TARDIS - Time And Relative Dimension In Space
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Aktualizace: 2. čvn. v 11.01 odp.

Reduced File Size

Aktualizace: 13. kvě. v 9.19 odp.

Corrected scale, fiddled with lighting, and added idle markers (lean on rail/wall + sit on ledge)

Aktualizace: 13. kvě. v 11.40 dop.

-Mechanical Desktop Theme
-Hypercube Navigation Relay
-Other stuff?

Aktualizace: 27. dub. v 1.04 odp.

-Flying the TARDIS quest objectives (may not fix retroactively though)
-MCM Auto-Regen value should display properly
-A couple issues with Regeneration
-Wardrobe exterior (Too much work to fix, don't feel like rewriting EVERY SINGLE TRAVEL SCRIPT right now)

Aktualizace: 23. dub. v 9.40 odp.

-Cloister Room:Cloister bell coming soonish
-Regeneration: 'Open' the Eye of Harmony and stand on the seal of Rassilon to receive
-HADS Randomizer: Make the TARDIS land somewhere else instead of where you left it when HADS is toggled
-TARDIS locator: Part of the summon spell, puts a quest marker on the TARDIS instead of summoning it
-Companions ordered to use the TARDIS doors will no longer get you stuck in the order giving mode (The "I need you to do something for me" dialog)
-Other Stuff I forgot

Aktualizace: 2. dub. v 10.28 dop.

Disabling April Fools joke

Aktualizace: 1. dub. v 1.09 dop.

April fools!

Aktualizace: 11. bře. v 10.25 odp.

Aktualizace: 10. bře. v 6.22 odp.

Aktualizace: 26. úno. v 10.20 odp.