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Update: Jul 12 @ 4:40am

Rev 496 changes:

* Wire input "Event Horizon Type" not working.
* Toggle iris button "/" not work on SGC Screens.
* Self-destruction/cancellation codes not sended to SGC Server in multiplayer.

Fixed a few Puddle Jumper Bugs:
- Fixed “Changing collision rules” error
- Added Pilot Avatar when in flight
- Fixed Pilot being visible in roof during flight (For the most part)

Update: Apr 13 @ 1:49pm

Third attempt, hope it works now.

EDIT: now it works!

Update: Apr 13 @ 1:45pm

Rev 495 reupload, hope now it updated properly and works.

Update: Apr 13 @ 5:35am

Cap rev 495 changes:

* New config options for gatespawner: "sv_spawn_props", "sv_save_props", "auto_respawn" (description is inside config editor).
* New cap internal hooks: StarGate.GateSpawner.Spawn and StarGate.GateSpawner.SpawnPost (info added to wiki).

* Renamed and moved "stargate_iris" config options with all sub-options to "gatespawner" section with new names to make it more standardized.
* Some changes in stargate base code (C menu options) to make better compatibility with custom stargates.
* Some changes in dhd base code for better compatibility with custom dhd's.
* Use KEY_ enums in stools istead of key code.
* Updated french translation (thanks to rorog2 #34).

* Compatibility with latest wiremod - enter button not work in SGC screens, cap E2 chips, Dial Address wire input, and in other places related to same issue (fixes #37).
* Lua error in TAC if throw it to the backside of an active stargate (fixes #30).
* Fixes some spelling mistakes in english (#31) translation and typos in russian translation.

Update: Feb 27 @ 6:36am

Rev 494 changes:

* Now asuran satellite stargate spawning with random address (if enabled).

* Universe gate not rotating in some cases.
* Atlantis gate 8 chevron outbound dialing not work.
* Asuran gate weapon out beam not rendered.
* Atlantis/goauld iris had some rendering problems.

Update: Feb 26 @ 10:04am

Rev 493 changes:


Stargate base code changes:
* Completely rewrite of event horizon sync code, no hardcoded values in base code anymore! This is very useful for developers that want create custom stargates.
* Rewrite event horizon hardcoded values like opening delay/time, type, material. Now stargate itself hold this data.
* Event horizon now have easy way to add new types.
* Now you can change event horizon type/color via wiremod/menu.
* Rewrite of kawoosh code, now it is more organized.
* Fixed some very old bugs.
Note: all custom stargates need to be updated to make them work with latest cap!

Stargate universe changes:
* Major rewrite of rotation code - fix for slowly rotating when server tickrate is not 66.
* Rotation is now more smooth, no hardcoded speed steps anymore.
* Code optimization - increased performance when many idle gates spawned.
* Universe stargate had wrong event horizon opening delay when dialed by some gates.
* Fixed symbols glow at dark places when they are not active.

MALP changes:
* Added wire inputs and outputs (control MALP with wiremod!).
* Added spacebuild support for malp (atmosphere/gravity display).
* Now MALP can be damaged (sensors malfunction) or destroyed.

New SGC Screens by glebqip (stool):
* 10 different programs.
* Self-destruct feature with link to naquadah bomb.
* Codes manager with client-side saving (by AlexALX).
Instructions how to use this screens will be added later in cap wiki.

CAP server config changes:
* All configs moved to subfolder "cfg" in "data/stargate".
* Implemented config backups system for cap config editor menu, on save previous config placed in "stargate/cfg/backup" folder. By default system hold up to 4 backup files.

Some changes by gmod4phun:
* Now shield core menu opens only when click on button (in the form of star).
* Shield identitier have now "Activate/Deactivate" text on button.
* Cap destiny door controller have different sound/skin when try to open it and doors are locked.
* Added lucian door opener.
* LSD now shows enemy NPCs as red dots.

Other changes:

* Now you can change event horizon type on stargates! (e.g. universe eh on sg1 gate)
* New alternative slow dial for atlantis stargate (must be enabled on gate first).
* Columns sorting in stargate dialing menu is now saved.
* Added button "Reset stargate menu" in cap visuals tab, this button reset menu position/size/sorting etc to default values (stargate_reset_menu command).

* Tollan gate slow dial is now a bit faster.
* Now you can make rings semi-transparent.
* Now rings what going up use colors from base (parent).
* Now supergate segments can be colored.
* Nicer iris computer menu, also now you can edit current code description.
* Now addon list in cap error #09 are links and clickable.
* Now cap workshop detection code use workshop id instead of addon title.

* "How to translate cap" button have correct link now.
* Atlantis stargate inbound with 8 chevrons has incorrect light spining cycle.
* Ramp tool had wrong language string names.
* Exploit what allow spawn sat blast and gate nuke with duplicator.
* Exploit what allow disable gates on server in some cases.
* Blurry spawn icons when material settings set to low.
* Address check not work for rings spawned by duplicator.
* Command "stargate_reloadconfig" not reload custom groups config.
* Player staff weapon had no disengage sound (replaced with holster).
* Some other small fixes.

With this update was added new cap part "CAP: Extras" for what you need to subscribe or error will occurs.

Update: Dec 29, 2016 @ 7:18am

Cap Rev 491-492:

* Changed in-game cap links to github/steam due to site shutdown.
* Added open/close by right-clicking for staff weapon (player). Thanks to CryptAlchemy.

Update: Jun 18, 2016 @ 2:43pm

Rev 490 changes:

* Removed check for font install on workshop, now fonts included in the cap code (workshop part).
Thanks to latest gmod update with fix for fonts not working on workshop addons.
NOTE: on linux fonts still can not work on some distributions, you need install it manually system-wide.

* Arthur mantle "font error" after latest gmod update, also fix for linux (osx may also work now but not tested).
* Stargate menu column width and glyph displaying fixes for linux (may also work for osx).
* Fix for server crash/incorrect input when use wire gate "TransferResource", thanks to TheMerkyShadow.

Update: Apr 1, 2016 @ 3:39am

Rev 489 changes:
* Removed temporary fix for shield/harvester.


Update: Mar 28, 2016 @ 8:04am

Rev 488 changes:

* Changed how e2 functions stargateAddressList/stargateAtlantisTPAddressList works due to latest changes in wiremod.
* Updated all cap e2 chips what used stargateAddressList for new syntax.
NOTE: this means all player chips what used stargateAddressList will no longer work without those changes!
* Now ragdoll created after death using zap weapon can be grabbed.

* Added temporary fix to shield and wraith harvester what turn off randomly after latest gmod update.
* Possible fix for expression advanced function stargateAtlantisTPAddressList (not tested).
* Fixed wraith harvester can suck planet atmosphere on spacebuild servers, and some other entities without physics.