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A New Reckoning
Sep 9, 2012 @ 12:54am
Mar 30 @ 4:19pm
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Release date: TBA
Game has been under development in early 2011 and Greenlit. Release date expected in fall of 2014 or sometime in 2015.

1st Place Winner for Best Indie Game at Whitewater MAGD Awards (2013) and starring in the Provocative Adult Drama "STARLET," A New Reckoning is an Action-Horror FPS using the Unreal 4 Engine to deliver an unparalleled zombie experience that must be seen to be believed! Play with Innovative Mechanics such as Blood Projections to Psychically decimate foes with powers such as Telekinesis and Blender. Be warned for it's cost for health can lead you to a quicker death! Take dismembered zombified limbs to modify your Guns and Melee Weapons, adding another element to item customization! Featuring an Original Story, A New Reckoning will distinguish itself from the traditional Zombie Stories and their mythos. Come face the Atrocities and Nightmares that only can only see their need to feed!

Mark Faraoh, an amnesiac prisoner, awakens as zombie manifestations break into his cell to devour him. After killing them, Mark is eerily guided out of the prison by a glowing mist believing the two are kin. Escaping the prison reveals a fate worse than solitary confinement as the land is devoid of human life while the never-ending undead mercilessly consume everything in their place. Unsure if this is a Hellish Reality or a Horrific Nightmare, Mark is forced to seek answers that will stretch from the cells of death to the stars (that are views unto themselves) as the world's stage of life rots anew.

Forewarning: there are rogue zombies known as Archdead with minds, memories and experiences coupled with their own Blood Projections to troll and try to eat the player. With every encounter with the clouds of zombies, they will devour all things imaginable until they attain the colossal and primal-driven nature of the Death Giants! Fortunately or perhaps not, the virus can't spread by bites or scratches with these paranormal zombies manifesting in and out reality through “vapor hazes!” There are no safe zones with “Time” against the players.

New Features and Original Modes 

Original Story - Experience the mysterious and thought provoking tale on the traditional Zombie Apocalypse story where the last 1% of humanity struggles against the feral undead that seek to consume humanity and all things imaginable in sight while dealing with the spiritual means that created it! 

Zombie Creator: After players kill zombies or giants, they can create their own Zombie for offline and online play in all modes. Parts are collected from the Main Campaign, Devourable from other Players are Purchased.

New Game Z+: Players can explore the completed campaign in a specialized New Game Z+ as their created zombie as Canon in the Main Plot.

Blood Projections: Players to use Psychic-like skills such as Telekinesis to grab or push foes to you and for teleporting using Health as opposed to Magic. Coupled with certain weapons and play-styles offers a variety a way of destroying the undead foes! Be wary, as abuse of this can lead to your death as powerful it is to crush your foes! More so, there are learnable alterations of each Blood Projection!

Zombified Weaponry: By killing certain zombies, players can use some of their limbs, parts or powers such as the Mamma Spider's web sack to immobilize adversaries. 

Material Based Economy: Scavenger for various materials that can be exchanged for ammo, guns and more! Money will not help you at the end of the world. But all actions such as Crafting and Killing yield an Energy Based Currency to use in Offline and Online Modes. Could this be a possible Alternative to F2P?

Free-Shooting Targeting System - A Timed Based Auto-Targeting System designed to mow down Death with Style and Ease! 

Dead Reckonings: The Player will be able to use misc items such as liters or scraps of metal to use as a means of a Finishing Move. Think of Skyrim's Kill Cams meets Mortal Kombat's finishing moves. These are also selectable via the main Tablet. 

Updateable Bestiary: Killing Zombies and the Giants updates the Player's bestiary of the world encouraging players to fight and kill them outside of the main story. There are also bonuses for killing them but killing one zombie doesn't mean you can fill an entire page about the said zombie. 

Zombie Game Modes 

Devour and Destroy: A specifc Zombie mode that allows players to have a true Zombie vs Zombie focused on devouring the land, buildings and each other accumulating eventually into a Death Giant. 

Gold Killing: A true Easter Egg Hunt putting the players in a large zone to find specific artifacts first, killing players as either a zombie or human rewards you their findings. Whoever possesses all artifacts wins the match! 

Spirit Spectator: A Mode that offers a limited amount players to play in online modes as a literal invisible spirit to assist and troll other players.
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