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Update: Feb 23, 2015 @ 2:17am

Update: Nov 7, 2014 @ 7:10pm

Updated Features:
>Added content from the new Helicopters DLC, including the civilian M-900, the NATO Huron, the CSAT Taru with all the pods, also the Taru pods independant of the actual craft located at the Helicopter spawn. Included the black/white variant of the Orca in the new reworked spawn menus. Read below...
>Reworked the vehicle spawn menus for the civilian vehicles, helicopters and watercraft. No more multi-page menus and allows all the different variations to be spawned in, such as armed and unarmed helicopters, different types of trucks etc. When you see this ">" after a vehicle's name you will have multiple options to spawn in. Feedback would be appreciated.
>Added a menu for changing the time ingame, displays current time as well.
>Added the go karts to the civilian vehicle spawn at the spawn area.
>Added a Television Studio located at the very northern end of the airfield. Look for the giant transmission tower. Includes a working studio with broadcast feature, camera controls, change-able backdrop, office work area utilizing the new furniture that accompanied the helicopter DLC, and a Zbox!
>Added construction site located in the center of the airfield, not fully completed yet.
>Reworked the Shooting Range, added a pier with some very long range targets, only one of which is working.
>Reworked the clay skeet shooting with some helpers hopefully to make it easier.
>Fixed the helicopter targets, they should no longer fly away when shot at. Destroying helicopters will not 'set-off' other spawned heli targets and new ones will not be alerted and fly away. Finally.
>Removed and relocated the Garage at the Spawn Area. It is now on the left as you drive out of the parking area. Added some nice props in and around the Garage as well as a TV on the inside that wil pick up the signal broadcast from the studio.
>Lastly but not lest worked up a quick prototype towing mechanic utilising the new rope from the helicopter DLC. Customize your vehicle using the Garage to added this functionality.

Update: Sep 19, 2014 @ 3:46pm

Updated Features:
>Added new boss attack. Its is drastically overpowered but ridiculously awesome and something I wanted to do when this paricular feature was released but didn't know how to. The keybind is right Ctrl but only after you figure out how to activate the legendary Boss Mode.
>Added another line of code to the Hover Mode customization so that when activated you are automatically in control of the little UAV rather than have to take control manually.
>Added another Easter Egg to the Spawn Area, something to do with vehicles, look for orange cones. Its pretty and cool.
>Removed the turtle simulator as I thought is was rather lame, so instead made something a lot cooler...
>Added new turtle Easter Egg, go look at the Watercraft vehicle spawn area. Its rather silly but a lot of fun. Isn't that why people play video games.
>Lowered the garage building a bit so you wouldn't wreck your cars trying to drive into it.
>Adjusted some things in the Shooting Range menu to more accurately show the range of the targets.
>Added some set dressings to the Shooting Range and also positioned three pop-up targets on top of the solar plant tower visible from the Shooting Range, they are exactly 1500m away so good luck shooting.

Update: Sep 16, 2014 @ 3:27pm

Massive Update:
>Removed all mod and addon related content to make it easier to install and play, may or may not add some or all mods at a later stage
>Removed the old mannequins system in favour of the Virtual Arsenal, unfortunately it doesn't save your loadout or re-equip you on death so may look into it.
>Removed all NPC's and AI from around the map, potentially re-adding them later.
>Removed the old Shooting Range and rebuilt it elsewhere.
>Removed all the old Easter Eggs and replaced them with fewer but cooler things hidden a little better and a little more complicated to activate now.
>Reworked Boss Mode, the super powers are no longer activated using the action menu, instead they are worked on key presses, once you figure out how to activate it, Spacebar is jump/fly, left Ctrl is sprint, Ins is teleport where you are looking, Home will open up the Teleport Menu dialog allowing you to travel around without the maps.
>Reworked the entire Clean Up script which is now used at each vehicle spawn point at the rubbish bins next to the laptop desks.
>Removed old Intro and Johnny Cash song :(.
>Added new Intro with different music.
>Added new GUI menus for spawning in vehicles, colour coded for your convenience, this includes multi-paged menus for all the vehicle spawns, a custom one for the Shooting Range, a garage menu, and a teleport menu.
>Added new Shooting Range with a pretty menu including a slider for setting the distance, two variable targets, spawning helicopter targets, and included BI's Virtual Arsenal.Retained the bullet cam.
>Added 'Ballistic's Garage', which is at the Spawn Area, drive your vehicle into the garage to access the customization menu including repainting, underglow, nitro, hydraulics, stunt smoke, and hovermode.

