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Relica Online
Sep 4, 2012 @ 8:13am
Aug 14 @ 11:47am

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Dandorea Expansion!
Release date: coming soon
This is not your normal MMO, It is made and supported by one person with one goal!, To give gameplay back to the players.

UO inspired Relica Online is a online Rpg that has been developed by a Indie Developer known as Nathan Hemstock
For the duration of 5 years. I have done my utmost best with this project. On my own.

(Please Support Me)

It tells a tale of a Ancient book that has been lost for thousands of years only to be found by a King who has been drawn to the book for its ancient powers. The book was first created by a evil wizard known only as Zendra to consume the souls and life energies of the lost and gullible people of Relica. This was to help extend his own life.

The world and surrounding are fantasy based both colourful and atmospheric. With the players ability to take control of a avatar learning various different skills, combat and none combat based to help the player progress with up to 12 various skills to master from fishing to elemental magic’s. The game is Free to Play with members options.

The game will be fully updateable and will hold monthly updates for both free to play and members alike. From quests to new environments and more unique items. Players can team up and complete quests together or work alone. PvP is also available with a keep what you kill system. Make friends from around the globe and restore the order and stability of the Relican Isles.

The game holds a old school playing feel and is aimed at all ages.

------Power To Players--------

If the game were to make the leap to steam. People will be able to share there views on how the game should be designed. I will not only let you have input into new skills and quests but even new areas. I will also hold a competition each month on who can create the most wacky quest idea!. And the competition winner will see there quest dropped into the game!. I want people to play the game and see it flurish as a community. (look what we have created together).

------Thinking of a host your own---------

I'm currently thinking of a host your own game. I will give out versions of the server with the game so players can host there own Relica onlines. And run the game how they want to run it. Even with help from me if they need.

------Aiming for Kickstarter------

I aim on putting the game on kickstarter. If the game is a sucess this will give me more time to focus on the game and spend less time on other activitys, i would love to be a full time indie developer!. I will attach the progress to steam.

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Xenophen Sep 8 @ 9:57pm 
Will do. Get better soon!
nathan04  [author] Sep 8 @ 12:30pm 
@Xenophen, @MonsterTurtle, Thankyou for your kind support!!! i have been working hard on the game these past few years. This was to make something fun to pickup and putdown. To support relica, i only have a facebook page but currently trying to get the website back online. But unfortunatley i dislocated my left elbow and need both hands to code. But as soon as i'm well i will have the site up and running. You can add me on facebook and also like relica online there too.

Thanks again. x

Xenophen Sep 7 @ 8:45pm 
Where can I support this? How can I become an alpha tester?
Xenophen Sep 7 @ 8:44pm 
Wooow I'd love to try this. You pushed all the right buttons, Nathan.
MonsterTurtle Sep 7 @ 5:12pm 
looks like lovechild between Sacred Gold and Runescape... why the hell not (Voted)
this game probbibly be a great RPG, let's just hope it's as good as it seems and the only way to do that is wait and see what it will become
TudoDetonando Jul 31 @ 4:23pm 
nathan04  [author] Jul 20 @ 12:08pm 
Thankyou Everyone! for all the great support, Such great people here on steam. :)
Mw_NoGodsNoHeroes Jul 20 @ 10:08am 
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