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Advanced Craft'n'Smelt *Shiny Addition*
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Sep 22, 2012 @ 1:37pm
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Advanced Craft'n'Smelt *Shiny Addition*

In 1 collection by DungeonRyu
Craft'n'Smelt *Shiny Addition*
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About the mod
The main goal is to diverse crafting and to smelt things into ingots for storing and recycling purposes. Also to introduce new crafting materials(cloth and leather), to actually be able to disassemble one piece of cloth and create another.

If you like RATE it!


SHINY addition - most of the sprites are improved

105 weapon meltdown recipes
97 armor meltdown recipes
47 traps and caltrops disassemble recipes
25 leather and cloth crafting recipes
45 leather and cloth disassemble recipes
17 Generic item crafting/meltdown recipes
25 Cooking recipes
34 Gem crashing and crafting recipes
9 Still recipes
6 Smithing items and recipes
15 New armour items and recipes
10 New weapons and recipes

Some mod details

-This mod requires all expansions, because it uses items from all of them.

- DO NOT USE THIS MOD WITH Craft'n'Smelt Light

- Differences between Advanced Craft'n'Smelt(ACnS) and Craft'n'Smelt Light(CnSL) are:
ACnS - Items that produce scraps will produce Ingots on lvl 7
- Gems assembling requires 4 Gem Crumbs
- Water recipe requires 3 Alcohol
- Throwing weapons produce Rust (1/3 of Iron Ingot)
- Amethyst and Amber give 2 Crumbs on level6
- 4 Pressure Plates give 2 Brass Piping
CnSL - Items that produce scraps will produce Ingots on lvl 5
- Gems assembling requires 3 Gem Crumbs
- Water recipe requires 2 Alcohol
- Throwing weapons produce Scrap Iron (1/2 of Iron Ingot)
- Amethyst and Amber give 2 Crumbs on level5
- 4 Pressure Plates give 1 Brass Ingot

- This mod contains all smelting weapons and armour recipes which price is near ~5000 zorkmids.
That means almost all swords, daggers, axes, maces, polearms, crossbows, thrown weapons; shields, torso armours, belts, gloves, etc. and several generic item can be smelted into Ingots.

- Smelting armour and weapons requires either Tinkering or Smithing skill at least level 1

- Disassembling Cloth and Leather Items requires Tinkering at least skill level 1

- All weapons and armour always produce only one Ingot.(But that is more than enough, after Dungeon level 4 I had like 40 Iron Ingots.)

- On Tinkering/Smithing level 1 - All items which price is ~1500zorkmids ill give you Scrap Iron/Scrap Steel instead of Ingots, after you reach either Tinkering or Smithing level 7 you will receive Ingots, except for some wooden based items that will always give you only scraps.

- I added new type of items, Clockwork Power Cores - they utilize crossbow slot, but don't give you any ranged dmg bonuses. There purpose is to enhance some stats and give resistances to melee fighters.

- Now ALL Clockwork Imperial items require cylinders which require gems.

- You now can crush any gem into Gem Crumbs and create any gem from 4 Gem Crumbs. While crashing gems can be done on any level more valuable gems needs more Smithing/Tinkering skill from 3-5.

- Diamond, Ruby, Emerald and Sapphire can be crushed into 2 Gem Crumbs at Tinkering lvl5. Amber and Amethyst at lvl6.

- You can create lockpick cases, which will give you lockpicks. This is an evolving recipe, so
Tinkering level 1 to 4 will produce > 1 to 4 Small Lockpick cases(1 Lockpick inside) respectively
Tinkering level 5 will produce > 1 Medium Lockpick case(5 Lockpicks inside)
Tinkering level 6 will produce > 1 Large Lockpick case(8 Lockpicks inside)

- All traps can be disassembled into pressure plates, 4 Pressure plates into 2 Brass Piping. 3 Brass Piping into Brass Ingot. This recipes serve recycling purposes.
- Caltrops are melted into scraps of different kinds, caltrop eruptors into ingots of different kind(based on the caltrop material)

- Cheese recipes are vegan friendly, because vegans lacks decent food and because I like cheese very much :)

- You can make Water(which is one of the main Cooking ingredients) by distilling it from alcohol and powered aluminium

- Elite Clockwork Armour set, Elite Imperial items and uberweapons can be crafted and their recipes are not hidden however they require Tinkering level 8.

- I added alternative Tinkering Goggles recipe, because of the game bug which supposed to give you goggles when you choose Clockwork Knight skill.

- I added Boilerplate Helm as NOT hidden crafting recipe but it'll require Tinkering level8. I did this because I don't see the reason why Boilerplate armour is given you by default but helm is not.

To those who are wondering why new items are so hard to craft.

- I made these items with 10-15 Dungeon levels in mind. By the time you reach level 7 or maybe a bit deeper you can possibly craft all vanilla useful equipment. And I love crafting :)
- I made these items wanting to be able to craft myself from head to toe
- I like Clockwork Knights and if there is a 1st heavy infantry brigade with powerful equipment, there definitely should be an elite brigade that is more close to her Majesty and has yet more powerful items
-. I made them while playing on the very hard difficulty. By very hard I don't mean Going Rouge :) oh no, Going Rouge is a peace of cake compared to my other mod called Elvish Reality Reborn. It can't be posted on steam because it changes core game files

****************** Special Thanks ***************************************************
- This mod has all incredible Chico's food recipes plus several mine.
- All armour and weapons that has been in SHiLLySiT's meltdown mod and lot more
- All Chico's leather and cloth recipes and a lot more.

Thanks to these guys for their work and ideas.
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DungeonRyu  [author] Nov 18, 2017 @ 3:26am 
Of course, this mod addds new items that are not generated be the default game.So if you load from a pregenerated world, they won't be there and that may lead to problems.
Ciliate Nov 15, 2017 @ 2:04pm 
So based on my testing, this mod only works on new saves?
Kaeroku Jun 11, 2017 @ 11:16am 
I went through and edited the lockpick pack file in your mod to be drinks, then re-uploaded it as a 'custom' version of your mod (in my local mods only, not on Steam.) **It's only the first one that acts as food currently,** the other two are still drinks.

I also don't know why you changed it. It only penalizes Vampires early game. =p But I fixed it on my end, so I don't care.
DungeonRyu  [author] Jun 10, 2017 @ 5:58am 
@Kaeroku, MeMyselfAnDie
They were originally funguses, but it messes up with Fungus Arts. I also made them drinks at one point, but I can't remember why I changed them to food. I can look into that if there still is a demand for vampire thief :)
Kaeroku May 6, 2017 @ 6:15pm 
Agreed. Making lockpicks into fungus or something so vampires can use them would be very useful. Otherwise this mod looks great.
MeMyselfAnDie Mar 22, 2017 @ 4:45pm 
Would it be possible to make the lockpick cases act as a drink item instead of a food item? Currently vampires cannot use the lockpick cases, since they are "mortal food."
Deo Feb 16, 2016 @ 8:47am 
looks cool, if only it'd be posible to change crappy UI to sort all that stuff out, because even with humble vanilla crafting it annoyingly long to sroll all the shit each time you want to craft
The Withered King Dec 28, 2015 @ 10:35am 
Ok, I understand. Also, this mod goes great with others, I just realized, and it's awesome. Thank you for such an amazing mod :3
DungeonRyu  [author] Dec 28, 2015 @ 12:30am 
I don't take suggestion, since I'm not playing the game and I forgot all the game ballance, therefore I cannot create new items that will integrate well into the existing mod.
The Withered King Dec 25, 2015 @ 12:21pm 
requires all expansions? Oh, so that's why it exited out when i went on a missing item.