Update: May 19, 2014 @ 3:26am

Updated Features:
>Added Flay's Archery Fetish Mod, and archery range to the spawn area. A lot of fun and definately one of my personal favourite mods for ARMA 3.
>Added G36 weapon pack and the L85A2 weapon addon for even more diversity, both work with the FHQ accessories pack and are located at the weapon rack at the shooting range.

Update: Apr 29, 2014 @ 5:31am

Updated Features:
>Removed the older pictures and updated them adding some new ones and redoing some older shots to keep uniformity.
>Added the dependancy tag because certain content was added to the Sandbox that requires addons.
>Added new weapons, attachments and various vehicles introduced throughout the release of the ARMA3 campaign DLCs. This include the BLUFOR and OPFOR aircraft, the new pistols and attachments.
>Added a Zeus Character under the civillians faction, this will allow one player to both be involved in the game and play using the new Zeus powers introduced in the free Zeus DLC.
>Added new PVP Zone in between the Helicopters spawn and the Aircraft spawn at the main airfield. This is constructed out of MBG Killhouses and as a result it is now a compulsory mod. Also some of the other objects used in the editor to construct the PVP Zone require additional mods to be able to use.
>Added the Boeing C-17 Globemaster, the updated F/A-18 and the Su-35S Flanker to the Sandbox, spawned at the Aircraft spawn they are purple on the action menu.
>Added the FHQ M4A1 and the FHQ Accessories to the Sandbox located in the weapon rack at the Shooting Range.
>Removed the old PVP Zone in favour of the new smaller close quarters PVP Zone. Still accessible through the red and blue containers at the Shooting Range.
>Removed the intro temporarily while I find out why you now have to choose an initial spawn location when starting the game. Will work on a new intro if need be. Keeping the old music though.
>Updated the Boss Mode and Boss Attack powers. Attack should now work similar to Zeus lightening but with an explosion. The civilian Zeus character automatically has Boss Powers.
>Updated the in game breifing with the new weapons and vehicles added from the campaign also includes the list on addons for the Sandbox.

Update: Sep 19, 2013 @ 10:20pm

Updated Features:
>Fixed the 9 other playable unit spots so they no longer move from their starting locations. This stops them from running round like headless chooks and generally acting like potatoes. They still call out the enemy civilians standing on the other side of the Spawn Area though.
>Moved the two spawn options for the F/A-18 mod down the list for the benefit of the players who do not have or cannot install this amazing mod.
>Removed the "Spawn Hover Bike" and "Spawn Buddy" features from Boss Mode.
>Added two new powers/tricks to Boss Mode. Unfortunately I've made it a little more difficult to activate these two. You must combine the powers of The Boss Outfit with Boss Mode to gain the 2 new actions.
>Added a new Red Gull can, with the options to Spawn Buddys. You can get an unlimited number of buddys, either Dogs, Sheep of Chickens, and they'll follow you around everywhere.
>Added a new Red Gull can with the action "Activate Showtime", played any of the Burnout Series? Like pulling stunts in ARMA, or hitting that jump right with a touch of Nitro, find this easter egg to set it off right! Unfortunately becase of the nature of multiplayer ARMA, Showtime will only work in singleplayer, not online or LAN.
>Added actions to the mysterious Red Gull can at the Shooting Range, all the colours of the rainbow waiting for you to try them out, can't find the Red Gull can? Look harder there are now 2!
>Added a second Red Gull can to the Shooting Range. This one has power that was too strong to put in regular Boss Mode. You want to go on the offensive with Boss Mode, you need to find this can.
I honestly don't know how many Red Gull cans there are now. Theres a couple round spawn, the mega vehicles one and two now at the Shooting Range. I think thats all.

