Este software recebeu o sinal verde da Comunidade!

A comunidade demonstrou interesse neste software. A Valve entrou em contato com este desenvolvedor para começarmos a preparar o lançamento no Steam.

GroBoto - Modeling App
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gibusheavy 9 de abr às 15:54 
looks cool
Alhrguy (My Voice Broke D:>) 30/out/2013 às 18:26 
I'll still probably pick this up when it gets released, but it would be really handy if it could export in the .mdl format (Source Filmmaker's format), since there isn't a very easy or budget-friendly way of making your own, high quality models for that thing, relatively speaking.
sgwee 9/set/2013 às 14:32 
so checked out the website.. and it looks like it got hacked? I really hope it can be adressed and everything turns out okay for you guys. <3 I bought v3 a while back and you have my support and trust.
HAJPOLISZ 25/ago/2013 às 11:17 
Pra(Killa*Gramm) 4/ago/2013 às 9:03 
в чём смысл игры?
Best Manimal (Kitty) 24/jul/2013 às 8:26 
Congrats on getting the game greenlit by the community, I'm looking forward to when this gets released!
GroBotoad  [autor(a)] 24/jul/2013 às 6:38 
Hi ijnuh,
No worries — any flak for our lack of communication was deserved.

Thanks to you & everyone here for your continued patience & support.
Saidosi 23/jul/2013 às 21:01 
I deleted my previous posts Darrel. I If I had known I of course wouldn't be so harsh. I'm excited for the MODO plug-in. You and your colleague should be very proud in how you will change MODO's workflow for the better.
GroBotoad  [autor(a)] 23/jul/2013 às 13:26 
Hello ijnuh.

Please see the announcement above. As it says, we have no excuse for the lack of communication -- but there are reasons.

I would like to point out that we are not actually selling v4.

The deal you mention is a v3 purchase with a discount on the buyer's eventual v4 purchase (the buyer is not obligated to buy v4 when it is released). That deal does not increase the price of v3, but rather reduces the v3 price if you are willing to wait and pay a bit more for your upgrade when v4 is released.

Admittedly, it would be unfortunate if v4 were never released -- some buyers would end up having paid a bit more for v3 than others (we don't plan on letting that happen). Worst case, a buyer ends up paying $70 for v3 (still $30 off the v3 retail price).

We have updated the page so that buyers will be aware of development status (as described in the announcement above).

Best Wishes,
Best Manimal (Kitty) 19/jun/2013 às 15:12 
This looks amazing!
albithedark 17/jun/2013 às 0:43 
Drapeta 10/jun/2013 às 23:23 
Neo 31/mai/2013 às 8:25 
±±MEL±± 21/mai/2013 às 19:42 
ツ WiggeS シ 20/mai/2013 às 8:51 
nice :D
Saidosi 14/abr/2013 às 2:16 
I bought Groboto. Nice toy.
Worth the $40, but $70? no. They have an offical forum. Check it out. No developer support. Tutorials and learning materials are hard to complete. Not well explained or demonstrated.

Here's the forum regarding V4 update.]

Alhrguy (My Voice Broke D:>) 26/mar/2013 às 14:21 
Just out of curiosity, do these models work in Sorce Filmmaker?
I've never used it but I've been considering trying it out once I get a suitable PC.
GroBotoad  [autor(a)] 20/mar/2013 às 10:27 
Hi Everyone.
Sorry for the absence — been very busy with development. Thanks for the comments. As we get closer to Steam release, I'll try to answer all of the recent questions posted here.

