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Zombie Estate 2
Genre: Action, Shooter
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Sep 17, 2012 @ 5:53pm
Jan 13 @ 8:45am

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Office Level Teaser
New Level Teaser!
New Level!

Here is one of the new levels I've been working on: Desert Town! It needs some more play testing, but so far I'm pretty happy with it!

Still making a bunch of progress! Lots of networking quirks to work out still, but it's getting there.

Stay tuned!

Sequel to one of the best selling indie games, Zombie Estate 2 is almost here!

Have you ever wanted to shoot a rocket launcher into a crowd of zombies? Have you ever wanted to do that... as a duck? Zombie Estate was an instant XBLIG classic selling over 120,000 copies and rated top 10 out of over 2000 games. Mixing a twin stick shooter with tower defense and RPG elements, Zombie Estate 2 brings forth an exciting online co-op experience.

  • Battle thousands of zombies!
  • Play with up to four friends online for co-op zombie killing action!
  • Over one hundred guns to use!
  • Four levels to play in: The Estate, The Mall, Zombie High School, and Skyscraper!
  • Tons of characters to unlock and play! All of them have unique stats, starting weapons, and unlockable super weapons! Be a firefighter who takes less fire damage but dishes out more water and ice damage, or a hulking, slow character who can take a beating before going down.
  • Six unique talent trees that allow you to spend points customizing what role your character will play to help your teammates. Want to be a medic? A tank? A melee damage dealer? Or do you prefer to drop turrets and minions and let them kill zombies for you?
  • Earn points to unlock new characters and hats!

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Jan 24, 2016 @ 1:24pm
So, I think we can all assume it's not coming out.
Jan 24, 2016 @ 5:46pm
Almost 2016
✪ Bice #FreeIBP
Sep 29, 2015 @ 5:41pm
Is this game still coming out??
< >
Jflyer45 Jan 13 @ 4:37pm 
Released Friday the 13th ;)
DOGGO.-.. --- .-.. Jan 12 @ 11:14am 
PandaDBeast Jan 12 @ 8:48am 
OMG it happening! omg omg omg
sleepy dinosaur Jan 12 @ 8:33am 
congratulations netherius! ive been waiting since it was first greenlit and played the 1st one when it came out. super fucking excited
sleepy dinosaur Jan 12 @ 8:28am 
its coming out on my birthday!!!!
Colors Jan 12 @ 7:14am 
haha just bought a steam wallet code :D Thanks so much Netherius for releasing the game and congratulations on releaing it too :)
Spongebob T H I C C Jan 12 @ 6:30am 
Thank you so much for not giving up on this game after all these years Netherius!!
Brandad Jan 12 @ 4:36am 
Awww yeahhh I'm ready
MedicalOverdose Jan 12 @ 2:53am 
Nice, its finally coming! SO HYPE!!! IVE ALREADY GOT MY STEAM WALLET LOADED, hope it will support Dinput for controllers.
the gaming mulk shake Jan 11 @ 10:49pm 
Thank you, Netherius for the cost!