Stargate Carter Addon Pack
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Update: Jul 13 @ 8:39am

Rev 463 changes:
* Fixed new hook name, should be "StarGate.Player.DropWeapon" not "StarGate.Player.DrowWeapon".

Update: Jul 13 @ 8:34am

Rev 462 changes:

* New cap internal lua hook: StarGate.Player.DropWeapon.

* Atanik Armband not reset speed/strength if drop it.
* Some cap weapons was not in player hands and displayed at center of player model: Goauld Mobile DHD, LSD, Adrenaline Shot, AGV, GDO.
* Changed/fixes holdtypes of much cap weapons.
* Added animations for Goauld Hand Device in first person.
* Some other small weapon fixes.

Thanks to Gmod4Phun for weapon position and holdtype fixes.

Update: Jul 11 @ 11:54am

Rev 461 changes:

* DHD halo effect not hiding (when hold C) after latest gmod update.
* Shield core bullet hits displayed at wrong side.
* Shield core box mode now may work.
* Some other fixes to shield core, now it may work bit better.
* Shield after activation can't be moved if some prop protection addon installed (CPPI fix).

Update: Jul 10 @ 7:42am

Rev 460 changes:

* Re-enabled shield core, now it works like before.

* Small fixes for stargate movie back-side kawoosh (destroy radius, effect time - thanks to Gmod4phun).
* Orlin stargate duplicator ramp undone.
* Prop protection addons fixes (owner of sub-ents), this includes spp, fpp and other addons what use CPPI interface (please report if something still not
work correct).
* Asuran satellite falls down after spawn duplication.
* Removed temporary fix for shield effect size (now it not needed anymore and create glitch).
* Small other fixes.

Update: Jun 12 @ 10:04am

Rev 459 changes:

* Arthur mantle and sodan cloak code, now no glitches with player shadow/weapons anymore. Also this should fix some compatibility problems with other addons.

* FPN90 has pistol hold type.
* Some lua errors from

Update: Jun 3 @ 8:48am

Rev 458 Changes:

* Glebqip address book e2 chip error.
* Stargate SG1 wire input "ring speed mode" with 2 (150%) not working like should.
* Small fix for zpmhub (possible lua error).

Update: May 22 @ 12:38pm

Rev 457 Update:

* Wire e2 chip "Dial Closest Stargate".

* All mine e2 chips (updated header, and some input/output names).
* Updated wire e2 function "stargateAddressList", now it return array instead string in loop.
* Updated e2 chips "address list usage/screen" with explanation how to use new version of "stargateAddressList" function.
* Update wire gate chip "Get address list", it works like old e2 function "stargateAddressList", but always display 0 or 1 before address as blocked value.
* Updated glebqip address book for use new version of "stargateAddressList" function.
* Updated glebqip idc array chip, now it contains one expired code (because people don't understand why screen not work).
* Replaced black circle cross to red cross image for close button in stargate settings menu (for better vision).
* Renamed gmod4phun chips for better reading names.

* Rings can't dial nearest ring if near it located blocked ring.
* Missing sound for ring panel dial if use menu.

Update: May 18 @ 3:50am

Rev 456 Update:

* Wire output "SGC Type" on sg1/infinity/movie stargates.
* Wire output "Atlantis Type" on atlantis stargate.

* Now if player use workshop version of cap, and it outdated more than 8 revisions, he will get cap update reminder window (in case if workshop somewhy stuck and not updating).

* Some of lua errors from

Update: May 11 @ 1:10pm

Rev 455 Update:

* FPN-90 animations, also now you can show/hide kull disruptor (E+Mouse Right Click). Thanks to Gmod4phun.

* Spam in console if use stargate universe (forgot to remove :D).

* Auto-weld option in stargate iris (because it always weld to stargate).

Cap Resources Rev 34 Update:
* Updated FPN-90 animations.

Update: May 11 @ 5:17am

Rev 454 changes:

* Wire input "Bearing Mode" for floor chevron (if enabled - floor chevron will work like bearing).
* Wire output "Activated" for floor chevron and bearing.

* Russian, Hungarian, Czech translations.

* Floor chevron not spawning correct (with lua error).
* Bearing dynamic light not working.
* Duplicator bug with jumper and physical back door in hover mode.
* Daedalus turrets not working (after previous update).
* Lua error in some cases when trying to spawn cap npcs.
* Some other small fixes.