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Hearthfire multiple adoptions
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TMPhoenix  [author] May 9 @ 3:45pm 
@Fordo: It should be under restoration. The name will be translated if you are using a supported non-English language.
{F©©} Fordo May 6 @ 5:20pm 
I can't find the bless home spell. Help...
TMPhoenix  [author] May 5 @ 2:02pm 
@PotatoMasher: This can happen if there are kids sleeping in the wrong beds. The problem is that going to bed is a 2 step process: 1. Go to the approximate location of the bed 2. Find a bed within range.

If kids 1...2 go to bed first in certain cirumstances it can happen that they end up in the beds assigned to other kids. When they go to bed they go to the search location, but don't find any beds within range, so they do the next best thing (as far as an NPC in Skyrim is concerned) and just keep standing there.

You could try keeping the other kids awake long enough for them to get in to their own beds, but that tends to be difficult, since sleeping NPCs have a knack for going back to bed mid conversation.
PotatoMasher Apr 27 @ 4:45am 
I built the the 2 single beds upstairs and build the double bed upstairs, but instead of sleeping on the bed they stand besides it, even after i forced them to sleep they still stand beside the bed and do nothing for 12 hours until the other kids on the children's bed wake up and play
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 27 @ 3:08am 
The HF homes can be set up to support more kids: build the bedroom wing + the 2 child beds, build the 2 single beds upstairs and build the double bed upstairs. The kids should use them, though I've seen issues with kids not finding their way in those homes before....
PotatoMasher Apr 27 @ 2:57am 
time to resort to the last option, say goodbye to heljarchen hall, thanks for the reply
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 27 @ 1:51am 
@PotatoMasher: get a house with more beds?

TheSkyrimLord169 Apr 26 @ 10:33am 
@Antares Open Skyrim from steam. Before the fullscreen game opens, there should be a small screen with 5 options on it: "Play", "Options", "Data Files", "Tech Support" and "Quit". Click "Data Files" and untick either the prince and the pauper, or this mod (I wouldn't reccomend unticking this mod, because it is really good, but it is an option). If this doesn't work just find the prince and the pauper on community and unsubscribe to it.
Hope this helped.
PotatoMasher Apr 25 @ 5:38pm 
the first 2 kid i adopted are able to sleep on the child's bed, but the last 3rd and 4th kid i adopted are not sleeping, how do i fix that?
GangstaNerd Apr 22 @ 7:11pm 
It took forever but I figured out why it wasnt instaling
TMPhoenix  [author] Apr 21 @ 2:15pm 
@Nightmare Silouette: No it shouldn't interfere, but that doesn't mean that the homes and their surroundings are completely safe.
Nightmare Silouette Apr 20 @ 3:21pm 
I adopyed two girls and then the little boy in dawn star,and when I went home he was dead in the entry way!Like can I fix that!I love the little guy cause he works so hard to just be able to eat and now he is dead!! T~T
Also I have the kill children mod,does that mod interfer with the multiple adoptions mod?
Antares Mar 23 @ 2:28am 
you were right, it was a mod conflikt: "Prince and the Pauper"! Which I read abaut on my return to Skyrim!
Thanx for your offer to help - I just did'nt know how to set abaout it.
TMPhoenix  [author] Feb 20 @ 3:18pm 
@mark: There is a mod for that, but if you use it, I can't guarantuee it not mess up the entire adoption system.
TheSkyrimLord169 Feb 20 @ 10:13am 
@mark idk if there is in the base game, but I think there's a mod for that.
mark Feb 20 @ 6:44am 
Is there a way to reset the adoption count to zero and start over, or should I restart the entire game ??
TMPhoenix  [author] Feb 2 @ 11:15am 
The street kids can be adopted, kids that are the orphanage (when the right conditions have been met), kids that lose both their parents. This all requires Hearthfire, since this is just an extension of the existing system.

Links to compatible custom homes can be found on the Nexus page (link in description).

@ShadowDragon_79: If you haven't adopted anyone, you should be fine.
TheSkyrimLord169 Jan 25 @ 8:30am 
@goarmy no because hearthfire is the base mod, allowing you being able to be adopt any children, this mod extends how many children you can adopt
ShadowDragon_79 Jan 24 @ 5:03pm 
...oh, there's even a list of homes linked above. So go there.

As for Hearthfire:

"Hearthfire multiple adoptions"
"... They are fully integrated in the Hearthfire adoption system and should be able to use the default voices. ..."

- sounds like the addon is necessary, yes.
ShadowDragon_79 Jan 24 @ 4:59pm 
@Night Ray:
There are modded player-homes especially for this - take a look around the workshop. ( don't have a link at hand atm. )
goarmy Jan 23 @ 7:44pm 
Can I adopt the kids from off the street, or is it only the ones in the adoption home. And can I use this mod with out the hearthfire mod.
Night Ray Jan 22 @ 3:02pm 
Where would the other kids sleep? or is this mod only intended for the Hearthfire homes
ShadowDragon_79 Jan 18 @ 11:56pm 
"... stores vanilla scripts if they were already running"
So, since I didn't play much yet ( level 4 so far, not even been to Whiterun yet ) - are the vanilla scripts that conflict with this likely to be already running in my save ?
tehbulldan Jan 6 @ 2:58pm 
been loking fot a mod like this for 2 mounths now thank god you are here
jondo1214 Dec 28, 2016 @ 9:13pm 
Very good mod
Chaboose Dec 23, 2016 @ 2:04pm 
@TMPhoenix You have a fair point. Also, this is a great mod
TMPhoenix  [author] Dec 23, 2016 @ 1:52pm 
@Chaboose: If you do that I can't guarantuee that you'll be able to adopt and that the kids will not suddenly decide to walk off. Use at your own risk. Also, if you do use the unadoption mod, don't come complaining that you have issues with this mod at some later point in time, because that will be the cause.
TheSkyrimLord169 Dec 18, 2016 @ 11:03am 
@Chaboose oh.
Chaboose Dec 13, 2016 @ 10:56am 
For anyone wondering how to adopt more kids without making a new skyrim, this may work for you.

