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Zombie Estate 2
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Sep 17, 2012 @ 5:53pm
Apr 3, 2014 @ 1:01pm
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New Level Teaser!
New Level!

Here is one of the new levels I've been working on: Desert Town! It needs some more play testing, but so far I'm pretty happy with it!

Still making a bunch of progress! Lots of networking quirks to work out still, but it's getting there.

Stay tuned!

ZE2 Xbox Port
I have news!

I have decided to port the original ZE2 Xbox version to PC after all. What does this mean? This means that I'll be done very soon. I have already begun implementing Steam's API and networking and have made good progress so far.

Anticipated questions below:

There are a couple reasons why I've decided to just straight port the Xbox version. Firstly, the "ZE2" I was working on was basically a ZE3. The scope was *massive* and wasn't even remotely the game that I pushed through Greenlight. I felt ethically strange about working on a game that was so radically different than what was originally Greenlit. Secondly, as I said before, the scope was just too big. It would have taken me way too long to get the game where I wanted it.

-Why did it take you this long to reach this conclusion?
This is a classic case of me being overly ambitious. :( The new engine and game I was working on (that I internally started calling ZE3) is a massive undertaking and it's not fair to have people wait so long on it. I'm sorry that it took me so long to reach that conclusion, and I hope you realize I didn't make any decision lightly.

-What about the new level engine and loot and other things you've been working on?
The new fancy level engine will be utilized for a future project. Possibly ZE3, but more likely, an unrelated game. In other words, I will still be able to utilize all the work I've done on the new stuff for my next project.

-What's left to be done on releasing Zombie Estate 2?
The big, giant thing left to be done is finishing up online multiplayer. It's *very* difficult to get working well, but I've made good progress so far. This is the bulk of my remaining work. Additionally, I have to finish integrating Steam's API. I'm even looking into Leaderboards for Infinite Wave mode.

-Is there a release date yet?
Not yet! I'm not entirely sure how long it will take to get networking (and other Steam features) functioning. But soon!!

-Will you add new stuff for the PC release of Zombie Estate 2?
Absolutely! I will be adding at least 2 new maps, a handful of new characters, new zombies, and plenty of new weapons and hats. Later, after the game is released, I have some other ideas to add as well.

I would like to thank you guys. You guys are all awesome fans, and I know I don't comment/update as much as I should, but trust me, I do read your comments! It's very encouraging to see everyone rooting me on and sharing their love for the game. I hope you can be patient a little longer for me to get this game out and move on to my next big project!

I'm sorry I don't have any sexy screenshots of the new levels and what not. I'm going on a much needed vacation soon and I wanted to get this announcement out asap. I'm focusing on the hard part first (networking) which isn't very fun to show off.. But I'll try to post teasers when I get closer.

Also, feel free to post character and weapon ideas! I've already gotten private messaged about various neat ideas and I would love to add some of them! If I pick your idea(s), I will obviously add your username to the credits! (Assuming I hadn't already added/come up with the idea first.)

Once again, thank you guys so much. Means a lot to me that you care so much!

Stay tuned!


Sequel to one of the best selling indie games, Zombie Estate 2 is almost here!

Have you ever wanted to shoot a rocket launcher into a crowd of zombies? Have you ever wanted to do that... as a duck? Zombie Estate was an instant XBLIG classic selling over 120,000 copies and rated top 10 out of over 2000 games. Mixing a twin stick shooter with tower defense and RPG elements, Zombie Estate 2 brings forth an exciting online co-op experience.

  • Battle thousands of zombies!
  • Play with up to four friends online for co-op zombie killing action!
  • Over one hundred guns to use!
  • Four levels to play in: The Estate, The Mall, Zombie High School, and Skyscraper!
  • Tons of characters to unlock and play! All of them have unique stats, starting weapons, and unlockable super weapons! Be a firefighter who takes less fire damage but dishes out more water and ice damage, or a hulking, slow character who can take a beating before going down.
  • Six unique talent trees that allow you to spend points customizing what role your character will play to help your teammates. Want to be a medic? A tank? A melee damage dealer? Or do you prefer to drop turrets and minions and let them kill zombies for you?
  • Earn points to unlock new characters and hats!

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Early Access? donations? Beta?
sleepy dinosaur
Aug 17 @ 5:25pm
Just saying...
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dee_vine Sep 19 @ 4:19am 
I need this game! Just bought it for my mum and dad on thier xbox but I only have a pc.
kolbyS Sep 17 @ 12:38pm 
Please DOnt
e up i need this
Amizqui Aug 22 @ 10:26am 
@esotericist,@Darklordthe2 That's a good point esotericist. I mean come on this guy is trying to work so hard yet many things can interferre. Not to mention he's alone on the devlopment of it and it's a great game with many fans and things that would take time to program and such. So I would have patience. Btw this is coming from a pessimist, so i'd trust the statement.
Amizqui Aug 22 @ 10:21am 
@Emperor Tang So it's either coming soon or has been halted in some way. That would suck...alot.
Emperor Tang Aug 18 @ 6:01pm 
@Amizqui fyi it first went into greenlight 4 years ago so dont hold your breath
Amizqui Aug 18 @ 5:01am 
Omg..................IM SO F*CKING EXCITED!!! I played the orginal, Loved it. I still remeber soloing a hoard after my team died with just a pistol and my adventures with the Minibomb. So you tell me the sequel on steam will have a BUNCH more features,has 3d and clearer graphics with more maps,characters,weapons etc and UPGRADES TO OVER 80 WEAPONS AND YOUR CHARACTER!? OMFG GIMMIE NOW. Please...... :3
For those who didn't look he psoted a annoucment not long ago about hes still working on it, even has a updated system.
esotericist Aug 8 @ 4:40am 
@Darklordthe2 You know, that kind of pessimism can't be good for the morale of a developer trying to work in the spare time life gives them. Try to be upbeat. Positive. It's good for the soul.
Darklordthe2 Aug 7 @ 6:01pm 
So its safe to say that this game is not coming out. its been way to long for a game like this. he could of put it up as an alpha build like almost all other games like this. i have given up on this game.
zotheender Aug 5 @ 11:12am 
I want to play this game so bad...