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zX - Hyperblast
Genre: Action
Platforms: PC
Languages: English
Players: Single-player
Aug 30, 2012 @ 5:40pm
Aug 25, 2013 @ 1:40pm

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10/08 Update - Fixes
New Demo Available
Release date: Early 2015
" It’s a tough little game, but my word, is it ever fun, and so very well presented" - Indie Statik

"this is an intense and satisfying game which should fulfill your need for an arcade shooter for a nice amount of time" - Indie Retro News

"retroFuture's zX is not like most shmups. Instead of encouraging passive play or requiring the player to dodge a ton of bullets, players should dive straight into the line of fire to reflect enemy shots and power up their hyper gun." - Indie Games The Weblog

'zX' brings the euphoric intensity of bullet hell shmups to a new arena. Pilot your small, but formidable ship through swarms of foul monstrosities and cybernetic juggernauts, carving a path of insane destruction through the games cavernous levels.

Master your ships flexible, dual-type hybrid gun system and make short work of your enemies. Turn the intimidating maelstrom of enemy bullets to your advantage by deflecting them back to your foes with the ships powerful twin-blade attack, simultaneously fueling your insanely powerful hyper-gun. Slice through their monstrous ranks, and leave nothing alive.

'zX' encourages and rewards reckless, daredevil styled play... for only the insane will survive. Featuring lovingly crafted retro-futuristic aesthetics, intense, atmospheric sound-scapes and tight, responsive controls, this is the game your childhood self always wanted to play.

'zX' is the debut project of South African based, one-man developer 'retroFuture.'

Demo is finally ready! Apologies for the delay, but the additions, changes and bug fixes were all worth it.
Download demo here:
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Jun 27 @ 4:26pm
< >
retroFuture  [author] 12 hours ago 
@Kraf Sorry about the misleading release date. Haven't updated the description in a long, long time. Looking at releasing early 2015. Working as fast as we can (between our jobs) to get the new demo ready.
Kraf 13 hours ago 
"Early 2013" ??????
Lion® Aug 29 @ 6:00am 
retroFuture  [author] Aug 21 @ 12:48am 
Randomized arcade levels now feature progressive difficulty curve. Game looping difficulty to be implemented soon.
New environmental hazard added. Destructible barriers that drip corrosive fluid. Located near bubbling waste pools in later levels.
aMBER Aug 7 @ 6:08am 
Rly nice game,fun to play, 5/10
retroFuture  [author] Aug 5 @ 1:32am 
3 New Screenshots added showcasing 2 new weapon mods: Burner and Cluster.
._MAX_. Jul 21 @ 4:11am 
retroFuture  [author] Jul 16 @ 11:39am 
Thanks, that's really useful. I agree, artificially pushing players forward will probably seem inconsistent, contrived and off-putting. I think you may be onto something with short-lived weapon placements. I'll start testing some options.
silvaring Jul 16 @ 11:03am 
The way you kept the player moving forward in the rising lava stage was very well thought out. As for all the stages prior, retreating can be useful, but obviously its one of those crutches that can be abused if the options to do its nearly always there. On the other hand, by giving inconsistency when you allow and deny the player that option could be offputting, especially if you ambush the player with this in the middle of a long stage. IMO a better power up system would solve everything, because lets say items were visibly placed drops/generated fromplayers could be teased with items lurking in the distance, thereby encouraging a risk/reward dynamic and that forward momentum you're speaking about. Old arcade games did em well, valuable item floating around the screen/on a platform, wait too long and it slowly blinks, eventually disappearing completely. That lava level is brilliant though, my favorite part of the game for sure.
retroFuture  [author] Jul 16 @ 5:40am 
Not at all silvaring, your comments are constructive, helpful and welcome. I think you're right about player nerfing being a bad idea and would only serve to frustrate. I guess the trick is to keep the player moving forward, I have solid laser barriers I built which could activate when the player moves past a certain point (provided no enemies are left behind).
BTW, I'm trying my best to get the updated demo ready for you (and everyone else) ASAP.