Stargate Carter Addon Pack
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Update: Apr 17 @ 9:05am

Rev 447 changes:

* Recoded keybinder settings code, now you can set ANY key what available in gmod (completely client-side).
* Now keybinder support keys from joystick, gamepad, xbox controller etc. This also should fix problems with osx/linux specific keys.
* Now hl2 weapons (and any weapons) can shoot shields and go through event horizon!
* Some code optimizations.

* Added temporary fix for shield effect (until come next gmod update).
* Shield spawns with some amount of power (and should be 0%).
* Some other small fixes and improvements.

Update: Apr 13 @ 9:58am

Rev 446 changes:

* Daedalus keybinder settings.

* Now if tool is disabled on server via stargate config player will see disabled message instead tool settings when click on it.
* Now if ship disabled on server player will see disabled message instead ship settings in stool tab when click on ship settings.
* Now player can t choose disabled cap tool in hands.

* Naquadah bomb fuel exploit for non-admin players in multiplayer.
* ZPM MK3 energy exploit what allow set more than 100% energy (Ronon Dex hello).
* Goauld dhd could be spawned on iris and create errors.
* Stargate menu error when open it using ship/mobile dhd and stargate have iris.
* Supergate could did wormhole jump (and create glitches).
* Some other small fixes and improvements.

Update: Apr 4 @ 10:02am

Rev 445 Changes:

* EventHorizon Will No AutoClose when Water Is Flowing through the Outbound Gate.
* New option "water_noclose" to stargate config.
* Kino dispenser max_kino setting to stargate config.
* Feature to install cap fonts manually inside garrysmod/resource folder (no error message in this case, only warning in console).
* [TEMPORARILY DISABLED] Added Tac (Autodefense, Stun and Smoke Grenade).
* New internal lua hooks: StarGate.Tac.DamagePlayer, StarGate.Tac.StunPlayer, StarGate.Tac.KillOrDamage.
* New options in stargate config for TAC: max_shoots, max_targets, shoot_interval, range.

* English language error messages - now more correct.
* Better Wraith Bomb Effects and Function.

* Iris could been spawned on supergate.
* Re-fixed exploit what allow infinitely stun players using wraith bomb (and they can't leave).
* Errors with CLuaEmitter what happens after latest gmod update.
* Player view not backing to normal if kill player while spectating kino.
* Players sometimes not teleporting through atlantis transporter or rings in multiplayer (need testing).
* Fixed some errors from
* Some other small fixes and improvements.

Temporarily disabled:
* TAC - because not finished yet.
* Shield Code - because latest update broke some matrix function, must wait for gmod fix and maybe recode.


Cap Resources Rev 32:
* Added/Updated TAC materials.

Cap Resources Rev 31:
* Added spawnicon for TAC.

Cap Resources Rev 30 changes:
* Added Tac materials (Autodefense, Stun and Smoke Grenade).

Update: Apr 1 @ 12:12am

some fixes

Update: Mar 31 @ 6:11am

some last fixes

Update: Mar 31 @ 5:58am

other small fixes

Update: Mar 31 @ 5:32am

Some small fixes.

Update: Mar 8 @ 2:02pm

Rev 444 changes:

* Wire input "Lock Doors" and output "Doors Open" for ships hangar.

* Ship hangar spawning broken jumper/f302.
* Wire input not working on ship hangar.
* Hangar left door have wrong angles if rotate hangar.
* Fixed Wormhole Jump bug.
* Dart Goes Through Gate Now (No Model Clipping)
* Fixed Error: lua/entities/stargate_asuran.lua:510: Tried to use a NULL
* Fixed Error: lua/weapons/weapon_jumper_remote.lua:109: attempt to call
method 'Repair' (a nil value)
* Fixed Error: lua/entities/sg_vehicle_teltac.lua:237: attempt to call
method 'HyperSpace' (a nil value)
* Fixed Error: lua/effects/arthur_cloak_light/init.lua:27: Tried to use a
NULL entity!
* Fixed Error: lua/entities/malp.lua:179: attempt to index field
'EventHorizon' (a nil value)
* Small other fixes.

Update: Mar 1 @ 8:45am

Rev 443 changes:

* Limit for AGV's - by default 2 per player. Limit can be changes via convars.

* Now asgard transporter support names for wire gps (you can name wire gps via wire namer tool).

* You can place AGV on gate even with big distance.
* Few lua errors.

Update: Feb 27 @ 11:42am

Rev 442 Changes
Smoke when Damaged Is Smokier on Jumper
Teltac Hyperspace now has VECTOR input
F302 turrets now fire towards center of the screen
Fixed F302 Effects
View Position of Stargates at Longer ranges while FPV of Jumper
Jumper Does Not Correct Position while going through Supergate
Error Fixes (Hopefully)