Improved Bots (Simple)
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Soldier of peace 3 hours ago 
Ziggy, will it turn off the steam achievments if you made the bots aim better and see better? Because it will be awesome if it doesnt. and try to make the bots do something when they are being damaged by common infected from all around the bot. Thanks
Bubby42O Sep 28 @ 8:50am 
Ah thanks Ziggy! keep up the good work! c:
Ziggy ±PGD*±  [author] Sep 28 @ 8:31am 
No, you won't get banned for using this on servers. However, in order for it to work on servers it will need to be installed to the server. Joining a server with it installed to your game will do nothing. Installing it to your game will only make it work for single player games.
Nelson01023 Sep 27 @ 8:29pm 
I'd rate this a 10/10,this absolutely essential to any and all playthrough.
Bubby42O Sep 27 @ 8:31am 
This mod is probobly the best mod i seen yet. I must ask tho. Can i get banned if i use this mod on online servers like survival or campaign co op? Please respond!
morrae Sep 26 @ 7:03am 
Unplayable in expert. This idiots always go right in front of you while you shooting, thus killing themselves over and over.
DJdog21 Sep 26 @ 12:26am 
Randomness HD Sep 16 @ 1:37pm 
DumBoCow the difference is that u have keys to press for stuff like what i just said
Randomness HD Sep 16 @ 1:36pm 
Virgil Advanced has that
DumBoCow Sep 15 @ 1:47am 
what's the difference of advance and simple?
Virgil Sep 14 @ 10:29pm 
I have a suggestion that I am not sure is possible. Can you add the ability to take over one of the other survivors if the one you were playing as is killed? I found some cresendo events the bots were unable to finish in custom maps, and they just stood around no knowing what to do.
TommyCD1 Sep 6 @ 3:54pm 
I know they won't ever use them, but do you think you could get the bots to just pick up grenades and defibs. For looks?
Shait Sep 3 @ 4:03am 
This doesn't work.. not in local not even in singleplayer.
TehMoeyFTW Sep 2 @ 6:51pm 
What is the difference between simple and advanced?
ZenLest_Stehum Sep 1 @ 12:08am 
Bots will continue to play after you have died instead of ending the game. READ!
Darrark Aug 27 @ 5:59pm 
I experienced something... odd. Don't know if this was added, but in No Mercy the bots actually triggered the finale after I had died-- I could swear they were only able to perform "simple" actions; triggering the finale doesn't *seem* like a simple action.
freexavier Aug 25 @ 9:42am 
I experience a problem with this. I was playing Verses with my friends with a server I hosted and after playing for a bit. The game hangs & black screens. I hope you can adress this problem.
PSquiddy Aug 24 @ 3:37pm 
Will it get you VAC Banned?
Mandrill Aug 19 @ 11:10am 
hi :) i use this mod long time now. Like. But i have one request for my setup^^ here :) It conflicts with Urik Main Hud Link: . Now is my answer could it be possible for u to fix this issue, perhaps a modification without hud changes. i appreciate ur work thx in advance

see ya in saferoom^^ cheers
-The.-.Reaper- Jul 29 @ 8:00am 
Okay i dont think the COntiue bot thing works either
-The.-.Reaper- Jul 29 @ 7:49am 
DOu its a good addon
-The.-.Reaper- Jul 29 @ 7:49am 
Idk.The bots Didin't react when i got a jockey on me.or the melee trick
Jester of Rλvenholm Jul 24 @ 5:28pm 
They use positols even when they have full ammo. And it makes us all die very easily.
Brian Jul 23 @ 9:23pm 
I thought this mod was causing the problem with the pipe bomb. I disabled every add-on, including this one, and I still get that problem. The bot players freeze and do nothing until a pipe bomb explodes. I guess they do that to prevent themselves from taking any damage from a pipe bomb.
Rocko Jul 19 @ 3:16pm 
doesnt work they never heal me and they always commit suicide
KiritoScout Jul 13 @ 7:04pm 
how do you play versus in singleplayer?
Volcano Bakemeat Jul 12 @ 9:26am 
How about making them pick up Pipe bombs, Molotovs, and Bile Jars?
Aтαηα¢ιυѕ Jul 12 @ 12:15am 
Amazingly interesting!!

But it will be more super interesting to add a special feature to the mod: "Can continue alone to find the next safe room/rescue point if the ONLY ONE player died"..