Update: Sep 18, 2013 @ 8:03pm

Updated Features:
>Re-added the intro after commenting it out once again in the init.sqf.
>Changed the name of the F/A-18 in the vehicle spawn menu to "F/A-18 Super Hornet" as it properly should be.
>Added a helicopter landing pad to the west of the Helicopter location this is used for resuppling helicopters that land there. Limitations on this are simply height, you must be landed or very close to landing (height <2) for the trigger to activate.
>Added three hangers along the runway in between the larger and smaller runway at the Altis Aero Club. Each of these three hangers serves as a gate that will fully repair, completely rearm and top up the fuel in whatever vehicle you drive through them. There are limitations on the height and speed of the vehicle, if you are flying or off the ground in any way (height is >1) or if your speed exceeds 25 (I assume it is 25kmph as that is the speed used in game) then the resupply will not activate.

Update: Sep 18, 2013 @ 4:39pm

Updated Features:
Sorry for the lack of recent updates I had some other issues that required attending before I could work on the sandbox. A lot of requested features in this update.
>Grouped all the BLUFOR and OPFOR playable units together. When playing with more then one person you will now be able to see where they are, should make the PVP zone a bit more fun.
>Tweaked the save loadout action at the Shooting Range. The picture should now show up on the panel correctly. The action to save your loadout should be present above any other actions such as the Boss Mode powers. The hints no longer tell you that your items, magazines and attachments have been saved but know that if you had said items they will have been saved.
>Updated the Mega UAV and the Hover Bike so there is now a BLUFOR and an OPFOR version. Obviously only BLUFOR will be able to control the BLUFOR bike and so on. If you spawn the wrong type simply clear the Aircraft spawn using the radio command, I think from memory its Radio Charlie so 0-0-3 to activate.
>Fixed the World Controls at the Spawn Area. After the last update there was a mistake that stopped the time, weather, waves controls from appearing on the laptop. They have been fixed and should now appear and function as before.
>Added a duplicate set of World Controls to the laptop opposite the weapon containers at the Shooting Range. This will let you change all the same options as the Spawn Area controls.
>Added back in the infamous Mega Jet. No longer is it made of a single Buzzard and a Gorgon IFV and it will no longer crash and burn randomly, or not be able to take off. Find the Red Gull can at the Aircraft vehicle location to test it out.
>Added F/A-18 E and F/A-18 F figther jets to the Aircraft spawn. They are modded into ARMA 3 and require the download and installation of the mod's .pbo and associated files. More information on this is available in the sandbox's discussions. Big props to the creators of the mod: John Spartan and Saul. For more information search for either the mod itself on armaholic or the release thread on the bistudios forums. Brilliant work!

Update: Sep 14, 2013 @ 8:43pm

Updated Features:
>Removed the "Spawn Turret" option of Boss Mode.
>Removed the system and scripts that automatically deleted empty or wrecked vehicles after a certain time due to issues with spawned vehicles disappearing.
>Gave the Mega UAV a big time upgrade, grab your friends, sadle up and rain hell from the sky. It should be pretty stable, I didn't have any troubles with the final version.
>Added a new feature to Boss Mode, all I'm gonna say is the action is called "Spawn Buddy", who or what is Buddy? It is up to you to find the Red Gull can that activates Boss Mode.
>Added an action to the Shooting Range laptop that restocks all the weapon, ammo, explosives and supply containers at the shooting range. All the weapons should return to ten, all the ammo to either 100 or 50 and all the equipment to various numbers either 20, 25 or 50. Except for the First Aid Kit, there are 1000 or those.
>Added a new system to clean up the five spawn vehicle spawn areas. Now through the radio commands, alpha through to echo will clear the five corresponding vehicle locations. It takes half a second to go from one vehicle to the next but it will delete them if they are still in the zone. Sorry for trying to put in a broken and rushed feature that was asked for several times, I hope this system works better.