Best Wishes,
EL Jafar 9/mar/2013 às 0:00 
it would be cool if it connects to workshop
DarkByNight 15/jan/2013 às 9:04 
Well done getting greenlit! I shall be lokimg forward to buyimh this. :)
TheBestUsername 14/jan/2013 às 17:32 
I tried the free trial of this a while back, and I liked it a lot, but there's no way I would ever pay for any 3D app with Blender being free.
Keishii 12/jan/2013 às 13:12 
Does it export .dae? the Mesh format used by secondlife?
gamerlherme 19/dez/2012 às 15:20 
This sounds like a great idea that could work for people that don't have the money to spend buying a professional software but still want to learn some 3D modeling and animation basics, as well as having what could be a nice artistic experience. As far as I can see this might be an amazing software.
sgwee 16/dez/2012 às 13:08 
This is an unique, simple, amazing tool and I hope you get more support, I bought it from your site and am going to play around with it. Could you come out with a video going over the interface aimed at beginners? plz and thank you
Haxtur Griesca 16/dez/2012 às 3:11 
el programa tiene una pinta increible, a un precio muy barato, yo diria que es el scultrix del modelado tech
Seaperson 10/dez/2012 às 13:37 
They have a deal on there official web site for money off and varyed amount to get an upgrade to verson 4 next year
Mr Meuble 9/dez/2012 às 4:58 
interesting for non-professionnal people who doesn't want learn zbrush or software like that(and obviously don't search the same result).i think it can be nice for quick design research or variations.
Tiiz 8/dez/2012 às 12:42 
looks good just wish it could be free lol
Butang (Walla Walla) 8/dez/2012 às 6:24 
looks very cool!
jmtheconquerer 4/dez/2012 às 13:56 
looks really awesome but can it also be used to model organic objects?
ScaryLarry38 3/dez/2012 às 12:46 
how much is it
Titan|> 29/nov/2012 às 6:54 
Looks interesting! please also in german! :)
YOBA 26/nov/2012 às 11:02 
You found yourself a good niche between the insane power of Maya and Blender and the (relative) ease of use and high price of 3DS Max.

The question is, is there a Linux version planned? I assume you use OpenGL for the display and so on.
Hircus 24/nov/2012 às 8:12 
I've always been into these kinds of things and I'm willing to buy it. I hope you can export it as armor into skyrim or something like that... would be awesome.
ScorpyX 18/nov/2012 às 14:02 
not bad - i like it
[CUBE] ♥ Tango ♥ 17/nov/2012 às 3:28 
I'm not one for these kind of things but it caught my eye all the same. i think if you were into these things this would be great so I personally hope to see it get greenlighted

Bets Wishes and Good Luck

dron09 13/nov/2012 às 15:10 
Seems it can be more productive than Sketchup. I'll try if it will have a reasonable price %)
Jack Hex 6/nov/2012 às 7:30 
This is great, for those intrested in creating also try DAZ (free) at, Bryce, Carrara, Hexagon, Mimic (speech).
GroBotoad  [autor(a)] 3/nov/2012 às 10:26 
Thanks JaViGrü & madbatg -- Yes, OBJs import very nicely into all 3D Apps we've tried (and we have tried all of the significant ones). As mentioned in the Discussions above, we will also be enhancing our low-poly output.
Best Wishes, DA
JaViGrü 2/nov/2012 às 7:22 
Very flexible, I like it!
madbatg 31/out/2012 às 19:24 
This looks like a fun tool to use, I'd make it a part of my pipeline if the obj meshes import well into other apps.
lancepm 22/out/2012 às 20:37 
Well what a piece of work! This looks awsome.
Space Lord Daxea 22/out/2012 às 14:15 
Ah, thanks for the link!
GroBotoad  [autor(a)] 22/out/2012 às 14:00 
Hey Thanks everyone -- Just busy as usual, but we are very tuned into the action here.

@EddyEpic -- Cool. Try the GroBoto Videos[] on our site for quick Boolean Tutorials.
Best Wishes,
Space Lord Daxea 21/out/2012 às 19:02 
Just played with the demo. Haven't been able to get bool stuff to work, but I made a neat little robot. Cool stuff.
Lawliet 21/out/2012 às 1:55 
Dude, love it, i have always wanted to be a game/graphic designer. Thnx bro
MysticRain 20/out/2012 às 23:31 
You again have my upvote and again I favorited you! :)
Comomomo 20/out/2012 às 14:14 
Love the intutive design!
kekedeneuville01 20/out/2012 às 12:31 
Looks awesomeness powerful! You have my support!
Keavon 20/out/2012 às 12:15 
Looks very impressive, and targets a nice spot that most modeling apps don't, so you have my vote. But I'm perfectly happy with Blender :)