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M4 Tank Brigade
Sep 10, 2012 @ 8:51am

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M4 Tank Brigade is a Brand New MMO from iEntertainment Network, INC., (Pink Sheets: “”) that brings great strategy, simulation, action, excitement, and challenging single player and FREE massively multiplayer online play for players in an Armored Combat environment from World War II from the Producer of the Famous Modern Tank Simulation, M1 Tank Platoon, from the Co-Founder and former CEO of MicroProse Software, IENT CEO, Wild Bill Stealey, Lt. Colonel, USAF Retired.

M4 Tank Brigade takes many of the great features of the M1 game including managing multiple vehicles (up to four), ability to call Air Power or Artillery Strikes, tactical campaign map that allows separate orders to each armored vehicle, special rewards and bonuses, and ability to jump between vehicles so the player is always right in the action!

M4 Tank Brigade is a simulation of WW II combat. M4 is not an arcade game but a game that takes some real learning, some great tactics, and forward thinking to play and win!
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Jul 24 @ 4:40am
Will you support Linux (SteamOS)?
< >
sascomander Nov 6 @ 9:12pm 
Looks pretty fun
CarlosRegueraDJ Nov 6 @ 4:52am 
Voted! It looks interesting and nice!
PoisonWitch83 Oct 9 @ 12:43am 
Nice :)
OVCHarka1337 Aug 22 @ 12:13am 
Just go play World of Tanks....
OVCHarka1337 Aug 22 @ 12:12am 
I always love a good tank game...
YTKA Aug 16 @ 5:40am 
good, but needs refinement graphs
Nadlug Aug 6 @ 11:35pm 
"Looks awsome" are you kidding? This shit looks dated by the standards from 5 years ago maby more. The visuals and what i pray are purely placeholder sounds are extremely low quality. Hell whoever recorded the prieview video couldnet even be bothered to move his mouse out of the window.
Cant believe im saying this but your honestly better off playing WarThunder or (god forbid) World of Tanks.
Arcanhell Aug 5 @ 1:37pm 
Chilly37 Aug 3 @ 1:33am 
game looks awesome, could be zoomed in a bit more but its great
deathbearer93 Jul 31 @ 6:41am 
i loveeeeeeeeeeeee tank games