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Doom & Destiny
Genre: RPG
Platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
Players: Single-player
Sep 3, 2012 @ 5:33am
Mar 4 @ 10:55am
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Release date: The game is already available on XBLIG, PC Desura, Windows Phone, Windows 8, Android and iOS! Soon on Mac and Linux!
Help Nigel, Mike, Johnny and Francis, four nerdy friends, to fight their way through the funniest quest they ever had!
Trapped in a fantasy world and mistaken for Heroes, those four nerds will have to deal with long journeys, hundreds of enemies, villains, super villains and even an Unnamed super villain!
Will they be destined to become real Heroes? Will they manage to return home?
Will they manage to find a good Pizza restaurant in this weird fantasy world?

  • An epic and yet comic adventure of over 20 hours of gameplay!
  • Huge customization of your party!
  • Over 500 items, between potions, weapons, armour and accessories!
  • Over 200 special Powers and attacks!
  • An immersive and rich world, with tons of locations, cities, dungeons, secrets and challenges!
  • Over 300 enemies to defeat!

Proudly powered by RPG Maker, XNA and Love!

"Doom & Destiny is a deep, immersive RPG experience. It completely caught me by surprise with high quality RPG gameplay, a well-written story, and a unique style of humor that doesn’t take itself too seriously."
- Indie Games Channel

"Doom & Destiny is a great indie RPG that should not be missed by any RPG fan.
- Gamers Heaven

"Doom & Destiny is an impressive game at a very reasonable price, Benjamin Ficus and Heartbit have succeeded in creating a game that every RPG fan should own while also demonstrating that the Indie marketplace is alive with hidden talent."
- Game Life

"The comedy is great and laugh out loud worthy."
- Empty Lifebar

"Doom & Destiny is fun all the way from the beginning to the ending. 9/10"
- DigitalQuarters

"So go forth, don your D&D LARP gear, and toss these dudes your 3$"
- Two Fedoras

"Doom & Destiny è un romanzo di vita interattivo, una porta sul passato... un racconto che vuol far rivivere antiche esperienze con una nostalgia costruttiva ed efficace."
- Cyberludus

"Doom & Destiny mélange très habilement une histoire parodique à un gameplay très sérieux. Pour une si petite équipe, c’est un véritable tour de force magistral..."
- Game Side Story


Currently 24th on USA XBLIG top rated,
1st in Canada and 2nd in Italy!

Winner of the 2011 Summer Uprising.


The game was released on XBox Live Indie Games the 25th of August 2011 and
has been released on PC via Desura, on Windows Phone, Windows 8, Google Play and iOS!

Doom & Destiny is also available in an exclusive boxed copy!!!


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Jul 11 @ 10:02am
Pretty fun game.
Dec 2 @ 12:34pm
Price on steam?
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Benjamin Ficus  [author] Dec 17 @ 5:48am 
ahah, you too randall :D
m.randall101 Dec 15 @ 10:51am 
kk then thanx for replying how a nice cristmas.....ect
Benjamin Ficus  [author] Dec 14 @ 9:28am 
since xmas is a mess, we will release it in january :)
m.randall101 Dec 12 @ 9:59am 
dont hae to answer just asking
m.randall101 Dec 12 @ 9:59am 
dont hae to answer just asking
m.randall101 Dec 12 @ 9:59am 
so its christmas now and was wondering if it was coming out soon?
AlexMitchel Dec 4 @ 12:24pm 
Que buen juego, lamentablemente no pude ayudarles en el Greenlight pero tienen mi apoyo con este y con sus proyectos siguientes. Muy buen trabajo
LeoMaven Nov 18 @ 9:26am 
[h1]Отзыв о игре Doon & Destiny[/h1]
Очень крутая игра для поклонников стиля JRPG! Особенно с анонсом второй части.

Правда очень обидно, что для нее нет хоть какой-либо WIKI странички. Но я стараюсь исправить эту ошибку. Предлагаю вашему вниманию Doom and Destiny вики[] на русском языке .
У нас уже нанмого больше материала, чем на официальной английской, и это только начало! В дальнейшем планируется развитие вики и под Doom and Destiny Advanced!

Вступайте в нашу Группу в ВК[] и помгите развитию проекта.
Benjamin Ficus  [author] Nov 8 @ 8:46am 
thanks a lot for all your help and support <3
神牛你的F呢 Nov 8 @ 7:26am 
this is the best rpg game on wp