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Never Future
Genre: Action, Adventure
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Publicado el
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14 SEP 2015 a las 1:09
30 OCT 2015 a las 8:45
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Never Future has been Greenlit!
Never Future with controller
Fecha de lanzamiento: Fourth quarter 2015
Never Future – an ecological action game in a post-apocalyptic world.

Would you like to take a look at our planet and what it will become if we won‘t stop polluting our own home? Are you ready to slash hordes of dangerous monsters? Well, SneakyBox Studios is more than glad to present you Never Future.

In Never Future you will face the consequences of irresponsible behavior. Humans led their world to catastrophic disaster – a new life form has risen from enormous piles of junk. These vicious and all-destroying monsters are now trying to get rid of humanity and completely conquer our planet. People started to think they have no chance to survive...

But luckily, a man arrived from the past. Our Hero is brave and ready to fight any threat blocking his way back home. However, he never imagined that the biggest threat in the future will be trash. It's best to fight fire with fire, so in Never Future you will gather, sort and recycle trash in exchange for powerful weapon upgrades. Eventually players will be able to wield more powerful weapons of ultimate trash destruction!

Game features:

• Over 50 different maps
Never Future World is big so player will be able to explore many different parts of the future world. Our young archeologist will travel through future deserts, dungeons, caves, laboratories, cities and oases.

• Interesting characters and quests

While playing Never Future you will travel across many different regions filled with interesting NPC characters. Player will be able to acquire quests and build relationships with game characters.

• Many types of monsters

Never Future world is filled with various unique monsters born from unsorted piles of junk. These enemies will test players skill in fast paced combat. Over a dozen different creatures with unique attributes and special abilities will do everything in their power to stop player from reaching his ultimate goal.

• 3 weapon types with upgrade options

To face the future monsters you need to be ready and have some tools to deal with them. Completed quests will earn rewards for the player so you could challenge even stronger monsters. Never Future has three weapon types - Driller, Rifle and Granader. Each has a lot of options for upgrading and can be enchanted with things like lightning, fire or ice.

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52 comentarios
BulletSwarm 22 JUN 2016 a las 2:17 
honest opinion, make Never Future free to play
BulletSwarm 22 JUN 2016 a las 2:14 
what is the current status of Never Future?
Johnson 21 OCT 2015 a las 15:49 
This looks fun as hell, i want it
you sir deserve a thumbs up vote
Mantelis 9 OCT 2015 a las 9:07 
I played this game in #SWITCH and it was awesome game. Go on, guys :)
Andrelis 9 OCT 2015 a las 5:13 
Played alpha in #Switch today and it was awesome!!!
Lee Jong-suk 6 OCT 2015 a las 5:40 
Nice :)
SMG 3 OCT 2015 a las 14:33 
good game
GIPSY MADŽIK 2 OCT 2015 a las 6:12 
Ivanka Trump 2 OCT 2015 a las 6:02 
good luck!
Profile Name ☢ 2 OCT 2015 a las 5:52 
Great game, hope to play it on steam soon!