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Improved Bots (Simple)
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zankulong1991 2 hours ago 
can we get them to help carry gass cans
Ziggy  [author] Jun 22 @ 3:41pm 
That is very strange. I have no idea what would cause that.
Guntha Jun 22 @ 11:42am 
I play the French version of the game; when I activate this mod, all the speeches are in English :/

Other than that, good job!
MurderPatrol Jun 12 @ 6:01am 
hey ziggy, for some reason they dont pick up meele weapons and i cant crawl while incapitated. how can i fix this?
QUASAR May 24 @ 6:30am 
Thankyou for the mod; I just wish they would have infinite ammo, not close the doors until I want them to, and not step in front of the player. But this is a really cool improvement over the standard bot algorithms.:)
Ryan May 21 @ 2:59pm 
By the way, it seems to work fine on that mutation
Ziggy  [author] May 21 @ 12:41pm 
Thank you for letting me know. I've reported the addon and I hope others will as well.
Conference Call May 21 @ 8:42am 
Just thought I'd like to point out someone may have stolen your mod. Check the description, it's almost exactly word for word on what it does.

Ryan May 14 @ 11:24am 
quick question...
has anyone tried this with the mutation "United We Stand Coop"?
that mutation has all 8 survivors together.
does this mod still work properly with it?
Anis McKenzie Apr 23 @ 7:14am 
Simple is just subscribe and you are done, and the advanced is you have more steps to install this mod.
Jay Zeruel Zypher Apr 19 @ 8:46am 
You better hope to god none of your team mates "NPC's" are using mele weapons when a jokey ride's you. This happend 3 time's in one match were i died because two people had batts and got in the way of the guy shooting because they tried to hit it. Three... Differant... Times... In the same level:l Its a good mod over all but still. Being killed while your team is chasing you with nothing but a bat is sorta not so fun.
[UG] Pyri Mar 25 @ 7:39pm 
Whats the difference between Simple and the Advance version?
bubble2002 Mar 12 @ 3:16pm 
not even jk a hunter pounced on me, all three were 5 metres away and could see me and they didn't kill the hunter for about 20-30 secs.
I got so triggred xD
Spaaps Mar 11 @ 2:43pm 
I don't know but it doesn't work for me. It does not conflict with any addon so what's going on?
AyleidRuin Mar 2 @ 10:45am 
Thank you for your work Ziggy
The Auditor Feb 27 @ 9:58am 
Alright thats fine. Thanks for your help, if i have anymore problems ill post them here.
Ziggy  [author] Feb 27 @ 9:14am 
To SourceMod? No. It's too complex of a mod to work as an addon.
The Auditor Feb 27 @ 8:17am 
Is there a steam link to that? I need to download it by workshop because my l4d2 files are bugged.
Ziggy  [author] Feb 27 @ 12:40am 
I've added some recommended SourceMod plugins to the description to raise awareness of it. SourceMod allows you to do a lot more with the game that workshop addons can't do. The plugins I've listed will further improve the bots significantly.

SourceMod works completely with single player games. It does take a bit of time to set up and edit all the config files to your liking, but it is well worth taking the time to do that!