It will be then so excellent if when we are the only one player, when we died, we are moved to spectator mode (and then it's not trigger the Game Over window...) so the bot can rescue us and if they can't continue along the map alone...

That's perhaps possible, but... I'm not a modder. Can you tell me if it's possible or not ?
jarmour Jul 9 @ 7:56pm 
0/0 Thanks for crashing my game
Friday nite boring Jul 7 @ 3:05pm 
l do like
Friday nite boring Jul 7 @ 3:05pm 
(TFM Private) Aaron. Jul 7 @ 12:25pm 
Rainbow Dash Jul 6 @ 5:20pm 
You are my Hero.
Ruuti Jul 3 @ 12:47am 
So What's New? Jul 1 @ 8:31pm 
I've noticed that at many times while playing, the fact that the game keeps playing can be an annoyance, is there anyway to restart the chapter alone (voting only has restarting the campaign mission entirely)?
Something else I noticed while playing - the bots are incapable of talking to Whitaker through the PA system (patch?). Use of throwable objects such as mollys would also be nice, although I'm sure it would be very difficult. MAKE A FAQ PLS <3
Add something that they can pick up pipebombs moltovs and boomer bile plz thx
I want to add that the ai standing in a smaller circle, shooting AROUND, all that stuff works well and they don't trail off real far like normally. They're not as bad at melee as you'd think (at least Ellis with an axe isn't).

In Versus they're more brutal than regular ai, but like in SP expert they're still a mess with common infected. I honestly put the blame on Valve and their generally poor ai programming.

Good effort on the uploaders part, especially for tweaking the add on over the years. It'd be nice if Valve gave us ai that wasn't so clumsy at the least.
Some of this mods pretty cool, like bots using melee weapons and how they'll pull out melees at fitting times, that and GENERALLY they're quicker with saving you.

At the same time, they'll do stupid stuff like sit there and let just one or two common slowly slap them to death while they stair off, or you'll get smokered, caugt on something, and they'll stair and you in awe.

Just playing Dead Center today on Expert was next to impossible with how clumsy the ai was, running into fire, healing me in spitter goo, seperating from me to save a nearly dead survivor, oui.
Halo master Jun 22 @ 3:03am 
This is great me and my girlfriend get really pissed off at how retarded the AI are all the time keep up the good work man.
Wolf Jun 15 @ 3:44pm 
I have a few complaints:
When I played Hard Rain
1. Every now and then one of them would lag behind
2. Sometimes they won't do anything even though they're getting surrounded by zombies
3. I got incapacitated once (I got pounced by a Hunter) and none of them would come and rescue me (They weren't moving AT ALL) and they only started moving once I died.
4. They took about 10 seconds to react to me being jockied or smoked.
MiniJam Jun 8 @ 6:23am 
great for forever alone people :'( but now i am happy :D
YuraOn1 Jun 4 @ 9:11pm 
Good Mod For Alone Player's ;)
Agent Zero Jun 3 @ 1:13pm 
I discovererd an error with the bots. For whatever reason, they aren't coded to shoot at Dead Air styled destructable barracades after the player is deceased, leaving them standing dumbly in front, staring blankly.
xTSx Coke Cane Jun 3 @ 10:50am 
fix the problem where they rescue me when i die. they come for me but they dont open the door and teleport to the other person.
TommyCD1 Jun 2 @ 11:15pm 
This is a really nice mod. But when I use it, for some reason when I die, the banner at the top that says 'YOU ARE DEAD' isn't there anymore. Is anyone else having this problem and is there a way it can be fixed?
BONKERS Jun 2 @ 11:10pm 
This constantly crashes in MP even on a local server with sv_consistency 0.


My friend and I need this.
CYNICλL Jun 2 @ 4:09pm 
Does this work in VS mode?
[S.E.A.R.] D3@tH-KnIghT Jun 2 @ 4:37am 
works only on single need fix, the bots don't continue when players are down
ڶÍᴹᴮÍṭᶊ ® Jun 1 @ 1:24pm 
After some testing I've found the same thing. Single player works fine it's when I play on local server with friends that it falls over. The friends have the same mod installed as well.
Raiden El Jacko (Tobix) May 31 @ 2:29pm 
It appears you can only use it in Single Player.
The game crashed for me after the first map of the campaing(No Mercy) playing with a friend with a Local Server.