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Aug 31, 2012 @ 2:05am
Apr 16 @ 3:21pm
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The Finish Line
Release date: Early 2014
Pre-release preview demos available to play:

PC Preview 1 - Maze:

PC Preview 2 - Extreme Maze

Full (and final) pre-release demo coming very soon.

About Positron
Race your way through a number of unique and varied digital landscapes in this fast paced racing puzzler. Featuring more than 100 levels spanning 3 game modes offering a wide range of challenges to beat!

I'd like to start off by stating the obvious, yes, Positron was inspired by Tron and is rooted in the same concept set out by the original Tron game of 1982. I have added my own personal touches to Positron, added new game modes, a new and unique visual style and other key aspects which make the game stand out above any other games using this style of gameplay.

Game Overview
The game features 3 unique game modes which offer a number of challenges:

Based on the classic Arcade games this mode sees you battling against enemy vehicles that are trying to destroy you by forcing you to crash in to their trails or in to the arena's walls. It is your goal to do the same to these enemies and remove them from the arena. Featuring 36 unique arena designs and layouts the levels progressively get more intricate and more difficult to navigate while also offering more opportunities to take out your enemies.

Your only goal in maze mode is to reach the end of an intricate maze laid out in the arena. There are no enemies to deal with and your only goal is to reach the exit as quickly as possible. Once you have memorized the path to the exit it is then your goal to complete the maze without crashing even a single time and to share your fastest times with the online community. The maze mode offers 3 difficulty levels, each featuring 12 levels with increasingly complicated mazes to complete.

Somewhat similar to maze mode, in race mode you must complete laps of a circuit laid out in the arena. The trick is however to avoid hitting your own trail (and the arena walls) on subsequent laps of the tracks! This mode features 36 levels of increasing complexity making navigation more difficult as you progress. Ultimately your goal is to complete the required number of laps as quickly as possible and share your fastest times with the online community.

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Who's making Positron?
The game has been developed over the past 9 months on-and-off as a hobby project. The team working on the game consists of 5 core people and we all work on the game when we can usually for a few hours a week at most.

Martin Caine - Code / Management
I have designed and developed the game from the ground up. Originally developed using XNA for Xbox Live Indie Games the game has now been ported to a range of platforms including Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android, PlayStation Mobile, Mac and Linux. The game was originally intended to be a very short project but ultimately I wanted to improve upon the design and feel of the game to create something unique that also beats any of the competition out there.

Chris Walker - Music
Chris is an experienced sound designer, composer and musician. I've been working with him for a few years on various projects and the work he has done for Positron is pretty awesome. You can check out the full soundtrack for Positron on Chris' SoundCloud:

Neil Sutcliffe - Art
Neil is particularly skilled in 2D illustration and has worked with me on a number of games in the past. He created concepts for the game at an early stage and also produced the promotional imagery, game logo and other in-game 2D art work.

Eduardo Teixeira - 3D Models
Eduardo is a professional 3D artist and he was tasked with turning Neil's vehicle concepts in to working 3D models in both hi-poly and low-poly formats for consolles, PCs and mobile devices. There is still much more work to be done over the coming months as we intend to expand the game greatly and add a wider range of vehicles and game modes.

Laura Caine - Level Design
Laura has been working on designing and tweaking the levels in Positron to provide a variety of layouts and skill levels required to make the game difficulty increase over time. The levels themselves are all created as simple 2D bitmaps at varying resolutions (8x8, 16x16 and 32x32) which are then transformed in to the 3D worlds you see on screen through code.
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It would be exciting if you tried to avoid things that made you go faster (an object that you ran into and makes you fast for a few seconds) or things that you want to hit to slow things down. Also, if there were objects that showed the map for a brief moment to give you a clue to where you should go. Maybe even objects that shows the wrong map or changes the colors of the scenery to distract you. This would probably work best in Maze mode.
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This is one of the simplest, most unique games I have ever seen on Greenlight. I can't believe I've never seen this on here before. Many congratulations on being greenlit!
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