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Epic Space
Sep 3, 2012 @ 2:11am
Apr 3 @ 1:01pm
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Official Trailer - Epic Space Online
Everything you need to know about ES Wargames
  • Players can instantly spawn capital ships or any other type of vessel.
  • Players can instantly spawn into faction owned capital ships. Click here to join a Faction[].
  • There will be 4 Primary roles, on a capital ship, however, extra crew members will have support roles.
  • Spawning, repairing, rearming, capital ships will have a very low credit cost.
  • There will be a faction leaderboard taking into account wins/losses and crew lost.

What can't I do in the Combat Sandbox
  • You cannot dock with stations (You can with carriers).
  • You cannot jump outside of the war game area.

What are some of the Capital Ship Roles that will be available?
  • The roles that will be available are Helmsman, Tactical Officer, Weapons Officer,Engineer, and Crewman. Captain will become available in a later update.

How do I join ES Wargames?
  • On the launchpad select "ESO Wargames" before entering the primary universe.

The ES Wargames system is scheduled to go live around the first week of January. 'Wargames' is a backer suggested feature. Let us know what you'd like to see in this sandbox in the comments below.

Release date: Closed BETA Available Now - Visit for Details.
There are no boundaries, borders or limitations to the universe.

ES Online hosts players in a single universe with absolutely no borders or boundaries. You can fly in any direction in a procedurally generated universe.

The premise: Conquer and control sectors. With a team or as a lone wolf. Seize or barter, it's your decision. Purchase or craft ships, weapons, and stations. Sell them for profit, or use them against your enemies. Command Super Carriers with a real life crew and test everyone's skill in Wargames scheduled to go live in January.

Notable Features:
  • One shared persistent sandbox/universe.
  • No Borders or Boundaries, fly in any direction.
  • Mining, Industry, Combat, Unlimited Exploration
  • Easily deploy space stations and various other solutions to protect territory
  • Deep crafting with hundreds of craft able items.
  • Randomly generated content
  • Weekly Updates and Features
  • On demand missions ranging from Combat, Exploration, and Courier .

Player driven adventure!
  • Support for Clans and Factions
  • Epic Space Battles over an insane amount of territory.
  • Capital Ships - Requiring a real life crew to operate coming in January
  • Separate Deathmatch Universe

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Originally posted by Justin Calvert - GameSpot:
"The kid in me that misses playing Elite just backed Epic Space Online - An Infinite Universe to Explore!

Originally posted by John Walker - RockPaperShotgun:
"A top-down 2D shooter, that’s also a sandbox MMO, and space trading game. This is one of my favourite things about Kickstarter – it’s basically allowing for every mad genre cocktail to have an opportunity to be explored."

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darude&storm Apr 3 @ 1:10pm 
Congrats on getting greenlit!
Schwanz Mar 28 @ 10:51am 
Kir Kanos Mar 14 @ 7:37pm 
You had me at "Capital ships expansion". Voted.
ryry117 Mar 14 @ 11:25am 
I pitched an idea to my friends about an FTL mmo and you sir hit it almost on the mark. Seriously, this is SCARY close to my idea, I will definitely play when this reaches steam, can't wait :)
Un1ver5al Mar 11 @ 6:37am 
Won't be a subscripton, you pay once for a ship package. This gives you infinite access to that ship if you ever lose it, but you can build anything else in the game.
Jimbos Mar 10 @ 3:19pm 
Looks cool, hope it's free, or cheap. If there's a monthly fee, It's an automatic no.
Hinsonator Mar 7 @ 2:46pm 
looking nice guys, keep it up.
Stubbsy Feb 28 @ 10:24am 
Looking good!
Brodie Feb 21 @ 3:16pm 
Backed you on Kickstarter and I'll back yoiu here!
This game looks EPIC!
somnos31 Feb 18 @ 2:55pm 
I would love to see more about the ships and what the player can do.