There are a lot of other very useful SourceMod plugins as well. I've only linked the ones relating to bots.
The Auditor Feb 25 @ 8:57am 
The only thing that is still quite annoying is the bots unbeatable aimbot XD
CHEWBOCKBALLS Feb 16 @ 7:03pm 
Ye4 Feb 16 @ 6:02pm 
Hey man, the mod works in the coop mode, thanks for the answer.
Ziggy  [author] Feb 16 @ 2:10pm 
I don't think so but I'm not sure.
Ye4 Feb 16 @ 10:52am 
If me and my friend have this mod installed and play a coop level together, the mod continue working?
Buzzsaw Feb 15 @ 4:22pm 
Okay, thank you for the answer
Ziggy  [author] Feb 15 @ 4:17pm 
No, it's not possible for an addon to do that. That would have to be done through a SourceMod plugin.
Buzzsaw Feb 15 @ 6:36am 
Hi there, can you update your mod so bots can pick up and share the throwables items?
I played on a custom server lastime wher eit was possible for the bots to do so, have been wondering if it was your mod installed on that server.
Ziggy  [author] Feb 12 @ 4:01am 
Well, I don't know what else I can tell you, honestly. I've never seen them act like that and I know this addon's script wouldn't cause them to do those things. But if you prefer to play with the default bots just hit the unsubscribe button above and enjoy the game.
A LeopluridonxX Feb 12 @ 3:51am 
I can turn it off and they don't do it then turn it on and they do it. Ok man. xD
Ziggy  [author] Feb 12 @ 1:55am 
That's absolutely not something this addon would cause to happen. The modding system for this game is very simple, and thus, so is this addon. I can only modify certain variables for bots that Valve has allowed through the developer's console. Things like how far the bots prefer to stray from the player, how quickly or slowly a bot responds to a situation, or how low a bot's health should be before they use a med kit on themselves. I can't completely change behaviors in the way you are describing, so those would have to be default behaviors.
A LeopluridonxX Feb 12 @ 12:11am 
Really? Ive never seen a bot try so hard to jump off a building or walk through an elevator to their death. yet they take turns doing it one at a time..................
Ziggy  [author] Feb 11 @ 9:51am 
Sorry you didn't feel the bots were improved. I don't think I've changed anything that would make them act worse in any situation. I do undertand that the bots are really bad in this game, even with this addon. I've improved as much as I can, but there are several behaviors I can't fix due to the limited modding system for this game. When people see these bots screw up things that I have no control over they sometimes think it's because of the addon and don't realize that's just an unfixable default behavior that happens with or without the addon installed.

You're entitled to your opinion though.
A LeopluridonxX Feb 11 @ 3:43am 
The word no and cant seem to be the only known words to the author. The words funcional and good are not known. THIS MOD SUCKS. the bots are dumber.
Fedora[YT] Jan 28 @ 2:54am 
Klinkie Jan 27 @ 6:39pm 
Is there any way to change the number of melees the team can have before the bots drop theirs?
Fedora[YT] Jan 27 @ 3:47pm 
this mod and bot Wont grab melee Why
Leo Jan 3 @ 12:04am 
Also, Louis was incapitated in a pile of acid and Zoey stood on top of it, trying to revive him. That never happened to me before.
Leo Jan 3 @ 12:02am 
It's never happen to me without this addon. Usually they'd just move.
Ziggy  [author] Jan 2 @ 11:52pm 
They do that without this addon. I didn't say it fixes every issue with them. The modding system for this game is extremely limited.
Leo Jan 2 @ 10:10pm 
This didn't even improve them. It actually made them dumber. I was playing Dead Air; I threw a molotov, and Bill just stood in the fire.
slender Jan 1 @ 9:13am 
can you make a zombie infection mod. when the players died,they turn into infected
Ziggy  [author] Dec 20, 2016 @ 10:48pm 
Hex Dec 20, 2016 @ 6:37pm 
@Ziggy Does this work in Online multiplayer games, even if the other players don't have this addon?
Kamakura san Dec 11, 2016 @ 3:33am 
Can bots use pipe bomb, pile???
smug anime avatar Nov 26, 2016 @ 11:09am 
Hosting local servers with this mod enabled has a bug where the bot get kicked and replaced with a stationary L4D2 survivor model if a player leaves during end-of-level transitions. Manually changing sb_transition from 0 to 1 in the file fixes this, but this isn't in the workshop release
Deilfgar Nov 20, 2016 @ 10:28am 
So, does the advanced mod give the "Stay here!" commands and the simple doesn't?

PsionicArchon Nov 8, 2016 @ 3:21am 
Not sure if you're still supporting this but I'll throw this out there anyways. Every so often this mod will cause my dedicated server to crash when transitioning to the next map.

It happens more frequently on custom maps. We'll get to the safe room, start loading the next segment and, boom, crash. There are no other addons running on the dedicated server.
Storm87 Nov 6, 2016 @ 8:01am 
"• Bots will try to stay in a tighter group with the player." - I don't like this feature at all. They are CONSTANTLY getting shot, as they tend to jump in front of my barrel over and over again. Ziggy, please, could you consider removing this feature? I BEG YOU! Let them give me some space to breathe! :(