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Update: Feb 9, 2013 @ 10:36pm

v. 1.8 (Version #1 on Steam Workshop)

-Initial upload of The Final Cut to Steam Workshop. This upload is the same file and version uploaded to L4Dmaps.com.

v. 1.8 (complete)

-created a proper intro poster for The Final Cut
-added a couple movie posters to the map, including the Night of the Living Dead poster, the intro poster I mentioned previously, and two spoof posters created by a very talented artist and friend, Alex Yao
-re-lit the lobby area
-some small nav fixes as usual, can't remember which
-added back some of the decals that were accidentally removed in v. 1.7 (beta)
-some other things...

v. 1.7 (beta)

-finally got around to fleshing out the back office area. There is a little more substance to that area now.
-finally fixed the issue with the cubemaps which resulted in pink reflections on

v. 1.6 (beta)

-made the map look a ton better by changing the time of day and removing the annoying thunder storm (rain is still there)
-Added area on top of the room on roof with two mounted guns, so that you may hold out in survival mode easier and have a better vantage point on the roof
-Made the elevator 200% faster
-Added large scaffolding behind the FRAY's sign. Gives great vantage point but is quite dangerous. You can climb down just behind the FRAY's sign and hold out behind it in survival (I put a little bit of supplies and an ammo pile if you want try to hold out there (don't let a tank in!))
-Added some incendiary bullets to the lobby concessions stand area and some explosive bullets inside of the room on the roof
-Scattered the other melee weapons around the map (the ones I was missing), and added a duplicate katana and fire axe. The katana is in the room on the roof and the fire axe is resting against the table at the abandoned playground in the back
-random nav fixes

v. 1.5 (beta)

-Big updates to the theater rooms. One of them now contains a flickering looping video clip (with audio) of the original Night of the Living Dead movie while the other was turned in to an additional viable hold-out area with sandbags, a mounted gun, an ammo pile and other support items.
-Heavy optimization using area portals. The map should run a lot smoother now for those people with lesser-than-awesome computers
-Added silenced uzi and the crappy shotgun to the concessions stand area (survival) for more variation in guns. Added the other sniper (three of them... the sniper which is NOT black) to the roof area
-Lots of random navigation fixes
-added a jukebox to concessions stand area
-added a new way to start the horde in survival mode (it's sort of a secret, but not really)
-swapped the crowbar (survival) at the concessions stand for a machete
-removed the boarded-up windows on the room on the roof so it's easier to hold out in survival mode. You can also now crouch through and out of them if you happen to find yourself getting pinned inside when the tank/horde comes
-added two more defibs to the map. In addition to the one at the concessions stand and the one in the parking lot outside, there is now one in the parking garage under the theater, and also one in the room on the roof

v. 1.4 (beta)

-AI Director spit issue in elevator now has been fixed! woohoo! Enemies now flow through the elevator quite well, so watch out!
-Got the hidden vent system above the parking garage working. Enemies now flow through the vent system quite well. Beware of tanks dropping on to your head! To change up game play when holding out in the parking garage (survival), try it with the elevator at garage (lots of enemies come out of elevator) versus holding out in the garage with the elevator still on the 1st floor (lots of enemies come through vents)
-Nav added and connected to static cars/fuel tanker out in the main parking lot. You can now stand in the truck, on the tanker, the group of three cars and hold out (survival) without being spit on by the AI Director. Physics props cars in parking lot still have issues.
-Numerous navigation fixes for AI and survivors at key areas on the map
-Fixed up navigation mesh near concessions stand so survivors no longer can get stuck on the counters and you can now hold the concessions stand (survival) on top of the tables/counters without being spit on by the AI Director
-Added some extra props and decals to make the map look better
-Tweaked some of the lights
-Some random navigation issues fixed in the parking garage, physics props cars still do not have proper navigation on top (you will be spit on my AI Director if you stand on them for too long)
-Removed collision on raillings in elevator while fixing up AI Director spit issue
-Added push volumes to elevator to assist npc survivors in to getting in to elevator when the elevator doors close
-Added glows back to elevator buttons (they glows only appear when you're within 600 units of them so you can not see when it is not necessary to)
-Fixed some nav issues which were resulting in the Tank commiting suicide
-Moved AK47 to front counter so it's easier to grab (put auto-shotty where AK used to be)
-Moved some of the existing gas cans (survival) around a little bit to that they are easier to shoot and assist in your protection when running and gunning
-Added arrow decal to inside of elevator to point the way to roof via the pipe "ladder" and also near the staircase on the inside of the theater which leads to the roof
-Added ammo pile, health kits, and auto-shotty to underground parking garage to assist in the now-harder game play and flow of enemies (survival) which the garage now has
-Added health kits, more pills, more adrenaline, more gas cans, some exploding barrels, some extra walls (in the big open space), on the roof to assist in the hold-out (survival).

v. 1.3 (beta)

-Fixed the names of my .txt metadata files so that the vpk will now properly place itself within your /addons folder if you double click it

v. 1.2 (beta)

-Fixed survival guns so that the bots now pick them up at the concessions stand
-Removed custom content which was not packing properly in to vpk. No more big ugly pink/black checkerboard textures
-Did a large clip_physics pass across the entire map to fix a lot of bugs where physics objects were clipping through solids
-Removed glass from physics cars so no more floating car glass after cars are punched by tank
-Added two more gas cans to underground parking garage (survival) to assist in hold-out due to lack of an ammo pile in the area
-Added two M60 machine guns to survival mode. One in the underground parking garage and one in the room on the roof
-Added laser sights for survival mode over by the concessions stand
-Moved yellow posts in underground garage out of the way and turned off their collision for better movement/flow of players and enemies
-Reduced storm loudness so that in-game talk can be heard better when the storm comes. I could use some feedback on the loudness, could still be too loud
-Large cull pass when I was doing the clip_physics pass previously mentioned
-Built navigation data up and down the elevator shaft in an attempt to fix the director spit issue. This issue still exists though. I hope to fix it soon.

v. 1.1 (beta)

One small update: I created a Steam Group for The Final Cut and made it compatible with the 1.1 vpk. Here's the name(s) of the group and the Steam Group ID:

Steam Group Abbreviated Name: TFCL4D2
Steam Group Name: The Final Cut - Custom L4D2 Map
Steam Group ID: 2315243

(8/18/11 Unfortunately the steam group is pretty useless now since I am no longer hosting my map on my own dedicated server. There are servers out there with the map in their cycle... you just have to find them.)

v. 1.0 (beta)

Initial Release!