch that, I'm begging you to. This mod is wonderful, but... just, please?
Mortaeus Jan 22 @ 1:17am 
Is there any way you could raise the adoption cap, or tell me how to do it? I really want to adopt as many kids as possible this playthrough - meaning all of them - so I'd really appreciate your assistance. Being someone with no scripting ability whatsoever, it's sorta desperately needed too ^^'
TMPhoenix  [author] Jan 21 @ 1:32pm 
@JacobTheViking: While you don't have to wait to install, you won't be able to adopt more than 2 kids on your current playthrough. Custom home support should work though.

@The Crazed Beserker: Than you should be able to adopt all 6 kids.
navorskatie Jan 20 @ 2:01pm 
Just an FYI for others, in case they were wondering. I added this mod much later in my game play, since it was something I'd like to have but did not know about it when starting a new game. I had not adopted any kids yet. After adding it, it seems like it was added and operating OK with 6 kids adopted in an on-going game where I also added a modded Breezehome to have 6 children's beds.

Bruceman Jan 16 @ 6:04pm 
i havent adopted any children on my current character, but ive gotten pretty far on other stuff
CornClubComicClan Jan 11 @ 9:36pm 
I'm already level 20 with two children. . . do I need to wait until I'm done with my Dragonborn before installing this mod?
TMPhoenix  [author] Jan 11 @ 12:06pm 
@K_Murka: Are you perhaps using a mod that changes the look of the kids? If so you probably need to edit it in the CK or in Tes5Edit to remove the underwear from the outfits, so that the outfits only contain shoes and the actual clothes and not the underwear/bikini.
K_Murka Jan 10 @ 5:58pm 
I have a problem >_<
the other 2 girls I adopted... if I give them new dress... the start to wear a.. strange bikini (?!)
I feel like a phedophile ... when I see them runnig like this in my home x___x
Can I do ssomething ... or tipe something in to staaaph this ?! x__x
p.s. sry my english is bad!
Smake Jan 3 @ 8:40am 
Finally works thanks
street kids: SetFactionRank xx004290 1
orphanage kids: SetFactionRank xx004290 10
TMPhoenix  [author] Jan 3 @ 5:00am 
No I prefer it if people don't post long lists on the thread, since it tends to make it difficult to read. Hence my request to PM me on the Nexus. That and I check the Nexus page far more frequently.