Arma 3
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Update: Oct 2 @ 7:54pm

Resized all the weapons, should all be the same size now, and not so obvious when swapping between them.

I thought I'd updated this earlier.

Update: Feb 21 @ 4:15pm

Tidied up spme configs.

Update: Feb 20 @ 4:00pm

Corrected the "deploypivot"

Update: Feb 19 @ 11:07pm

Update: Feb 19 @ 11:06pm

Added deployment pivot to preven units from sinking into ground.

Update: Feb 18 @ 5:53pm

This is an updated version of the Armaholic version.

Version 1.3
1.Removed all suppressor dependency
2.Reworked the base textures a little bit
3.Muzzle flash now works !!
4.Bolt is also working.
5.Inventory icons now showing.