1. Save and uninstall this mod for now
2. Install Unadoption Mod, its on steam
3. Start Skyrim, and use the unadoption mod
4. Exit Skyrim, then REDOWNLOAD this mod.

After that, you'll have to readopt your kids and you can get more than two. Hope this helps.
sbellalvlee Dec 12, 2016 @ 9:15am 
☿⛧The~Nocturnal~Horror⛧☿ Dec 10, 2016 @ 4:27am 
Alright, will do ^^
TMPhoenix  [author] Dec 8, 2016 @ 11:05am 
You can find the load order in a file on your system:
C:\Users\<Your_UserName_Here>\AppData\Local\Skyrim\plugins.txt Just post the contents of that file. Also, I'd prefer it if you posted it in a PM on the Nexus, to keep this thread uncluttered.
☿⛧The~Nocturnal~Horror⛧☿ Dec 4, 2016 @ 9:15am 
Ive had the mod installed for a very long time, i hadnt touched Skyrim in almost a year and only recently begun playing it again.

I'll try to get you my mod load order but its like super looooong and im not sure where i'd go about find it, a lot of the mods i have on steam and then there's a chunk i have from nexus so its hard to show them on the list when i load up the game.

I could try to get the list off loot if possible.
TMPhoenix  [author] Dec 4, 2016 @ 4:26am 
@The Nocturnal Hoorror: Did you install after already adopting 2, Then that's the reason. If not, you have a conflicting mod installed. I'd need to see your load order.

@Majormonologue: Already done. I'ts available on the Nexus.

@shannarafox: Either a conflicting mod or at least some loose scripts that are causing problems.

@ErikShadowman: It should be under restoration, and the name is translated if you have one of the supported language, so if you are not using English, look for something similar in your language.
McCream Nov 26, 2016 @ 6:22pm 
-[CFH]-GHOST53 Nov 25, 2016 @ 8:01am 
i loaded it and try to adopt a kid and it wouldnt let me move them in breazehome,and i sarted a new game it still dont work
☿⛧The~Nocturnal~Horror⛧☿ Nov 23, 2016 @ 3:19am 
Some reason its not letting me adopt anymore children. I've already adopted two but everytime i try to talk to others no dialog to adopt them comes up :c
lannisarah2 Nov 18, 2016 @ 5:34pm 
can you put this onto xbox 1 and ps4, that would be great!
Estigeist Nov 18, 2016 @ 4:17pm 
i dont have bless home
TheSkyrimLord169 Nov 11, 2016 @ 9:07am 
@shannarafox hmm... I did have this problem, sometimes it's like a problem with the saves? I can't remember how I got it fixed but I know it's fixable. Don't give up on this mod, it's my favourite.
Majormonologue Nov 10, 2016 @ 1:26pm 
can you make an new version of this mod for SE? that would be great, too many unadopted kids
shannarafox Nov 7, 2016 @ 4:35pm 
it is last to load but still will not let me adopt any other kids. I had started a new game, loaded mods slowly one at a time so I knew there were no crashes and had this mod before I adopted any kids. first two went just fine, then I went to adopt more and it won't let me. I'm very bummed since I put a lot of work into a whole new game and getting the lakeview addon with extra beds. Is there some way I can get this to working for me?
TMPhoenix  [author] Nov 7, 2016 @ 11:49am 
If anything load it last. You can PM me the load order on the Nexus if you prefer.
shannarafox Nov 6, 2016 @ 8:17pm 
I don't have a ton of mods running, most of them are Amazing Follower, Conv. horses or follower mods. Should this one be loaded first? I can try to modify it.
TMPhoenix  [author] Nov 6, 2016 @ 3:16am 
@alanarohrbach00: No, some of them won't sleep, but that's about it. I modified the buildable homes so that if you build the bedroom wing and the beds upstairs in the main hall, they should all be able to sleep in a bed.

@shannarafox: could be an incompatible mod. I'd need to see your load order.
shannarafox Nov 3, 2016 @ 2:42pm 
I started a whole new game, subed and adopted one kid then a 2nd and it now won't let me adopt more. Help?
alanarohrbach00 Oct 31, 2016 @ 2:08pm 
Do you need a custom home for this? like if I don't have enough bed for ALL the kids will something go wrong?
TheSkyrimLord169 Oct 30, 2016 @ 3:21am 
@kaypandas1234 i think this is just a bug with Skyrim itself. I got married and adopted 2 kids before I got this mod. I bought the house in Solitude, with beautiful bedrooms. I found them sleeping in piles of hay in the stables :P
Kaypandas Oct 29, 2016 @ 11:16am 
Hi, one of my children is not sleeping in the childs bed! She is sleeping in a regular bed for some reason lol i know its not a big deal, but i was wondering if there would be a fix for this. Thanks so much! :3
TMPhoenix  [author] Oct 28, 2016 @ 5:59pm 
@detruisez: As soon as I have some time and access to the SE CK I will be porting this mod over.