Unified Skyforge Experience
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Jov Mar 18, 2013 @ 11:08pm 
Subbing. The vastly popular "Complete Skyforge" mod has some annoying extras like a chest that's placed on top of open flame, among others. This looks better.
mayingan Mar 3, 2012 @ 8:24pm 
Young_Kas  [author] Feb 21, 2012 @ 6:55pm 
@DarkAngel13. I have not noticed this but i wiil look into it for you and once i fix it i will message you on steam as soon as its done.and by you mean a norespawn chest for like a chest for storage of smithing items at the skyforge if you mean that, then yes i can do that
DarkAngel13 Feb 21, 2012 @ 3:08pm 
There is a glitch occurring where when you are using the wood chopping the animation stops after the piece of wood will is place on top of the block, and also there is a glitch on the workbench when using the character will go into the animation hits the work bench 4 times and then the ends the animation automatically? The same issues I came across. Haven't solved it yet. It seems that the workbench and the woodcutting block must be in certain hight comparing to the character. Please let me know if you'll fix that and if you could tell he how I would appreciate it as I need it for my dungeon. Thanx D13
DarkAngel13 Feb 21, 2012 @ 2:52pm 
Can you add a norespawn chest there? Also how did you fix the issue with the items messing up the companion burial ceremony?
Young_Kas  [author] Feb 14, 2012 @ 10:42pm 
Jayschwa thank you for the feed back ill will make sure to fix that issue in the next update
Jayschwa Feb 14, 2012 @ 10:17pm 
I prefer this layout over Complete Skyforge. However, one issue is that the tanning rack and smelter/coal are floating a bit. It's mostly only noticeable if you're standing on the stairs or cliff.
Ruski (Putin) Tactics Feb 14, 2012 @ 1:08pm 
but why can't anyone add a chopping block to the skyforge? I need firewood to make arrows
NoiT♣ Feb 14, 2012 @ 5:39am 
looks great . better layout than most of these mini-mods
Young_Kas  [author] Feb 14, 2012 @ 4:32am 
thanks dude, good to hear feedback any bugs just im me on steam
Neuro Feb 14, 2012 @ 4:28am 
eh, i prefer this layout over the 'complete' version i suppose.