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CreepTD - Multiplayer Tower Defense

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Release date: Out Now
CreepTD - Multiplayer Tower Defense aims to combine all your favorite game modes of the Tower Defense respectively Tower Wars genre into a single title in a community effort. There is single player Survivor where you are free to select from three unique AIs on the difficulty level you like the most as well as a variety of multiplayer game modes for up to four players, including teamed up coop gaming. There are already over 100 maps to play and every single one is a real challenge. It's designed to run even on moderate computer hardware and is availabe for Windows, Mac, Linux and your browser. However, the best about it definitely is: It's free!

A gameplay quick-start:

Basically the game is about finding the best compromise between attacking your opponents by sending creeps and defending your lives against incoming creeps by building defense structures (towers). At the beginning you get 200 credits, 20 lives to defend and an income per round of 200 credits. If a creep manages to pass through your game board completely, you will lose a life.

Sending creeps will cost some credits but will increase the income you receive with a new round. One round lasts 15 seconds and when a round is finished your credits will be increased by your current income. With this in mind, the best strategy is based on building as few towers as required and sending as much creeps as possible.

When defending, the rule is to place your towers at strategic locations, e.g. where they are able to hit incoming creeps as often as possible to deal maximum damage. On the other hand you have to select the right tower types for the right purposes, decide whether to build additional towers or to upgrade existing ones and later on adjust your towers' strategy settings to deliver best results.

When attacking you gain an advantage by good timing and selecting the most dangerous creep types depending on your oponents' defense setting. Sometimes it may be the right decision to send a wave of smaller creeps and another time there will be a big creep required to put your opponents under pressure.

Sounds simple, but believe me, it's all about the right strategy somewhere between defending and attacking to win the game! And of course, there is a lot of detail in placing towers at the right locations and selecting the best fitting tower attack strategy.

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™DisplayImpact™ Oct 9 @ 9:04pm 
I play this on the downlaoded version but would like it to be on steam so more players can play too ! Worth to play !
Sektor ✪ Sep 29 @ 1:50pm 
It would be perfect if i can see this game in my Library asap
mtw501 Sep 25 @ 6:35pm 
steam it now please PLEASE
TT9000 Aug 29 @ 3:04am 
Amazing game Please steam this!! s
HeartCollector Aug 26 @ 2:11pm 
so good, has multiplayer as well. If you like Defense Grid, you will love this
Plueschi Aug 19 @ 5:11am 
So easy, so hard. Best free TD available.
dragonix (SKLKP) Jul 30 @ 11:43am 
I like it. It s very interesting game.
OttisMang Jul 28 @ 5:05am 
Would love to see this game on steam!
-=]*~*Earthquake*~*[=- Jul 28 @ 3:28am 
amazing game!
._MAX_. Jul 21 @ 7:40am